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  1. dr pepper and spiced rum
  2. crown royal with pineapple back, followed by whatever beer has the coolest label

    #$%# THAT SHIT!

  4. EB
  5. Dude, that's bullshit. Everyone knows it's Coors Light, because it tastes exceptionally cold.
  6. what would label a chick a dyke for drinking?
  7. wow are yuo actually a fUcking mod? jesus, you are awful .
  8. haha yeah man
  9. i wonder when ImPoRtEr will come back. i figured he might be dead, but his AIM has gone straight to his cellphone for about 4 years now...
  10. Dear Player Haters,

    So me and my bros were at the local discotheque checking out all the fine women when Chad totally ordered like a round of Labatt for the bros. We pounded them down like real men, releasing a tremendous roar after each chug. Totally straight, aight? You wouldn't believe what happened next. Travis totally took his shirt off. No fake, aight? He emptied like 40 cans of Molson in the club parking lot. After that, all of us took our shirts off and ordered a round of Heinekens and Jager bombs. Totally straight.

    At the club for chicks,

  11. loling
  12. I like Stella too even though people are always giving me shit for it. nose all high in the air and stuff
  13. sig'd
  14. redneck
  15. brb

    ordering graphic tees, hitting the gym, and pounding some heinekens.
  16. What would an aristocrat drink?
  17. Easy Street Wheat
  18. You must have a very open-minded group of friends. If any guy I know sat down at the bar and ordered Baileys, he would have his masculinity challenged probably within 30 seconds, and that's just from the girls.
  19. post more
  20. I'd have to agree about the consensus here with Baily's. Just because those metrosexual dudes in the commercials drink it doesn't mean any real dudes drink it. Plus it's too damn sweet and thick anyway, it's like drinking melted icecream.
  21. it's chocolate milk with alcohol.

    oh and goddamn i just had a 21 year old whiskey. sooooo gooooooooooooooood.
  23. dont get it
  24. soooooooo goooooooooooooooood

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