ALMS: A Viper in GT2 @ Mid Ohio!

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    ALMS: A Viper for GT2 @ Mid Ohio!

    At the American Le Mans round at Mid Ohio next weekend, there will be a Viper racing in the GT2 class! It'll be a modified Viper Competition Coupe run by Woodhouse Performance who have run in the World Speed Challenge GT Series for years with Vipers. It will be driven by Cindy Lux and Stan Wilson. There's no word yet on whether this is just a one time race or if they'll be joining the series full time. I hope they stay around though as they add even more diversity to the GT2 class!

    Here's a photo I took of the Woodhouse Performance Dodge Viper Competition Coupe at Sebring last year
  2. Also at Mid Ohio, we'll see the return of the Cytosport LMP1 Lola B06/10 AER.
  3. Hell yeah, i really hope the Viper stays. And maybe attracts more competion for GT2.
  4. GT1 is the GT class that needs more competitors.
  5. The ACO is likely going to kill off GT1 and bring GT3 in.

    Even in the LMS, there is only like 5 cars in GT1, which is more than the ALMS, but still not many.
  6. There may be a couple of yellow cars in GT2 next year as well.
  7. I thought the Viper could not be in GT1 or 2 because it was over the max cu in / L allowed?
  8. How will this effect the 24 hours?
  9. The displacement limit is 8.0L for both GT1 and GT2, so I assume they've either de-stroked the motor or they've found a loophole that allows them to run it larger.
  10. Whatever the ACO decides affects both the ALMS, LMS, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. If they decide that GT1 is to go, then they'll either just have 1 GT class, or they could bring in the GT3 class which has been VERY successful so far. If they were to have there just be 1 GT class, it wouldn't be that difficult to make GT2 versions of most of the current GT1 cars, so that's an option.

    It's one that Corvette Racing is definitely assessing. They've said they won't run alone in GT1 again after this year, so if no one else shows up to race them (and heck, why would you, you're likely not gonna beat them...), they'll either look to go to Europe and race there, or move down to GT2.

    I guess only time will tell...
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  12. It'll be great to see a Lola B06-10/AER in the LMP1 Class again. I've never heard of that team, but the more the merrier! A Viper in GT2 is also cool, but do you suppose the HUGE engine will give the Viper an advantage over Ferrari, Porsche, and Panoz? Also, I'm praying the two new RS Spyders make it to the grid by Petit Le Mans!

    By the way, do you suppose there will be a larger-than-normal entry list at Petit this year? It is the 10th Anniversary after all. I was hoping/praying that we might see entries from Peugeot, Spyker, Zytek, Aston Martin, and Saleen there. The ALMS should send out official invitations for that event.
  13. Their Lola is one of Dyson's cars from last year. They planned to run 10/12 races this season, but had a crash in their first race at Long Beach and the car has been back at Lola being repaired ever since.

    I really have no clue how the Viper will do. I'd like to say it'll be fast, but the competition they'll be up against is so strong, that I don't think they'll initially be very successful.

    As far as the CET RS Spyder program is concerned, there are rumors that they've come across some significant financial problems, and now there is no guarantee that the cars will run at all. But at this point, if the program is gonna happen, I'd guess Petit would be a good place to start.

    PLM may be huge this year. Not because it's the 10th anniversary of the race, but because of the final LMS race in Brazil in early November. The ACO has said they'll provide funding up to a certain amount for all teams that choose to make the trip for the Brazil race, and being that it's in early November, making a stop on the way to America for Petit is definitely not out of the question. Peugeot has already stated that is is not coming, however the factory Creation will be there, as well as either Horag Racing's newly acquired GT1 Maserati MC12. There have been tons of rumors of other teams coming over including Oreca with their Saleens, the factory Astons, the Team Modena Aston, the Racing For Holland Dome, several GT2 Porsches, the Charouz LMP1 Lola Judd, Swiss Spirit LMP1 Lola Audi, and more!

    Only time will tell though what cars from Europe we get
  14. That sounds great! This will be my 4th trip to Georgia for PLM and it's always a great race. I really don't care as much about the Peugeots as I would about Sypker (those Audi engines sound AWESOME) but seeing how they've never come before I'm not going to hold my breath. A large GT1 field, say 5 or 6 cars would be terrific as well.

    The "possible" entries of more LMP1's is also great news to me. I guess we'll see what happens.
  15. The Spyker race cars actually have BMW engines. But seeing as that they run in both LMS and FIA GT, I don't see them coming over here as they'd have to miss FIA GT rounds. Have you seen them at Sebring?

    This year will hopefully be my first year going to PLM.
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    Regarding the Spyker engines: I know the Spyker C8 Double 12R ran a BMW engine at Le Mans in 2003 (3998cc), but according to several sources the Spyker C8 Spyders GT2R's have used Audis since 2005; the Le Mans Review DVDs, the 24 Hours of Le Mans annuals (by Christian Moity), and list them as Audi engines (3782cc). Perhaps the engines are just re-badged BMW's, but I haven't heard.
  17. New terrain again for Audi R10 TDI

    - Diesel sportscar débuts at Mid-Ohio
    - Second half of season starts in the USA
    - Double-header event with IndyCar Series

    Team Audi Sport North America breaks new ground once again with the Audi R10 TDI only 14 days after the accident-packed race at Lime Rock: The Le Mans winning diesel sportscar has, as yet, not driven a single metre at Mid Ohio (US state of Ohio). Dindo Capello/Allan McNish and Emanuele Pirro/Marco Werner therefore face yet another big challenge on the weekend of 21 July during the seventh round of the American Le Mans Series.

    The track at Mid Ohio is only 3.634 kilometres (2.258 miles) long and has 13 corners, some of which are off-camber and lead over blind crests – a good terrain for the lighter cars running in the LM P2 class, which are unbeaten in the American Le Mans Series for four races and which controlled the pace at Mid Ohio last year.

    Even the Audi R8, predecessor to the Audi R10 TDI, which won 63 times in 80 races, had difficulties at Mid Ohio: Two wins from five starts around the "roller-coaster" like track: In 2002, Frank Biela/Emanuele Pirro, 2004 JJ Lehto/Marco Werner. It was so cold on race day last year that Dindo Capello and Allan McNish had trouble getting the tyres on their R8 up to working temperature on the newly resurfaced track.

    However, it should be significantly warmer this time, and in contrast to the R8, the Audi R10 TDI has traction control which is of paramount importance on the smooth tarmac at Mid Ohio.

    The second-half of the 2007 American Le Mans Series opens with the race about three hours drive northeast of Detroit. The world’s fastest sportscars share the headlines with the IndyCar Series for the second time this year. Possibly a good omen for Audi Sport North America: The team celebrated first and second overall in St. Petersburg at the beginning of April when they shared top billing with the IndyCars for the first time.

    The Audi drivers have the opportunity to test on the circuit at Mid Ohio for 90 minutes on Thursday, 19 July. Grid positions will be decided on Friday evening in qualifying, the race is started on Saturday at 3:15 p.m. local time (9:15 p.m. in Germany) and lasts for 2 hours 45 minutes.
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    I emailed them to find out. Also slipped in a question about possible Petit plans.
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    BLAIR, Neb. (July 12, 2007) - Woodhouse Performance announced today they will enter the No. 13 Woodhouse Performance Dodge Viper Competition Coupe in the American Le Mans Series race at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course July 21 in order to evaluate of the Viper Comp. Coupe in series competition. The venture is a collaboration of efforts that combines the common curiosity of Dodge, KUMHO Tires and Woodhouse Performance to discover the capability of the Viper within the legendary series.

    It is a venture that boasts many firsts. It will be the first time a Dodge Viper Competition Coupe has ever competed in the series and the first time a Dodge has entered an American Le Mans Series race since 2005. It will also be the first time Woodhouse Performance has entered into American Le Mans competition and the first time KUMHO Tires has appeared in the GT2 division. Woodhouse Performance expects to be the vehicle to provide valuable information to Dodge Motorsports in order to help determine the competitiveness of the race-ready Dodge Viper that has been in existence for the last four years. Woodhouse Performance is exploring American Le Mans as an alternative to World Challenge so that all Viper Competition Coupes have more than one choice in professional racing.

    Cindi Lux, of Aloha, Oregon and Stan Wilson, of Mt. Juliet, Tenn., will co-pilot the No. 13 Dodge/KUMHO Tires Dodge Viper Competition Coupe for Woodhouse Performance in the July 21 round seven American Le Mans race. Both are contract KUMHO drivers and were handpicked for the effort.

    KUMHO has been involved in the American Le Mans Series for the past two years, competing in the LMP2 division. This season, they are involved in both LMP1 and LMP2 and posted their first win in the 24-hour event earlier this season. They are happy to be making the endeavor into GT2.

    "Cindi and Stan have had a lot of success on our tires in SCCA competition," said Rudy Consolacion, KUMHO?s Motorsports Manager. "And they've played a big role in the development of our DOT competition tires. We're eager to enter the fray of GT2 competition, and we hope to use this as a stepping stone to expand our ALMS effort in 2008."

    Lux will be making her third career start in the American Le Mans Series at Mid-Ohio having raced to a top-five finish in the GT2, then known as GT, class in the 2000 Petit Le Mans. Her first start in the Series came one year earlier in an all-female driver entry at the Petit Le Mans. This will be her first start with the Woodhouse Performance team.

    "The Comp. Coupe is a great car and very competitive in World Challenge trim but it will be interesting to see where it stacks up with all the GT2 fire-breathing machines," Lux continued. "We know that we have to understand what our goals are and the big goal is to gain information for KUMHO, Dodge and Woodhouse Performance. We want to do well so we get the best information for them but where we finish is pretty irrelevant."

    Wilson will be making his first ever start in the American Le Mans Series and with Woodhouse Performance. He has had the support of KUMHO Tires in his racing career for years, but has yet to have the opportunity to race their tire in a professional series. The ALMS venture with Woodhouse Performance is his first opportunity to do so.

    "I am very happy to be a part of Kumho Tire's first GT2 program in connection with Dodge and Woodhouse Performance," Wilson said. "Rudy Consolacion and I first spoke about putting together an entry in ALMS GT2 in the summer of 2006 while I was performing tire testing duties for KUMHO. It has been something that has taken time to develop, but with the help of Bob Woodhouse and his Woodhouse Performance team, I am thrilled to be co-driving with Cindi Lux, another KUMHO Tires sponsored driver and friend."

    Wilson currently competes in the SPEED World Challenge Touring Car series and is leading the Rookie of the Year points battle, sitting 11th in the overall championship standings.

    A rendering of the No. 13 Dodge/KUMHO Tires Dodge Viper Competition Coupe that will compete in the 2 hour and 45 minute Le Mans race will be released shortly.

    Woodhouse Performance is thrilled at the opportunity to host such talented drivers and high-profile companies for the breakout effort.

    The No. 13 Woodhouse Performance Dodge Viper Competition Coupe, which normally competes in the SPEED World Challenge GT series and has hosted such drivers as NASCAR Superstar Kasey Kahne this season, will continue SPEED World Challenge competition at Mosport August 26. Jeff Courtney’s No. 99 Dodge Viper Comp Coupe will be the only Woodhouse Performance entry for Round Seven of SPEED World Challenge competition in Lexington, Ohio.

    About Woodhouse Performance
    Woodhouse Performance is a two-car race team competing regularly in the SPEED World Challenge Series, the Pro-Racing division of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). Woodhouse Performance is in its fourth consecutive season of competition in the road-racing series with the Dodge Viper Competition Coupe. After a consistent 2006 season which resulted in one podium, four top-five and eight top-10 finishes, Woodhouse Performance doubles its Viper effort with the No. 99 Kenda Tires/ProMPI Dodge Viper and the No. 13 Kicker/Woodhouse Performance Dodge Viper for 2007. Woodhouse Performance is an affiliate of the Woodhouse Auto Family in Blair, Neb., and
  20. So it looks like it's a one off race for the time being, but it also looks like Dodge has taken an interest in it and could potentially offer GT2 spec Competition Coupes in the future, which would be awesome.
  21. For now this is a private team without any factory support. The Viper that they are going to race is a modified Viper from the Speed World Challenge Series. In the situation that Dodge is in right now, they have no plans to build a racing Viper for Le Mans racing, although there still is the possibility of a private team building Vipers for Le Mans.
  22. For now this is a private team without any factory support. The Viper that they are going to race is a modified Viper from the Speed World Challenge Series. In the situation that Dodge is in right now, they have no plans to build a racing Viper for Le Mans racing, although there still is the possibility of a private team building Vipers for Le Mans.
  23. That's been Dodge's stance ever since the new Viper came out, but there's no reason it couldn't change. Especially after they've seen how successful the Competition coupe has been all over the globe, and GT2 is MUCH less expensive to develop and run. It states in the article that Dodge is looking at GT2 as a way giving of its customers another place to run their cars, so it's definitely not out of the question that they could return.

    Besides, GT1 will likely be killed off within the next few years, and there'll either be 1 GT class or they'll bring GT3 in, so in any case, there will be Vipers racing at Le Mans in the not so near future.
  24. Today on Friday, the 13th, they've released pics of the #13 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe GT2.

    It's painted (or wrapped) with the chameleon paint that changes color depending how you look at it.
  25. The #22 Panoz has been withdrawn again, now 2 races in a row. It's been thought they've got under-funded drivers.

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