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    The truth is he did take care of it, only using premium gasoline and synthetic oil. One thing about the truck you mentioned, is that it is an I-6 which is far more reliable and less likely to break down than a V-8 due to less moving parts. I have seen a guy with a 300,000 mile ford with the original clutch but he had that kick ass I-6 that your talking about.
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    It was probably the 302 in your "friends" truck (the most widely used ford engine), and if it was your story is still bullshit.
    The 302, and the 351 are both great engines. Your friend (if the story is true) either had a lemon or didn't take care of it.
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    I was talking about my brother in the story. My brother had a 2001 Ford F-350 with a V-10 and what I said was true he only used premium gas and synthetic oil. It was constantly in the shop. It may have been a lemon but my brothers always seems to get the lemons because his last 2 Fords had problems as well. He had a Ranger and an F-150 and same story. His latest vehicle is a Dodge Ram with the new Hemi V-8. I don't think he is happy with it because he loves Fords so much.
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    True true. I'm glad I don't bash Fords anymore! I like all American cars. Mmmmmmmm......shushi(vomit!!!!!!).
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    The car in your avatar, looks uncannily similar to a late 90's ryced out

    I feel truly sorry for your Lemming-like mentality, and sheer lack in taste in cars. Unless you happen to think drag racing is cool Jed.
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    Man! Your sorry....seriously... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Do you smoke weed? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Only someone that's stoned can see it as an Integra! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Heck, I'll bet if you saw a '96 Camaro you'd say it looked like a Civic. ANYONE with eyes can clearly see that it looks like a PONTIAC!! Your only mad that I don't like Japanese cars(and sushi).
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    From someone who doesn`t particularly care for Hondas...yes, that shot makes it look like an Integra.

    By the way, Sushi (and Sashimi) are fcking tasty. You`re missing out.
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    You must be pretty blind. you sniff too much glue?

    And YES, it DOES look like a late '90's Integra.

    I don't care whether you like Japanese cars, I just find it ironic that you claim Japanese cars are so ugly then use one that ripped off the looks from a Honda in your avatar.
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    Gotta love the looks of Holden.....actually, I think some of the designers from that branch of GM should have a bit more influence with North American cars, Holdens do have one good thing going for them, and that's the looks.
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    You're right it looks like an RSX or something. But it is a very nice car.
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    I don't like sushi! I like other asian food though.
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    Well, since your judging it from a photo you can't see well, I guess I'll let you slide. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    But again, the Monaro does look a bit like the older Integra, of course it's more so in this pic.
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    I didn't compare them retard, BlackWidow did, in fact the only reason I even brought the NSX-R up was to get the point across that the Honda labeled versions of Honda cars are actually higher performance than the Acura labeled versions of Honda cars.

    Anyway, first of all, the SVT might be able to keep up in the 1/4, but the NSX isn't even designed for the 1/4, it's designed for handling, and that's where the NSX truly outshines the SVT.

    Besides, check out this link, and tell me where the Mustang Cobra is in comparison to the NSX-T (which, while the Mustang Cobra in this test isn't quite as fast as the SVT Cobra, the NSX-T is also the slowest of the NSX's, so it's a pretty fair comparison.)
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    The 2003 Cobra is this current performance bargain of the century. Who in their right mind would waste 30k on a new "Z",S2000 or RX8 for speed reasons. Maybe someone easily influenced by bad commercial's and movie's!

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    Or they are more influenced by great engineering as opposed to sheer engine size.
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    If you assume that turbocharging is a feat of "great engineering", you are seriously mistaken, buddy. Only feat is the turbocharger itself and guess in which country the best turbochargers are currently made? The land with the big engine sizes. Quite contradictory, if your logic was somehow correct (which isn't).
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    Gee, that's funny, last I heard, the best auto manufacturer produced Turbochargers come from Mitsubishi. I mean, American companies are using Mitsubishi turbochargers on their fastest Forced induction cars.

    And how many American made turbochargers can coax a 3.2 litre engine to produce 900bhp? There's a British made turbocharger on a 3.2 litre VW Golf that produces 900bhp, unfortunately I can't remember what company makes it.
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    to many pages to read through so i skipped a few and got the jist of this...

    the mustang gt and wrx are very very similar with the wrx and gt of close prices....BUT THE GT DOES OUT ACCELERATE the wrx...and even past the 1/4mile the gt will out gun the wrx even much much more...but what surprises me is that the wrx skidpad is .86g while the gts is .87g...slaloms are also very different

    wrx slalom is 62.8mph while the gts is 67.4mph...that is quiet a difference in the performance world...

    now comparing the sti to a cobra is also unfare becuz the power output is just so much grater in the cobra, and given the fact it doesnt suffer from awd drivetrain the cobra outruns it as well...and they are about the same price range as well...

    now about the nsx vs the cobra...thats two different cars made for totally different purposes...the nsx is a PURPOSE BUILT modern day supercar....while the cobra relies on a chassis thats been used for more than 2 decades...since the 70's to be exact....but lets compare them nontheless...

    1/4mile 13.4secs@106mph
    skidpad .91g
    slalom 65.8mph

    svt cobra
    1/4mile 12.7secs@112mph
    skidpad .90g
    slalom n/a

    now how much does the nsx cost and the cobra cost? what were the real purposes behind each? and in reality the cobra leaves the nsx in the dust for acceleration but falls short in braking...handling is very close...

    any how....all this is said and done the wrx's best time i have seen is 4.9secs and 13.5secs respectivly...and thats the sti version...the wrx normal one looses to the gt in EVERYTHING...

    but anyhow nice 1st post who ever did it...
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    Handling between the NSX and Mustang is NOT anywhere near close, I won't even bother getting into any of that other bs.
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    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah ah aha ha ha ha ha ha ha dude u suck u admit defeat ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah ah ha ha ha
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    I feel sorry for your parents, they must be ashamed to have a moron like you for a son
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    Gee, that's even more funny. Ever heard of Garrett turbochargers? They provide turbos for Audis, VWs, Nissan (Skylines) and DaimlerChrysler to name a few.

    And isn't Mitsubishi also heavily connected to DaimlerChrysler? Could there be a slight influence? Oh the Shock and Horror!
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    Yes, I've heard of Garrett Turbochargers, and they are great, but definitely not the best.

    Yeah, they are affilited, for investing extreme amounts of cash flow, Daimler Chrysler gets access to some of Mitsubishi's technology, I fail to see how Mitsubishi could in any way be influenced by Daimler Chrysler when they're paying Mitsubishi to GET information, NOT give, dolt.
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    Wow, we have a Real Turbo Expert on board! Care to explain why Garretts are "definitely not the best"? You have made a spreadsheet pointing out price, spooling times, temperature resistance, flow charts, isentropic efficiencies? They're best enough for the aforementioned VW, Audi (part of VW), Nissan and DaimlerChrysler. And MANY others.

    I further suspect this hit you completely by surprise, as your knowledge in very general automotive issues seems to be nil as well.

    "I fail to see how Mitsubishi could in any way be influenced by Daimler Chrysler when they're paying Mitsubishi to GET information, NOT give, dolt."

    Uhh, DaimlerChrysler OWNS Mitsubishi. They have 34% of the stocks which gives them the CONTROL of the company. *Feeble voice*: "I fail to see how Mitsubishi could in any way be influenced by DaimlerChrysler...", LMAO! I further wonder, why DaimlerChrysler still uses Garrett as a sub-contractor, when they simultaneously OWN the so called "best turbocharger manufacturer in the world". Lol back at you... DOLT!

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