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  1. again, read the artical, its the fastest running P4, something most people dont have.
  2. your stoner mind cant remember what i said 5 mins ago, im going to talk to my friend when he gets online tonight. chill out...
  3. and your point is? 2 years from now this wont be the fastest running processor. do you want to tell one of your buddies that fries his pentium 4 2 years from now that "its ok, because 2 years ago that was intels best cpu"

    you're a #$%#ing idiot, seriously, it doesnt matter if its intels best cpu or not, they shouldnt be selling them period if they cant run right.

    yeah sure, you're not a fanboy.
  4. and really i dont give a shit. i know what happend and i dont need some (i cant believe there is one) proccessor fanboy... anyway like i said im just trying to get a rise out of you. something about you always rubbed me the wrong way... that and im aslo grumpy... (yes i said grumpy again, shut it)
  5. i somehow think this is the last time i'll ever hear of this mentioned by you again.

    and if i ask you tomorrow all of the sudden its going to be "dude you #$%#ing idiot, my friend is out of town, you #$%#ing dipshit"
  6. haha, like i said, i dont give a shit about intel, i dont have any bias for a damn chip. but after our little experiment i know what one i would like to be in my computer.

    besides, if i wanted your opinion, i would give it to you. Bit(h
  7. Why don't you trust sources that start www#. ???

    Do you know what the 'www' in a web address actually means ?

    It's the name of the server that is serving the webpage.

    www6 probably means either they have load balancing across at least 6 servers or they have the site split up over multiple servers, with that section of the site being hosted on server 'www6'.
  8. making up stories about cpu's catching fire... trumpeting out of your ass about how intels newest cpu's have permission to not work right...

    whos the fanboy here?
  9. he obviously doesnt know a lot of stuff, not just that.
  10. i didnt know that about the www# thing, oh well, most sites ive seen with it are cheap college sites so i figured that was it... oh well... im just having some fun #$%#ing with this guy, i like to piss people off sometimes... just good times..
  11. i didnt say that they shouldnt work right, im saying its thier hottest chip the chip we burned wasnt the hotest chip in the lineup.... again, im not saying AMD sucks, hell they are great, and impressive, but deffently more likely than my 3.0 P4 to #$%# up the inside of my machien.

    like i said shut it.
  12. and i really hope my friend still has the clip, its not good quality, made with a webcam, but you can see what is going on...
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    The AMD cpu's that used to fry were the older athlon xp's on motherboards that didn't monitor temperatures, and didn't shutdown the system when they began to overheat. The best way to achieve this was tearing off the heatsink and fan completely while it was running.

    Prescott (current pentium 4 core, although northwood is still around) is well known for running incredibly hot, and do run hotter than amd's current offerings (sledgehammer, clawhammer, newcastle, winchester, did I miss any?). They consume a lot more power than amd's, especially in comparison to amd's winchester core, which is on their relatively new 90nm process. Any athlon64 or pentium 4 should automatically shutdown if temperatures climb too high...
    "What happens if a CPU cooler falls off during transport? AMD's Athlon might overheat in operation. Motherboards that don't poll Athlon's thermal diode can cause this."

    ^older (and about to be completely discontinued) athlon xp overheating in this video

    ^video showing how new amd64's react to the same thing
  14. yeah, they're definatly more likely, thats why there are tons of examples of them catching fire all over the internet, and not just messages on message boards by people who "arent fanboys" talking about their buddies cpu catching fire that they have a video of but cant seem to find.

    and, again, you're a #$%#ing idiot, its only intels hottest chip in the lineup FOR THE TIME BEING
  15. wow your taking the little chat far to personal, its an internet forum, we are talking about two brands of proccessors, its should not be such a heated debate.

    again, i also never said this was a brand new AMD proccessor. hense the post stated above by... whoever the hell just posted that last post.

    how can anyone truly be a fanboy of a computer chip? seriously im asking you.
  16. No they aren't and this is getting boring now ...

    The only difference between an AMD CPU and and Intel CPU is at what point they fail due to a thermal event, what happens after that is very similar on each, it is a strip of silicon and a few trasnsistors, when it gets too hot it may smoke a bit and start to melt.

    It's highly unlikely they burst into flames, unless there is some contamination on the packaging.

    In terms of which is more likely;

    An AMD Athlon XP (Barton) has a max operating temperature of 85 DegC and draws 68-76 Watts
    An AMD Athlon64-FX (Sledge Hammer) has a max operating temperature of 85 DegC and draws 89 Watts

    An Intel P4 (Northwood) has a max operating temperature of 69 DegC and draws 82 Watts
    An Intel P4EE (Prestonia/Gallatin) has a max operating temperature of 67 DegC and draws 103 Watts

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    my buddies was an older one... but that was never asked by our little stoner friend. he just assumed we were burning up a brand new AMD proccessor...
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    quite a long way from a cpu catching fire due to a fan going out wouldnt you say?
  19. and you obviously watched the video didnt you? taking off the heatsink is a long shot from the fan going dead, you stupid shithead.
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    You missed the Semprons. All of them. Noone blames you, noone likes Semprons.

    Thoroughbred B and Paris are currently used. Palermo and Victoria are coming very soon.
  21. i have amd 3200+ and it runs at 26 deg C
  22. anyway we got it to fry quickly. thats all i can really say about it. and i really cant trust a chip that fry like that with my overclocking... again, if i wanted your opinion i'd give it to you.
  23. yeah but semprons are basicaly thoroughbred cores and neutered newcastles, so i think we should give him credit.
  24. HAAHAHAHAHA im really loving this...

    anyway, no i didnt watch the video, and no we did not take off the heat sink, but we did take the case off the computer, so no fans were even near it... either way. shut it.
  25. shut up you fanboy

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