All my cars have turbos.

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  2. That's the draw back, the auto tranny. If it was a 5 speed, I would get it. Also missing T-top on it.
  3. that is annoying. though they are readily available
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  5. it is but thats easily fixable
  6. That one as a 5.0 liter V8 engine rated for 150hp @ 4000 rpm and 240 ft/lbs of torque @ 2400 rpm with a 4 bbl car. It ain't that bad.
    And I don't mind the color.
  7. you could definately use it to bring down the asking price
  8. They're terrible slow from the factory, but the chassis is stout, and its a easy swap for any GM small block.
  9. That's good news. They do have an interesting 80s performance look to them. When not brown.
  10. Better not be a CVT yo
  11. Had 1300 pounds of rock in the trunk this AM and the XT didnt notice at all, but I was ridin low

    Cvt didnt seem to mind also <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  12. I have no turbos and I have no torque. I do however have sticky Yokohamas, good coilovers and polyurethane bushings. Needs vtak

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  13. b16a swap
  14. A Clio 172 and an MR2 GT-S
    So a turd and a piece of shit
  15. half of my cars have turbo. the other half are american.
  16. I have still never owned a car, and I am embarrassed by this. And I am 27 and a half ;_;

    When I was 18 I almost bought a Volvo 480 turbo though but the owner was so weird that I decided not to.
  18. I test drive cars at dealerships all the time though. Dealerships HATE me.

    This weekend I drove a BMW 118d. Felt pretty good.
  19. All the jdm motors/swaps are over priced these days in Ontario. That and shady importers sell shady engines. I have a really solid '91 Civic hatchback that I want to put an engine in. I need more rich though, donations?
  20. snoop dohc
  21. Lolwhy?

    Oh the shame of living in a FUNCTIONING URBAN AREA where you don't need to SIT 5 HOURS IN TRAFFIC to get anywhere

  22. Should be


  23. нет? НЕТ?!

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