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  1. ALMS News de Jour:

    - Porsche Factory Driver, Wolf Henzler has been assigned to drive for Team Falken Tire in the ALMS. He'll partner with Bryan Sellers in the blue and green 2010 Porsche. TFT has also said they'd consider running their 2008 car as well if IMSA gave them some kind of performance waiver to allow it to be more competitive with 2010 cars.
    - Risi Competizione announced its full season lineup for 2010 today. Jaime Melo and Gianmaria Bruni will pilot Risi's 2010 Ferrari 430 GT. This is likely the strongest driver lineup Risi has had with the 430, which will be needed to combat the ever improving competition.
    - Porsche Motorsport boss Hartmut Kristen mentioned in an interview that just 1 RS Spyder would be racing in 2010, but Team Cytosport in the ALMS. This effectively ends the rumor of them running a second car for factory drivers Romain Dumas & Timo Berhnard.
  2. Rocketsports Racing confirmed their driver lineup today with Marc Goossens joining team owner Paul Gentilozzi behind the wheel of their new GT2 Jaguar. A 3rd driver will be added for the endurance races.
  3. I love Henzler. That'll be a team to watch.
  4. Yea, they'll be fighting an uphill battle though. Bryan Sellers, his teammate, is fast, but he's not Dirk Werner, that's for sure. And I highly doubt the Falken tires will be a match for Michelin, yet anyways.

    I hope they do well though!
  5. There is now some question as to whether ACS Exchange plans to run their new Ford GT in the ALMS or not. They built their incredible Speed GT Mustangs from the ground up, so the thought is they may have boughten this car just to study it so they can build their own, better version.

    Time will tell... Until then, it goes onto the Maybe list...
  6. Here's one of the best rumors of the off season:

    Per 2 separate sources, Adrian Fernandez is looking to run an Aston Martin LMP1 in the ALMS and at Le Mans!

    That might save the season for a lot of people that feel this year is looking awfully bad...
  7. I've got some good and bad news:

    The bad:
    - ACS Express will not be running their newly acquired Ford GT in the ALMS this year. Given the incredible work they did developing their Mustangs, I wouldn't be surprised to see them build their own and use the Doran car as a baseline, if you will.

    The VERY good:
    - Adrian Fernandez is in talks with Aston Martin Racing to run an LMP1 Lola Aston Martin DBR1/2 in select ALMS races and at Le Mans. This would be a HUGE addition to the entry list, especially if they could make it happen for most/all of the races!
  8. Big news for Wednesday:

    Tim Pappas' Black Swan Racing will return to the ALMS for the full season in GT2 with a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR. Pappas (decent Gentleman driver and the checkbook) and Joroen Bleekemolen (Porsche Supercup Ace) will drive for the full season with another pro joining them at the enduros.

    GT2 just continues to get good news week after week. I'm hoping Vici Racing will announce their plans soon as well.
  9. I think I'll start an LMS list as well.
  10. With Marcel Fassler becoming a factory Audi driver, expect a new 3rd driver in the #4 Corvette this year for the enduros.
  11. Would be awesome to see the Astons's P1 in the ALMS.
  12. Right now what I'm hear is an Aston Martin Racing entry with Adrian Fernandez, Brian Boncombe, and someone else and they'll enter the car in 3 or 4 ALMS races (Sebring, Long Beach, Petit Le Mans, and possibly Laguna Seca) and Le Mans.

    It's all just talk so far though.

    But this will be the last year of V10s and V12s for the discernible future, so if you get a chance to to see these cars in person this year, don't miss it!
  13. Just announced this morning, Aston Martin Racing will bring 1 of its gorgeous Lola Aston Martin DBR1/2s to the US for Sebring and Long Beach in 2010! They may do Petit Le Mans at the end of the season as well!

    Drivers will be Adrian Fernandez and Chris Boncombe, with a 3rd to be added for Sebring!

    I'm extremely excited to finally get to see and hear this car in person!!!
  14. The GTC class got its first 2 announced full season entries today with Alex Job Racing returning to the ALMS, fielding 2 911 GT3 Cup cars. Butch Leitzinger will be in 1 car with Juan Gonzalez and Bill Sweedler and Romeo Kapudija will pilot the other.

    I'm hoping we get a few more entries to this class in the next couple weeks.
  15. And we have our 4th confirmed full-season LMPC entry. A combination of Mazda Atlantics powerhouse teams, PR1 Motorsports and Mathiasen Motorsports have joined forces to run an LMPC in the ALMS As PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports. The new teams' full season drivers are still being finalized, but Jonathan Bomarnito will be the 3rd driver at the ALMS endurance races.
  16. It's official, former Porsche factory driver and all around insanely fast driver has been named the newest member of Corvette Racing. He'll be joining Oliver Gavin and Olivier Beretta in the #4/64 car for the endurance races.

    He'll be taking Marcel Fassler's place who has left the team to become a factory Audi driver.
  17. Lots of GTC entries were announced today!

    See the updated list in the first post for the new entries!
  18. The ALMS unveiled its entry list for the official winter test at Sebring later this month and there are a few additions!

    While not officially announced as full season entrants yet there are 2 new LMPC teams, Level 5 Motorsports (a Grand Am team rumored to be coming to the ALMS for some time), and Green Earth Team Gunnar, a return of Gunnar Racing!

    There are also a few additional GTCs on the list, but some may be testing for the IMSA GT3 Cup.
  19. I love how the field is growing, that's a GREAT sign for the ALMS. Out of all of the GT2 cars, besides CR, Risi, BMW and Flying Lizard, how many of the other teams will run the full season? Of out of those how many do you think could be competitive?

    On a side note I'm kind of sad that there wont be a second Ford GT on the grid.
  20. Every GT2 team there is a full season entrant. I'd say the 01 ESM Ferrari could get into the mix as well, and we still don't know where the Jag will be in terms of pace.

    There may not be any Ford GTs now. The Robertson's totalled theirs in testing a few weeks ago. I'm hoping they can get a new chassis in time for the year.
  21. Damn that blows. I love the Ford GT.
  22. I hear they're rebuilding it, but it'll be a huge financial blow to the team. They definitely don't have the money of the big teams.
  23. Here's a juicy rumor which may actually have some legs:

    There's a Mercedes SLR that was run by TRG in Speed GT at select races last year. It's been said however that that car was really designed to race elsewhere, but they weren't ready to take it there yet.

    Now with Krohn Racing leaving Grand Am for good, word is he'd like to join the ALMS on a more regular level. Several sources are now reporting that the aforementioned SLR has actually been developed as an ALMS GT2 car, and Krohn may be entering it in the ALMS this year!

    That'd be a welcome addition to the ALMS ranks for sure!
  24. That would be incredible to have a SLR in GT2.

    Is it based on a SLR 722 GT or a SLR ground up build by someone?

    Either way, that's one expensive race car.

    BTW, Sebring testing is this weekend starting tomorrow I believe.
  25. Yes, it's based on the RML built car, and I don't think it'd be a very good way to go if Krohn wants to be competitive. If he's gonna spend that kind of money, buy a Corvette from P&M.

    Sebring testing has been going on for like 2 weeks now, the official IMSA sactioned Sebring test is Feb 22-23.

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