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  1. This thing is hideous.
  2. Function over form I guess.
  3. The front bumper is pretty damn atrocious.
  4. I kinda like it.... But by the looks of the rear, this thing is going to be loud as hell
  5. Well, it did not sign up for the beauty contest. But the Ruf CTR, which is the same classe, I think, does look good. I like the CTR much better. I hope both of them will find their way to the Ring, to give some comparison on the track.
  6. It needs a bigger back-spoiler.!!!!!!!!
  7. it looks interesting..
    I'd like to see it race against the others.
  8. i duno what makes its so ugly but it just dosent look right
  9. Its longer obviously, which kinda makes it funny lookin, but its smooth at the same time.... I think its the rims that make me think this things looks pretty nice. The paint is nice too. I guess i just like it even though its strange.
  10. Wow looks like 959 ,nobody find this?
  11. Wow looks like 959 ,nobody find this?
  12. Wow looks like 959 ,nobody find this?
  13. is that a piece of plywood on the back lol...must be part of mock up

    i like the 911 turbo that Jurgen Alzen Motorsport is building better
  14. i dont think its plywood, im pretty sure if you look at the picture with all the parts laid out on the floor, that part is there, so im not sure, it seems odd that they would have a mock-up piece on the lay out floor. who knows...
  15. its awesum. ur a dick head if u think its ugly
  16. stfu It looks like shit
  17. the wind screen need chaging
  18. so do the wheels
  19. It looks really cheap. At least the performance is great.....hopefully.
  20. The wheels look horrible (Bling-bling), as well as the front, hopefully performance figures can compensate.
  21. It's more then the wheels that looks like crap.
  22. not just the wheels, the whole thing.
  23. My opinion hasn't changed!
  24. It looks weird, but it's gotta be fast.
  25. THis ugly UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

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