Amazing! look at those friggin doors!

Discussion in '2002 Lincoln Continental Concept' started by badneuzLS4L, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. man what a car! i think this is a thi first nice luxury sedan ive seen Ford produce in a LONG time....and those suicide doors are awesome! this car is retro looking and and asotnishingly advanced all at once! there have gotta be ppl who think the sameas me!
    im normally not a big fan of domestics but id take this over the new 7 series in a snap
  2. Re: Amazing! look at those friggin doors!

    I couldn't agree more!!! This car is awesome!!! The first time I saw it I didn't like it, but after coming to my senses I love it. A simple equation: V12+414hp+huge wheels+cool retro style+6speed auto+luxury+SUICIDE DOORS!!!=one bad SOB. The BMW 7 is a nice car, but it can't come close to this beast.

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