ALMS: Prospective 2010 Entry List

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  1. Whilst the economy has taken a large toll on the ALMS, the series is doing a decent job of weathering the storm.

    The class structure has changed for 2010 with LMP1 and LMP2 have been combined into 1 class (except for at Sebring and Petit Le Mans). There's also a new LMP Challenge (LMPC) class featuring spec Courage LMPs which makes entering the LMP ranks more affordable than ever.

    In the GT classes, GT1 is gone, with GT2 becoming "GT" with an all Porsche GT Challenge (GTC) class bringing up the rear.

    Here's a prospective look at what we can expect on the grids in 2010.

    1 - Patron Highcroft Racing - HPD ARX-01c - David Brabham/Simon Pagenaud/Marino Franchitti
    6 - Team Cytosport - Porsche RS Spyder - Greg Pickett/Klaus Graf/Sascha Maassen
    8 - Drayson Racing - Lola B09/60 Judd - Paul Drayson/Johnny Cocker/Emanuelle Pirro
    10 - Creation Autosportif - Creation CA10 Judd - TBA/TBA/TBA
    12 - Autocon Motorsports - Lola B06/10 AER - Bryan Willman/Tony Burgess/Pierre Ehret
    16 - Dyson Racing - Lola B09/86 Mazda - Chris Dyson/Guy Smith/Andy Meyrick
    37 - Intersport Racing - Lola B06/10 AER - Jon Field/Clint Field/Nikolas Konstant
    07 - Peugeot Sport Total - Peugeot 908 HDI *** - Marc Gene/Alexander Wurz/Anthony Davidson(Sebring)
    08 - Peugeot Sport Total - Peugeot 908 HDI *** - Sebastien Bourdais/Pedro Lamy/Nicolas Minassian(Sebring)
    009 Aston Martin Racing - Lola Aston Martin DBR1/2 - Adrian Fernandez/Chris Boncombe/Harold Primat (Sebring/Long Beach)

    11 - Primetime Race Group - Oreca-Courage FLM09 - Joel Feinberg/Kyle Marcelli
    36 - Genoa Racing - Oreca-Courage FLM09 - Andy Wallace/JR Hildebrand/Tom Sutherland
    52 - PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports - Oreca-Courage FLM09 - TBA/TBA/Jonathan Bomarito
    55 - Level 5 Motorsports - Oreca-Courage FLM09 - Christophe Bouchut/Scott Tucker/Mark Wilkins
    89 - Intersport Racing - Oreca-Courage FLM09 - Mitch Pagerey/Brian Wong/David Ducote
    95 - Level 5 Motorsports - Oreca-Courage FLM09 - James Gue/Ryan Hunter-Reay
    99 - Green Earth Team Gunnar - Gunnar Jeanette/Christian Zugel/Elton Julian

    3 - Corvette Racing Corvette C6.R - Jan Magnussen/Johnny O'Connell/Antonio Garcia
    4 - Corvette Racing Corvette C6.R - Olivier Beretta/Oliver Gavin/Emanuelle Collard
    17 - Team Falken Racing Porsche 911 GT3 RSR - Brian Sellers/Wolf Henzler/Patrick Pilet
    40 - Robertson Racing Ford GT MK8 - Andrea Robertson/David Robertson/David Murray
    44 - Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsches GT3 RSR - Seth Nieman/Darren Law/Richard Lietz
    45 - Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 RSR - Jorg Bergmeister/Patrick Long/Marc Lieb
    54 - Black Swan Racing - Porsche 911 GT3 RSR - Tim Pappas/Jeroen Bleekemolen/Anthony Lazzaro
    61 - Risi Competizione - Ferrari 430 GT - Tracy Krohn/Nic Jonsson/Eric van de Poele (Sebring/Laguna Seca)
    62 - Risi Competizione - Ferrari 430 GT - Jaime Melo/Gianmaria Bruni/Pierre Kaffer
    75 - Rocketsports Racing Jaguar XKR - Paul Gentilozzi/Marc Goossens/Ryan Dalziel
    90 - Rahal Letterman Racing BMW M3 GT2 - Joey Hand/Dirk Mueller/Andy Priaulx
    92 - Rahal Letterman Racing BMW M3 GT2 - Bill Auberlen/Tommy Milner/Dirk Werner
    01 - Extreme Speed Racing Ferrari 430 GT - Scott Sharp/Johannes van Overbeek/Dominik Farnbacher
    02 - Extreme Speed Racing Ferrari 430 GT - Ed Brown/Guy Cosmo/Joao Barbosa

    23 - Alex Job Racing - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Bill Sweedler/Romeo Kapudija/Jan-Dirk Lueders
    32 - GMG Racing - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - James Sofronas/Bret Curtis/Andy Pilgrim
    63 - The Racers Group - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Henri Richard/Duncan Ende/Andy Lally
    69 - WORKS II Racing - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Galen Bieker/Robert Rodriquez/Cory Friedman
    80 - Alex Job Racing - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Luis Diaz/Ricardo Gonzalez/Patrick Kelly
    81 - Alex Job Racing - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Butch Leitzinger/Juan Gonzalez/Leh Keen
    88 - Velox Racing - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Shane Lewis/Jerry Vento
    92 - Kelly-Moss Motorsports - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Darrell Carlisle/TBA

    18 - Vici Racing Porsche - 911 GT3 RSR (Big T-Mobile sponsorship is supposed to begin in 2010, but still no announcement of a 2010 propgram)
    20 - Dyson Racing - Lola B09/86 Mazda (Looking for funding)
    48 - Corsa Motorsports - Zytek GZ09S - Johansson/Mowlem (Looking for funding)
    XX - Audi Sport Team Joest - Audi R15 TDI (Petit)
    XX - Audi Sport Team Joest - Audi R15 TDI (Petit)
    XX - Oreca Matmut - Peugeot 908 HDI *** (Petit)
    XX - Eco Racing - Radical Nissan (Probably a full season announced, followed by 1 embarrassing race entry)
    XX - A 2nd Patron Highcroft HPD (If funding allows)
    XX - A 2nd RSR Jaguar (has been mentioned in several places)
    XX - O'Connell Racing - LMPC Entry - TBA/TBA
    XX - Comprent Motorsports - LMPC Entry
    XX - Oak Racing Pescarolo Judd (Petit)
    XX - Autometrics Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (GTC)
    XX - Other Intercontinental Cup Entrants (Petit Le Mans)
  2. Will the former LMP2 competitors be upgrading their cars to compete with the purpose-built LMP1 cars?
  3. LMP1 and LMP2 cars are equally as "purpose built" and its looking like LMP1s will be slowed down as the LMP2s are already stressed pretty much to their limits of reliability.

    Everyone complains, but it really doesn't matter as if you're watching on tv or at the track, 195 doesn't look any faster to the eye than 185. At the end of the day, it should make for some great racing, especially if the 2nd Cytsosport Porsche with Bernhard and Dumas happens.
  4. Lol they are "purpose built" for two different purposes! duh. And thanks for the answer.
  5. Same purpose. Going fast...
  6. According to some sources, Dyson may have 2 cars after all. Andy Meyrick recently tested with them and is hoping to run the full season in the ALMS.

    Prospects of some sort of Risi Ferrari on the grid is looking better as well. Risi driver Pierre Kaffer was rumored to be joining Extreme Speed Motorsports, but Guy Cosmo now has that seat. So it would seem that Kaffer's job at Risi might still be available in some fashion or another. At the same time, Tracy Krohn's Lola DP effort looks to coming to a screeching halt, and it's been said that Tracy would buy one of the Risi Ferraris and run it full time, which would also keep Risi in the game.

  7. So Acura is done with LMP?
  8. i believe the patron car is acura
  9. "Acura" money is gone, but the Highcroft ARX-01c is acting as the development car for HPD. 2010 is very much a transitional year for LMPs, so "Acura" is officially "gone" for 2010, but HPD will be there. Basically, Acura is gone from a financial/sponsorship standpoint, but Honda is still in the background testing out new things for a potential all new car and/or engine for 2011. The 2 events Acura sponsored in 2009 will no longer be sponsored by them either.

    There will be at least 1 of the old Acuras running in Europe as well.
  10. I'm glad. I like the Acura cars. Best looking too
  11. I'm hearing chances are improving that we'll have the Risi Ferrari back full time next year.

    Also, I just got back from a fantastic tour of Pratt & Miller and saw some great things happening with Corvette Racing!
  12. It's now been confirmed, Risi Competizione will be back for the full season and Le Mans in 2010. No word on whether they'll have a 2nd car for Tracy Krohn yet though.
  13. Isn't the Highcroft car an ARX-02a?
  14. No, they're going back to the LMP1 car the ARX-01c. Judging from some of the battles the LMP1 and 2 Acuras had last year, they thought using the LMP2 would be a better option than the bigger, heavier, less nimble LMP1. It surely will get some of the LMP1 cars features, the swan neck for the rear wing uprights comes to mind.

    The latest iteration of the P2 car will feature many improvements from HPD and they'll be testing a new engine for 2011 throughout the season.

    Plus I think there were very few spares left (especially after Scott Sharp's enormous wreck) for the LMP1 car and with Nick Wirth focused on his F1 program, continued development of the P1 car would be difficult. The P2 car has 3 years of development and is surely a Porsche beater!
  15. This will be fun next year
  16. I just hope they get the P1/P2 equivalency right, and I hope Highcroft doesn't just annihilate everyone.
  17. Dominik Farnbacher is rumored to drive a Ferrari in both the ALMS and LMS series next year. Just don't know which team he will be driving for? He drove the Hankook Ferrari in LMS last year and Panoz in ALMS for 2009.
  18. I suspect we'll see him and Pierre Kaffer in the Risi Ferrari. I've heard Jaime Melo will be driving only in Europe this year.
  19. I'm hearing we can now add the GT2 Jaguar to the full season entry list.
  20. I'm hearing Dominic Farnbacher will drive the 3 Enduros for Scott Sharps ESM Ferrari team.
  21. O'Connell Racing announced its plan to run in the LMPC class this year. That makes 5 teams running them so far.
  22. A few updates.

    - Pierre Ehret will be the 3rd driver in the Autocon Lola
    - Primetime Race Group announced they'll field an LMPC car with Joel Feinberg and Kyle Marcelli driving
    - There are strong rumors that there may be a factory Lola Aston Martin at Sebring
  23. Here's a tasty rumor:

    ACS Express, the team that spent a rumored $4 million creating the monstrous Mustangs for Speed GT has bought a GT2 Ford GT for the ALMS in 2010.
  24. It's now been confirmed. ACS Express Racing will field a Ford GT in the ALMS next season! Great addition to an already solid GT2 field!

    No mention of drivers yet, but I'd guess Andrew Davis will be one.
  25. Porsche factory driver Wolf Henzler has been added to the lineup for Team Falken Tire for 2010 to drive with Bryan Sellers.

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