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  1. Was this the Porsche that flipped in the ALMS?
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    Not sure, all i know is Three Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR's Flipped. Two of wich were on camera, and i wish i had that taped.<!-- Signature -->
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    it was the previous version with the round headlights that fliped at le mans
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    No, the 1998 version of the Porsche GT-1 flipped at Petit Le Mans. The car that flipped at Le Mans was CLR in 1999. The round headlight Porsche GT-1 never flipped and took 2-3 overall in 1996 Le Mans 24 hours. 1-2 in class.<!-- Signature -->
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    sorry, my bad
    it was the 98 that flipped and not the 96
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    this car is nice I like the headlights.
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    the clr's look cool, but there is no denying it, the 26 that flipped was awesome at the petit. CLK's suck-so do toy GT-1's

    ever noticed the mclaren team crapped on the F-1, yeah

    "F-1 handles like a piece of crud"
    -Road and Track-essentially what the dude said
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    Yeah, and in 2000 Bill Auberlans V12 BMW Prototype flipped over at the same spot (as the Porsche)

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