All Ferraris suck!

Discussion in '1993 Ferrari F333 SP' started by badulay, May 14, 2004.

  1. Nothing is better than Porsche. And Ferrari is nothing compared to Porsche! All Porsche fans agree.
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    Porche's and ferraris are both nice cars. Thats coming from a die hard american car fan. Personaly, I prefer ferrari to porche but both are nice cars.
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    wow lot of evidence you got there "hmmm ferrari's suck haha"

    lets see some evidence you #$%#ing asshole
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    Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
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    porsches are cool, but every little kid knows a ferrari when he sees one, and come on, the sound! Porsches aren't even air-cooled anymore.
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    a ferrari is a dream a nice one
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    My 355 can kill your Porsche... Sorry.
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    Lamborghini=porsche killers Ferrari=porsche killers sorry i think everything on the market owns porsche inclueding a skyline!
  10. shut up badulay
  11. Now die.
  12. you cna die now badulay
  13. do you really want to challenge a 962 with your 360 Spider. Sorry but porsche and ferrari are not equal.
  14. Shorten that sig please. It's way too long.
  15. Let's see some pictures of your 355!
  16. Fair and proper comparison!
  17. Excuse me sir, I'm a broke college kid going about 40-60 on college expenses. I drive an 87 944s that cost me 6k (of my own money, not that of my parents) and an 800+ mile drive. I suppose you want a cookie for coming up with such a witty acronym. As for this thread, I can't stand how people take cars and create this "my team is better than your team" ethic out of it. It's rediculous. Ferraris and Porsches are great cars, but just because you like one doesn't mean you're at liberty to tell someone else that his/her preference in cars "sucks". If you're going to say so anyway, at least say why.
  18. Ferrari's don't suck. If you don't like Ferrari, just say you like Porsche's better. FERRARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. No. Ferrari is the best(maybe, but i'm sure they are the sexyest) cars ever made. I like Porsche but i like FERRARI 500000 times better
  20. Is it really necessary to say that the greatest racing factory in the history of the world SUCKS just because of your personal opinion? You may think the souped-up Saturn with a huge wing and a coffee can for an exhaust that you drive is better than any Ferrari ever made. But I think it SUCKS. That doesn't mean it DOES SUCK, that's just my opinion. If I posted in a forum about it I'd keep that to myself and stick to helpful/important comments relevent to the given discussion. Now you try...
  21. i hear people say that ferraris are way over priced, or your just paying for the badge, and how i just want to punch those people really hard!!! ferraris are amazingly engineered, amazingly fast, amazingly beautiful, amazingly good quality, amazing handling, and amazingly cool cars. and i hate when people say that corvettes are just as good for half the price, couse they just soooooooo aren't. the only reason corvettes and other american crap are so cheap is because they are built down to a price and are way underengineered. they just put a huge v8 in a box and call it a car. porsches and lamborghinis are amazing cars like ferraris, but not quite as good. and as for the nissan gtr, wow all it is is just a big playstation. it has no passion and style in it, sure its fast, but u cant have any fun with it. and thats why ferraris are some of the absolute best cars in the world. they have every thing you would want in a car

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