Amber Rose

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ferrari 14c 15d, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. I don't get it, is she a tranny or something?
  2. Supermodel/Kanye's ex. Nudes surfaced. Has pepperoni nips.
  3. yeah, I thought those were like... bad fake tits. She's not very attractive at all. Looks like a transexual
  4. Dark folk like her because her posterior is large.

    Exhibit A
  5. oh, she's a white girl! lol
  6. Is it pics or video? My phone is shit and wont play vids
  7. Video, I'm sure you can google the pics though.
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    vid of pics. Very yawn.

    This is just ridiculous
  9. Amber Lamps. Bring dem.
  10. hate bald women
  11. I liker her, someone post screenscaps for 1 pound sterling for me
  12. the dude with the brick on his head is the best one
  13. No hair no care.
  14. I hit exit and it let me in anyway lol.
  15. Best part of this thread.

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