ALMS: Prospective 2008 Entry List

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  1. Even though I am a Vette fanboy, I always route for Panoz lol.
  2. Yea, I'm THE Panoz fanboi. There may be no Panoz racing on either side of the pond next year which would be a real shame.
  3. It appears that Wolf Henzler will be leaving his announced seat in the #71 Tafel Racing Ferrari after being given the opportunity to become a Porsche Factory Driver.

    He'll be driving for either Flying Lizard or Farnbacher Loles, both of whom have been rumored to be running 3 car Porsche efforts in the ALMS next season.

    Tony Dowe of Tafel isn't worried though as they've found a replacement to drive with Dominik Farnbacher that they're quite excited about. "To take on Melo and Salo for example, you need two drivers of their calibre - and with Dominik�s new partner, we�ve got just that. I�ve got two guys who can take on any pairing in the ALMS."

    The team's full plans will be announced in January.
  4. theres rumours of an LMP1 Aston-Coupe
  5. Mariantic puts anything they see on any forum on their site...

    Granted, it could happen, but Mariantic posts too much rumor and not enough fact. There have been random thoughts I've had that were just like "What if" thoughts, and Mariantic put them on their site saying "sources say (insert my idea)" when it was just me saying some random stuff.

    And considering that Prodrive wont run with their GT1 Astons in the ALMS, I'd say the chances of them bringing an LMP1 over here are pretty slim.
  6. Any chance we'll see Team Modena's Aston Martin on the Sebring grid again in March?
  7. I'd guess maybe like a 1% chance. I wouldn't bet it it...
  8. Bad news today from Peterson/White Lightning. After the huge financial loss taken following the cancellation of the Dakar Rally, Michael Peterson has decided to withdraw his team's entry in the 2008 ALMS season as well.

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  9. You are acting like having fewer Ferraris is a bad thing.
  10. Hey, I couldn't care less what car they campaign, the Petersen/White Lightning team has been one of the backbone teams in the ALMS for years and years. Aside from Alex Job Racing, they were probably the best Porsche team in the USA.

    They will be missed.
  11. Ok. New question: What about Larbre Competition coming to Sebring this year? They came in 2005 with a Ferrari 550 Maranello and a trio of great drivers. Since they just bought the Oreca Saleens I think Sebring would be the best place to "test" their new cars before going to war in the LMS. I can only hope they feel the same way.
  12. I don't care what car it is, I'm sad to lose another entry regardless of the car, and Peterson/White Lightning has been in the ALMS forever. It won't be the same without them.
  13. I'd imagine less likely than Team Modena's Aston...
  14. It appears there may be some life left in CET Solaroli Motorsports according to John Thawley.

    "Oh... FYI... as of 4PM yesterday, CET insider is saying the wheels will turn by the end of January. Not sure if that means the WInter Test... but, his words... not mine."

    Could they actually make the grid in march?
  15. It appears there may be some life left in CET Solaroli Motorsports according to John Thawley.

    "Oh... FYI... as of 4PM yesterday, CET insider is saying the wheels will turn by the end of January. Not sure if that means the WInter Test... but, his words... not mine."

    Could they actually make the grid in march?
  16. Dyson confirmed 2 cars with Mario Franchitti driving! It's so awesome to see him find a drive because he definitely deserves it.

    Chris Dyson and Guy Smith will switch to the #16 Porsche RS Spyder and Butch Leitziner and Marino Franchitti will pilot the #20 car.


    Marino Franchitti will join Butch Leitzinger in the No. 20 Porsche RS Spyder. Photo: American Le Mans Series
    POUGHKEEPSIE, NY January 18, 2008 � Thetford / Norcold Dyson Racing today is pleased to announce that it will campaign two Porsche RS Spyders in the full 2008 American Le Mans Series Championship.

    Chris Dyson and Guy Smith will co-drive the team's No. 16 machine, while Butch Leitzinger will be joined by Marino Franchitti in the No. 20 entry.

    The team finished runner-up in the 2007 ALMS LMP2 team championship and third and fourth in the driver's title in its first year of running the RS Spyder. With a full year's experience with the car and an extensive off-season testing program, the team is confident of an even stronger 2008 effort.

    "We ended 2007 on a very competitive level and our winter outings have been encouraging," team principal Rob Dyson said. "Porsche's ongoing development and support of the Spyder program puts us in a very favorable position for this year. Momentum and continuity will only make us that much more competitive in 2008."

    Franchitti's strong races in a partial season in the ALMS last year was a strong factor in his joining the Dyson team. "We have watched Marino's progress last year in the ALMS and over the years in sportscars and he possesses the ingredients we look for when we evaluate a driver's strengths," remarked team principal Rob Dyson. "Dyson Racing derives it strength from team work and Marino should fit right into the atmosphere."

    Franchitti also brings a winning history with Porsche to the team. He drove for Porsche Cars Great Britain in 2001, winning the British GTO championship with eight wins and three seconds.

    "This is really a dream come true for me," Franchitti said. "When I first came over to America in 2002, I was introduced to Butch Leitzinger, James Weaver and Rob Dyson and they were all very friendly to me. Butch and I worked together in 2005 at Crawford at the 24 Hours of Daytona. There is such history with Dyson Racing. They have won so many different races and championships in North American sportscars. They are an American racing institution and I have to thank Rob and Chris and everybody on the team for this opportunity."

    The team will attend the upcoming official ALMS test at Sebring from January 28-30 in advance of the Sebring 12 Hours on March 15, the first race of the 12-race ALMS championship.

    Dyson Racing is North America's premier sportscar team. Since 1985, the team has scored 16 team and driver championships and 61 wins at the highest level of prototype racing.
  17. Even if they make the grid in March, their Porsche won't be a match for Dyson or Penske. And what is going on with Van der Stuhr Racing these days? I can only assume they've fixed the Radical since the end of last season. Are they planning to be on the grid in '08???
  18. I believe they have a partial season planned for 08 (that'assuming they don't wreck the thing again...).
  19. Twas announced yesterday that Ferrari factory shoes Dirk Mueller will be Dominik Farnbacher's partner in the #71 Tafel Ferrari.
  20. That's the best livery I've seen on a RS Spyder so far.
  21. I hate that livery...

    Dyson's is MUCH better.
  22. Team Cytosport announced that it won't be at Sebring due to them spending the 1st half of the season in Europe int the LMS, and hopefully Le Mans. They'll return to the ALMS at Mid Ohio with the ex-Charouz Lola Judd, the fastest petrol powered LMP1 last year.
  23. It looks like Audi will field 2 cars at Sebring, Petit, and maybe Laguna Seca, but other than that, there will be only 1 car.

    And with Cytosport heading to Europe for the 1st half of the season, we could have just 3 LMP1 for most of year!

    Also, a deal that would have Wayne Taylor running 2 Saleens has just fallen through.

  24. Sh!t can LMP1 and GT1 in the ALMS. Cancel them due to a gradual lack of interest during the last eight seasons. Sh!t can Scotty while you are at it and beam him out of there.

    They don't follow the ACO rules anymore so why not just have two strong classes?
    Better yet, can the series and hold three big N.American LMS events. Sebring,PLM and 1000k at Mosport.

    The ALMS continues to disappoint. Thankfully the ACO is turning the corner at LeMans and with the LMS.
  25. You've got to remember that the ALMS is focused on ONE country with most of the entries coming from ONE country. Of course LMP1 and GT1 are down due to the high costs, but it is still a hell of an achievment for a single nation to develope a world-class sportscar series and keep it going for 10 years.

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