ALMS: Prospective 2010 Entry List

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  1. oh ok, I was just reading on Oliver Gavin's blog that they are testing the Corvettes starting on Sunday.

    speaking of buying a Corvette from P&M, have they sold last year's cars yet? Or are they using the same chassis this year? I know the one that crashed at Leguna had to be totally rebuilt.
  2. Corvette Racing always does their own private testing, so their schedule doesn't reflect the majority of the series

    As far as I know they're using the same chassis as last year. When I was at P&M's shop about 2 months ago, 5 cars were in various stages of build (2 works cars, 2 customer cars, that that didn't have homes yet, and 1 show car).
  3. First pic of the new livery for the Corvettes.
  4. Saw it earlier today. Looks absolutely horrible. It looks like something a little kid would draw on the side of his toy car...
  5. I actually agree. I wish they would go back to the clean looks of the GT1 liveries.

    Here's another pic.
  6. and then they were like "Hey, we're a factory supported works racing program! You know what would make the rest of the competition take us seriously? Ninja stars on the side of the car! That'll show em!"

    Solid yellow with a black tail like the C5-Rs had would look great.
  7. Here's an awesome bit of news:

    Former Audi factory driver Emanuelle Pirro will do the endurance races in 2010 with Drayson Racing!
  8. Ugh and it just gets worse. The back isn't even all black, and it doesn't even have a Crossed Flags on it.
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    It's smaller, but at the end of the day, they're all LS motors and it's actually pretty simple to obtain a variety of sounds from them.
  11. A couple of endurance race 3rd driver announcements today:

    01 - Dominik Farnbacher will join Scott Sharp and Johannes van Overbeek in the 01 Extreme Speed Ferrari

    02 - Joao Barbosa will drive the 02 Extreme Speed Ferrari with Guy Cosmo and Ed Brown.

    6 - Sascha Maassen will join Greg Pickett and Klaus Graf in the Cytosport LMP2 Porsche.
  12. Let the battle begin!
  13. ALMS is set to announce their first title sponsor on monday evening. We don't know who it is for sure yet, but Patron seems to be the front-runner among people in-the-know.
  14. Apparenty a 2nd Jaguar is looking pretty likely now for 2010! That'd be a welcome addition if you ask me!
  15. SWEET! Rockersports 2nd car or a different team?
  16. a 2nd RSR entry.
  17. Andy Meyrick has been named the 3rd driver at Dyson this year.

    And Patron has been named the series first presenting title sponsor! More to come!
  18. Peugeot announced its drivers for Sebring today:

    #07 - Alexander Wurz/Marc Gene/Anthony Davidson
    #08 - Pedro Lamy/Sebastien Bourdais/Nicolas Misassian
  19. We're getting the green Krohn/Risi #61 Ferrari for Sebring and Laguna now!
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  21. Updated with another LMPC and new drivers

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