Americaa HSV GTO

Discussion in '2005 Pontiac GTO' started by v12vanquish2003, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. This is almost exactly the same as the HSV version from australia. Other than the body they are practicaly identicle. But in saying that the body shape is the same but with different features.
  2. Why did they use the monaro body in the first place?
  3. Because it was the monaro that they started exporting to the US (being badged as Pontiac), and this being a later model, it still uses the Monaro shell.
  4. yes people we established this from day 1 that this would be the holden hsv thats what it is gm told us would be the holden monaro hsv when they relased news about it
  5. OMG, never speak again, seriosuly....
  6. This isnt the HSV version of the Monaro, Pontiac has yet to create a high performance model for the GTO...Probably will be called the Judge, and I wouldnt be suprised if it used the new C6 Z06 500+ HP engine.

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