Am I the only one that loves Harley Davidson?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Motorcycles' started by PandaBeat, Feb 12, 2010.

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  2. Better dead than red.
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  4. I'm more the kind for the Monster Ducatis. But being 6'4 and a bit, that'll probably look like a ridiculous combination.
  5. Harleys seem rather out of date.
  6. I always loved this one. No idea what it is, but it looks like something the riders of the Apocalypse could ride on.
  7. The US Trade Commission had like a 45% tariff charge on imported bikes during the Reagan administration. H-D claimed the Japanese were flooding the market, and trying to destroy domestic manufacturers (when this tariff was put in place, Japanese manufacturers actually offered help to H-D, which they refused). That gave Harley a break that they could have used to innovate and catch up with the Japanese makes, but instead, they didn't, and stuck with retro stuff which does not work forever. They even recently gave up on Buell.. and want to sell MV Agusta

    HD probably makes more money from their clothing line rather than their actual (dinosaur) bikes.. I love old HDs, especially bobbers, but not the new imitations.
  8. very cool
  9. More proof that in fact newfies are the dumbest scum on the face of the planet
  11. haha, I like that I don't care is winning.
  12. I like them especially the electra glide ultra classic,the dyna wide glide and their dark customs. Of course you can mod them and make them more powerful by upgrading and changing teh engine by an s&s 124 ci engine and improved the braking by installing 2 four piston caliber disc brakes at the front and one at the rear.I have ridden a 1996 dyna wide glide when I was eighteen, it was very comfortable and reliable.
  13. HD pays good, a guy I kno works for HD in pensylvania and he makes 70 an hour for mixing the paints.

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