Always take a dump before going on a date...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ging, Dec 19, 2009.

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  2. hahah holy shuit
  3. been posted and fake as hell.
  4. orly?
  5. too epic to be real? I dunno, just reading that I was killing myself, jesus. why the #$%# wouldn't someone just use a bathroom... I don't like public toilets, but you get the job done, some TP on the seat, and let it rip FFS. such an idiot hahahahaha
  6. why the #$%# do all the guys have their shirts off in their avatars?
  7. we should introduce that here too
  8. Except this isn't a bodybuilding forum. So you'd get a lot of this.
  9. Whoa did Crystalballer lose some weight?
  10. Pee bottle LOL.
    fair enuf if your a #%!@ and only shit in your own toilet, but not peeing in them?

    your a man, the world is your toilet, and you dont have to touch anything with your d!ck
  11. "but it became so unbearable to the point where I could feel the turd popping out of my rectum.. to make matters worse I was actually starting to get an erection "
  12. His wolf t-shirts cannot fit anymore.
  13. lol that actually looks like me
  14. fake, and lol @ the people who are all sympathetic. pee bottles? pathological fear of public toilets? doomed.
  15. i need to join one of these shirtless forums
  16. Well that's kind of embarrassing.
  17. Epic LOL at the MS Paint pics.
  18. Invasion time.
  19. :-(
  20. Why do I get an error? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
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    i read/skimmed the entire 55 pages
    seems pretty #$%#ing real love doll thread the chick involved (maybe) thread
    reported to department of security more of him and love doll

    so much epic LOL. it took me an hour to read, but so worth it. this guy is either the best troll ever in the history of the internet, or he has major #$%#ing problems

    edit: im thinking its a troll moreso now. at the start it sucked, got awesome towards the middle/early end, then he ruined it with a piss poor attempt at creating another account pretending to be her, and dropping the ball completely and ruining it. and just about all his post are copy/paste the exact same shit
  22. i wonder how James would be received shirtless on this forum?
  23. I wish we had someone like this on SCN!
  24. oh but we've had. not lately though. we had one member raping another for example.

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