ALMS: The Petit Le Mans Race Thread

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    ALMS: The Petit Le Mans Thread

    Let this thread be the haven for everything having to do with this weekend's Petit Le Mans, the 10th round of this year's American Le Mans Series Championship.

    Event Schedule:

    Entry List:

    Radio Le Mans: - Broadcasting during all ALMS on track sessions - Click Listen Live!

    Live Timing & Scoring:

    Live Streaming Online Coverage:
    - Qualifying: Friday, September 3rd from 3:25-4:30pm EST -*3
    - Race: Saturday, September 4th from 1pm-6:30pm EST on

    Live TV Coverage:
    - Preview: October 2nd LIVE on the Speed Channel - Time: 7-8pm EST
    - Race: October 4th, LIVE on Speed Channel - 11am-1pm EST & 6:30pm-9pm EST
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  3. ALMS: The Petit Le Mans Thread

    And now the Bell Motorsports Aston Martin DBR9 has been taken off the list as well! Arrgh! That really pisses me off. Do you know why they've decided not to come?

    As if GT1 wasn't bad enough, now it will be just the two Vettes facing eachother.
  4. ALMS: The Petit Le Mans Thread

    Thanks rabbit 1, I did not think the VWs were going to get on until friday. Now I am heading over to watch the test session.

    8:00 am - 5:55 pm Promoter Test Day for Support Series Only
  5. ALMS: The Petit Le Mans Thread

    Overall- #1 Audi R10


    # 1 Audi Sport North America Audi R10
    # 7 Peugeot Sport Total Peugeot 908
    # 37 Intersport Racing Lola B06/10


    #9 Patron Highcroft Racing Acura ARX-01B
    #6 Penske Racing Porsche RS Spyder
    #26 Andretti Green Racing Acura ARX-01B


    # 3 Corvette Racing Corvette C6R
    # 4 Corvette Racing Corvette C6R

    # 71 Tafel Racing Ferrari F430GT
    # 62 Risi Competizione Ferrari F430 GT
    # 45 Flying Lizards Porsche GT3 RSR

  6. ALMS: The Petit Le Mans Thread

    Go Corsa.
  7. ALMS: The Petit Le Mans Thread

    This is NOT the SC.Net challenge thread, this is the race week discussion thread. Copy/paste your picks into the correct thread which is stickied in the Motorsports forum.
  8. ALMS: The Petit Le Mans Thread

    It's GREAT to see Gunnar back in a prototype. Aside from random drives at Le Mans, he hasn't been full time in an LMP since 2003 in the final season for the Panoz LMP-1.
  9. ALMS: The Petit Le Mans Thread

    They were removed about a week ago and no reason was given.
  10. ALMS: The Petit Le Mans Discussion Thread

    It seems that Raphael Matos has a potential IndyCar drive within his grasp and he?s bailed on Mazda for Petit. Devlin and Bonilla will go it alone.

    Considering that Matos owes most of the success he's had in his career to Mazda, it's kind of a slap in the face for him to bail on them days before he's scheduled to drive.

    Let's hope this IRL drive happens or he may be out of a ride all together.
  11. If your out at Petit and want to see the W12 Golf it is infront of the VW tent.
  12. ugh i just found out speed is not gonna show the whole race because of the nascar quali. Do you guys have any links to a live feat?
  13. The missing portion 1-6:30pm EST will be shown live, streaming online at and will have audio commentary courtesy of Radio Le Mans which frankly, is 10x better than Speed's.
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  15. American Le Mans Series, round 10 in Braselton (Road Atlanta), USA, Qualifying: Three Porsche RS Spyder in front

    Stuttgart. With a dream result, the qualifying for the penultimate round of the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) concluded on the Road Atlanta track. Three Penske Racing Porsche RS Spyder prototypes occupied positions one, two and three in the LMP2 class, securing an optimal starting position in the gripping fight for the title. The quickest pilot to lap the roller coaster circuit on the outskirts of Atlanta in his 503 hp sports prototype was Ryan Briscoe (Australia), followed by Romain Dumas (France) just 88-thousandths of a second slower. The third fastest time was achieved by Sascha Maassen (Germany) in the last minute, relegating the best Acura to fourth position.

    �It's quite rare to drive a perfect lap. But today I'd be hard pushed to say what I could have done better,� said a delighted Briscoe about the fastest ever LMP2 time on the Road Atlanta circuit. �The RS Spyder was consistently fast in all practice sessions. This gives me a great feeling for the race.�

    Romain Dumas didn't push particularly hard in the fight for top times in the final minutes. �When we realised that the Acura wasn't matching our speed we saved our tyres for the race,� explained the Frenchman. �Of course, I would have loved to have set the quickest time but we still have an excellent starting position for tomorrow's race.�

    Sascha Maassen was also satisifed with his lap: �In practice we didn't get much driving in. During qualifying we made some changes to the set-up. This worked perfectly. Even more important than a good starting position is to know we have a fast car for the race.� The two RS Spyder of the Porsche-supported US privateer team, Dyson Racing, secured positions eight and nine.

    In the GT2 class for slightly modified standard sports cars as well, Porsche teams fought for top grid positions. Dirk Werner (Germany) claimed the second quickest time in the GT3 RSR of Farnbacher Loles Racing. Points' leader Joerg Bergmeister (Germany) took fourth in his Flying Lizard Motorsports 911 GT3 RSR. Johannes van Overbeek (USA) and Patrick Pilet (France) could not take part in qualifying due to an accident in free practice and have to start tomorrow's race from the back of the field.

    Porsche's head of motorsport, Hartmut Kristen, was extremely pleased with the qualifying results. �We couldn't have wished for better grid positions. All three drivers and the whole Penske Racing team have put in a tremendous effort. In the GT2 class we are not at the absolute front but very close to the quickest Ferrari. The race tomorrow is certainly going to be very close and very exciting.�

    The Petit Le Mans takes off on Saturday, 4th October, at 11.15 hours local time (17.15 hrs CEST) and runs over 1,000 miles with a maximum duration of ten hours.

    Qualifying result

    1. Stephane Sarazin (F), Peugeot 908 (LMP1), 1:06.242 minutes
    2. Allan McNish (GB), Audi R10 (LMP1), 0.085 seconds behind
    3. Marco Werner (D), Audi R10 (LMP1), 0.576
    4. Ryan Briscoe (AUS), Porsche RS Spyder (LMP2), 0.819
    5. Romain Dumas (F), Porsche RS Spyder (LMP2), 0.907
    6. Sascha Maassen (D), Porsche RS Spyder (LMP2), 1.159
    7. Franck Montagny (F), Acura ARX-01B (LMP2), 1.244
    8. Simon Pagenaud (F), Acura ARX-01B (LMP2), 1.414
    9. Olivier Pla (F), Ginetta-Zytek 07S (LMP1), 1.418
    10. Jon Field (USA), Lola B06/10 (LMP1), 1.542

  16. Audi on �Petit Le Mans� front row

    Allan McNish misses pole position by just 0.085 seconds
    Marco Werner takes third place on the grid for Audi
    Audi in with chance of ninth consecutive �Petit� victory

    Ingolstadt/Road Atlanta � Team Audi Sport North America�s two Audi R10 TDI prototypes will go into Saturday�s "Petit Le Mans" race at Road Atlanta (U.S. state of Georgia) from second and third positions on the starting grid. In a more than thrilling qualifying session, Allan McNish lost the battle for pole position by just 0.085 seconds.

    Right from the start of the 25-minute session the Le Mans winner was setting the pace. From the first lap the number 1 Audi R10 TDI was topping the timing screens. McNish improved his lap-time to 1m 06.327s on his fourth flying lap, beating the track record from last year by 2.579 seconds.

    Peugeot driver St�phane Sarrazin needed 16 laps to reach McNish�s best time. Five minutes from the end of the qualifying session he narrowly demoted the Scotsman to second on the grid with his last flying lap.

    Marco Werner, who had captured the pole positon last year at Road Atlanta, needed longer to bring temperature into the front tyres than McNish. He then ran into traffic. Despite that, the German was able to leave all LM P2 cars behind and get the third position on the grid for Audi.

    The 11th annual running of the 1,000-mile or maximum 10-hour long "Petit Le Mans" race will start on Saturday at 11:15 a.m. local time (5:15 p.m. in Germany). Audi is undefeated and has the chance of a ninth consecutive outright "Petit Le Mans" victory on Saturday. Allan McNish will compete together with Dindo Capello and Emanuele Pirro. Lucas Luhr and Marco Werner will tackle the endurance race without a third driver.
  17. thanks.
  18. Bad news guys, Gerardo Bonilla put the brand new LMP2 Lola Mazda coupe into the wall hard in morning warmup and they won't be starting the race... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  19. go Audi! I have my hat on <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  20. it sounded like she said "Nygers, start your engines"

  21. The #1 Audi hasn't taken the start after Allan McNish put it into the wall in morning warmup. He's starting the race a few laps down.
  22. Full course yellow already...

    #30 Intersport Lola has stopped on track.
  23. I saw <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  24. LOL @ Allan McNish
  25. #9 Highcroft Acura into the wall. It didn't look that bad, and he probably could have driven back to the pits, but Scott Sharp got out of the car anyways...

    Highcroft's championship fight is basically over now unless the #7 DNFs as well...

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