all lexus' are ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in '2001 Lexus SC430' started by oh5bellies, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I love to own a GS430. Thats my favorit lexus,but SC430 is not bad at all.<!-- Signature -->
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    hell no you didnt you dont know what you said im from the projects of new york and lexus rules there. I own a lexus gs400 i dont know how you can say there ugly dont be hating becouse you ont got the kind of money the lexus is worth!!!dumb mother#$%#er!!
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    To whoever it was that said that the IS300 came out with that style of clear lights... Thats not true. Its the Toyota version called the Altezza, thus the name of the lights (Altezza's). And Lexus is sweet. The only way you could put them down is if you have never driven one. Drive one. They are wicked. Last thing. The IS300 uses the 2JZ-GE engine which is what was used in the Non-turbo Supras. With some minor adjustments (or an engine swap) you can put a twin turbo kit on it, and have an insane car. Plus the 2002 model have a manual transmission now. BAD ASS.
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    ain't nothing super about that!<!-- Signature -->
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    lexus r not ugly ehoever has said dat is foolish and should be fried in oil................ castrol oil
    stupid everyone knows dats u has a hatred for lexua cozz u have a rival car
    and your car (((((((((((sux))))))))))))
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    Looks are a matter of taste. Sure, the newer lexus models, ie. LS430 and this one don't look so nice from the outside, they look kinna Japanese, and I don't really like the looks of Japanese cars, but that's just me. But looks is the MOST important thing in a car, it's the way it works and lasts. Sure, Lexus may not have the most handsome car, but Lexus sure does make one of the most refined and reliable cars in the world, rivaling that of Mercedes and BMW.

    Lexus may not have gained the recognition and respect that it deserves, but Lexus sure does make some fine cars.
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    F****** BULLSHIT........i know this car looks bad in the pics , but trust me thats what i thoguht too...........this car aint photogenic!!! take a look at it on the raod.......WHOAH!!
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    look , i was reading all of ur stupid repiles and what i came to is rocks , as long as its not european or american , its rules! u #$%#ing israelies should die and burn in hell!!
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    dont say lexus' are shit until you work on them. i work for team lexus, the only factory sponsored grand am team in the country. we have several IS300's and 2 GS400's. ive seen these cars torn apart, along with the engines which is the toyota supra 2jz-ge, it can handle tons of power, plus there not slow stock. the IS300 can outperform the BMW 330, and BMWs have always been the best
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    What the hell are you talkn bout man.. lesus's arent ugly and they do not suck crap!!! they are awesome cars you stupid peice of shite.... what is better than lexus?? (besides mercedes or benltey or any of that other $200,000 luxury cars)?????

    yeah thats what i thought
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    you havent seen many lexus` have you!?!... well maybe i can change your mind. look at theese pics!
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    Lexus' definitely aren't ugly, but they don't look great either. However, what Lexus does have is:

    AMAZING comfort
    EXTRAORDINARY Reliability
    Dead Silentness
    Very good acceleration
    Most of all... a very very attractive price, when compared to it's competitors.
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    infinti is way better, it owns this company!
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from mephisto</i>
    <b>I'll admit that this car does look like a Hostess Twinkie with the top up or down, and it is really heavy. Also the new GS's are styled in a very strange manner, the ES is a more luxo oriented Toyota Camry. And yes, the Japanese luxury division basically looked at Mercedes and BMW and copied their specs. But you have to admit, the IS300 is a damn good copy of the BMW 328, and it doesnt look ugly. Plus they are trying to market towards a younger audience, they come standard with the "riced out" tail lights. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> toyota made those lights popular. They aren't "riced" out either because you used the term wrong. Those lights were on toyotas way back in 1998 before they were even popular in japan or anywhere else in the world.<!-- Signature -->
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    This post is stupid. How good something looks is an opinion. I personally agree that this Lexus is ugly. I've seen quite a few on the street and think they look horrible: Not bad cars, just ugly. On the other hand, this is the only Lexus I have seen so far that I thought was ugly. The rest of their cars look beautiful.
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    Lexus arent ugly if you want to know so shut the hell up
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from CarbonIS300</i>
    <b>I own a Lexus IS300 and I have to say, my car looks better then any thing you will ever drive!!!!

    Not to mention that my car with mods can have well over 800 Ponies. You don't believe look Turbo magazine for last month issue, they had a 606 WHP single turbo IS300 built by Toyomoto of Florida and, that is single turbo. If you swap the block with a Supra 2jzgte(this block is a dirrect fit reinforced for TT) twin turbo motor you will end up with with a car that will smoke exotic cars.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Bullshit. Your IS300 is a slow, overpriced piece. It also looks like a Nissan, which supports my theory that Lexus steals their designs from other companies (Mercedes, Nissan, Infiniti) and then insults these same companies in their advertising. As for an IS300 having 800 ponies, that is complete crap. There is no way on Earth, or in Hell, that a 6-cyl can be suped up that much. A "single turbo" cannot add 400hp to your car. Also, to handle 800hp, an IS300 would have to be HEAVILY modified, as the tires, chassis, brakes, and transmission would be severely overmatched by the power. Lexus builds cheap cars, and then sells them to status-seeking 30-somethings who know nothing about what a real car should be.
  18. Kylehnat

    Hey IDIOT!!! Who posted above me;
    do you realize that I could tune a freakin' YUGO to beat a Viper if I wanted to????

    I sick of all the idiots who say that oh, there's no way that a tuned Supra could beat a tuned Viper, or worse those who compare tuned to stock.

    If U hav. enuff. $$$, U can tune anything to have almost unlimited hp. Of course, it might not be v. cost-effective , but it's a free country.

    Making a statement like that just proves how ignorant U R.

    Right, Lexus build, "cheap" cars; tell that to MB, BMW, and the others who lost market share last year when Lexus, became (I think) the best selling luxury marque.

    ALso, as for "cheap," looked inside an MB, or BMW or even an Audi for that matter, lately? They aren't exactly 100% "quality" interiors. MB makes cheaper interiors than it used too.

    <!-- Signature -->
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    Anyone ever seen the inside of this car? There is a useless rearseat that is meant to hold undersized golf bags. This car is not useful in the real world. But if it is good enough to be a pace car then it would be able to handle any race. I would personally get one of these if they dropped a bit of the weight down but i guess i could strip the car down myself. and i saw someone that said infiniti owned lexus? umm...idiot, get out of these forums if you think that. Infiniti is to Nissan what acura is to honda and what lexus is to toyota, so get it straight. But i have to say, Honda and Acura are probably one of the strongest Japanese partnerships i have ever seen, with toyota at second.
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    all i can say is, "man your an ass gay" i'm sure your car looks a shizzle-load better you son of a retard.
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    Trust marine to have a go at GM

    Cant help yourself can u?

    Leave GM alone
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    Business Week, November 17, 2003
    Toyota has broken the Japanese curse of running companies simply for sales gains, not profit. Its operating margin of 8%-plus (vs. 2% in 1993) now dwarfs those of Detroit's Big Three. Even with the impact of the strong yen, estimated 2003 profits of $7.2 billion will be double 1999's level. On Nov 5, the company reported profits of $4.8 billion for the six months ended Sept. 30. Results like that have given Toyota a market capitalization of $110 billion - more than that of GM, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler, which owns Merceds Benz, COMBINED.

    Fortune, October 27, 2003
    In 2003, JD Power and Associates performed a study on all car manufacturing brands. The study involved tracking customer complaints for 100 cars over a three-year period. The previous year Mercedes had finished 14th overal, after being ranked first in 1990. As of 2003, Mercedes has fallen sharply since then and found itself tied for 26th place in the latest study, with more than 300 problems reported per 100 vehicles. The top-ranked nameplate was Lexus, whose owners reported only 163 problems per 100 vehicles.

    What have we learned? Japanese Car manufacturors are anything but inferior to Germans. Lexus has already surpassed BMW and Mercedes Benz in car quality, and will only continue to do so. How is it, however, that German car drivers continue to take shots at the Japanese? Easy - jealousy. I own a 5-speed 2003 IS300 and I didn't pay nearly what I would have for the lesser, inferior BMW 325 or 330 for that matter. The 325 does not compete with the IS300, at all, however for someone to make the arguement that the BMW 330 or MB C320 are better than the IS300, you MUST factor in price. The IS300 is 10,000 dollars cheaper than the BMW 330 configured the same way. Is it really worth that extra 10k? Go ahead, brag, tell me how marginally better your car is at performance than mine, I'll still have 10k in my pocket to make mine better than yours, and come back smiling in your face. It still perplexes me how any German car drivers can begin to take shots at a company that maintains better quality, customer service, cost/benefit ratios, and on to infinitum. And yes, I have taken the "Ultimate Driving Experience" from BMW...and I wasnt nearly as comforted as I was at Lexus before, during, and after the test drive by the staff and car itself. Dont be angry at Lexus owners because they made the right decision in buying a car. I guess German car drivers can rest assured though, most of their leases end in three years so they can redeem themselves at Japanese car lots soon enough. I paid cash for my IS300 and so did my mother for her ES300 and my father will soon enough for his GS430.
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    All Lexus' are ugly?! WTF are you smoking?! I have seen way to many BMW's and Mercedes to really enjoy the looks of those German cars. I have sat in quite a few of those aforementioned cars before and I must say, the BMW has some really kick-a$$ seats. The Mercedes' nop doubt have really nice interiors, but I have been thoroughly impressed by Lexus everytime.

    But am I the only guy here that thinks the SC430 isn't ugly? I have seen quite a few of these babies and the shape and design is really growing on me, positively. All of you guys who keep bashing this car, or even Lexus' for that matter, just really need to set their prejudices aside and actually spend time and RESEARCH these cars. When I get the cash, I'm definitely going to consider getting a Lexus.

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