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Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by SeansVette, Sep 10, 2002.

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    You're missing the point that you are WRONG again moron, don't you ever get tired of being wrong?
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    So you`re saying the current Mustang GT has more than 265 HP?


    Oh...that`s right....all your posts have more to do with opinion than any actual fact.....
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    Yes wrong moron...speed has more to it then just HP...thought you'd know that. God it's like talking to a 4 year old.
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    Who's talking about speed?

    Very simple.
    A car most ignorant not quite autophiles call a Muscle Car vs a Family Sedan......

    ....and the family sedan has more power.

    It may SEEM like you're talking to a 4 year old if your level of comprehension is only that of a 4 year old......
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    Oh so now because it has more HP it's a better're stupidity has no bonds does it?
    Please get your head out of your a$$ Whoredup.
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    Can`t understand a simple irony.
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    What irony...? The irony that a more exspensive car that has more HP is slower then the mustang...?
    Please, please get your head out of your a$$ whoredup.
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    Like I's just too far above your head.....
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    Or to far up your a$s.
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    ...true...get your head out of your a$s.
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    Actually...looking at a comparison of my power output vs that of the Cobra, I`ve noticed the difference in displacement has little benefit in comparing the two designs. The power curve in both cars follows a 50hp/500RPM increment. While my output is shifted 500RPM to the right, I reach max output almost 1000 RPM prior to redline, whereas the cobra reaches max output 200 RPM prior.....(as a matter of fact, my output varies only by 15hp from peak from 6200 to 7800RPM) My "spun up" 2.6L output only slightly falls off after peak.

    In other words, the somewhat more flat torque curve of the V8 coupled with it`s limited RPM range actually REDUCES the average power between primary shift points....

    It`s a shame Ford didn`t give it a higher redline (although by the redline, the SVT`s torque falls off by 100ft-lbs from peak).
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    hey guys, my dog is bigger than your dog. end of discusion. period. no more.
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    Who cares about d*ck is larger than yours....LOL.
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    leave it to the Navy guy to talk about
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    BOREDUP, just to clarify the Navy is cool with me, my rommates a Doc acually, just gotta throw in the occational Navy joke....almost as bad as this forvschevyvsimport shit
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    Just as long as you know who pays you! LOL!
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    I really like what McLaren Man said about foreign cars and unimpressive, large displacement, low ass hp/liter American V-8s and totally agree with him. American cars are not the best cars in the world but probably very close to the worst(if not the worst). All I have to say is... whoopee for lazy unimpressive methods of achieving horsepower and torque.
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    Why the f^ck do you morons keep coming back...? It's stupid comments like that one that makes you look more and more like a complete dumba$s. You used to be a moron when you posted and it seems that nothing has changed.
    1. HP/Liter means NOTHING in the real world. It's a nice way to make stupid people think a car is more powerful then it really is, it's just a marketing tool.
    2.American cars are not the best in the world, but they are FAR from being the worst. For the most part they keep up with the imports when it comes to being realiable these days. They keep getting better and better.
    3.What's unimpressive about the new cobra, mach 1, vette, GTO, Lightning, etc...? All are fast, powerful, and well built. Is it because they use V-8's that make them unimpressive to you? Because if that's the case then you'll find that many imports are starting to do the same thing, putting larger engines in their cars to achieve more HP.
    Whats really unimpressive is you lack of I.Q.
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    HP/Liter does mean somthing when you dont have a engine bay of a viper's to work with.
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    No it really doesn't. The only times that it does mean something is when:
    1.You are in a racing league and the displacement is limited or set.
    2.If you live in a country that taxes displacement.

    Other wise it means JACKSH!T.
    Example. If two cars of equal weight are at a drag strip, one having a 500hp v-8 that's only making 87hp/liter, the other making 200hp but making 111hp/liter, which is going to be faster? The one with more hp and less hp/liter of course. It doesn't matter how much hp/liter you have, like I said it's just a marketing tool to sell more cars to idiots.
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    I didn't take time to read through these 20-somethin pages. But believe me I am proud to be an American. I'm proud of our heritage and of our cars. The cars and history of our cars makes me very proud. I do plan to one day own a vehicular piece of our American history, hopefully in the form of an LS1. :)

    But in the same respect I hold reserves for cars from other countries too. In fact I love Japanese budget, or not so budget, supercars. These include the RX-7, 3000GT VR-4, Supra, MR-2 Turbo, 300ZX, NSX, EVO, STi, and the newer ones) Hell, I myself own a Stealth, and yes, technically the Stealth is a Mitsu.

    I don't see why some people can't rise above childish banter and respect cars for what they are, no matter what country they are from. Being cocky, and putting some of the less-educated import fans "in their place", only brings your maturity down to their level IMO.

    The younger import fans are indeed bias, but they're young, ignorance is expected. Every young person lives in a fantasy world for a while...didn't we all? IMO I would much rather see our inexperienced 16 year olds in their "fast" stock Civics, mashing the gas, then in an American torque monster, mashing the gas. Think about it.... When they turn old enough to afford a real fast car, at least they'll have some experience, and maturity, under their belt.

    And for the record, most of the more educated import fans hated "The Fast and the Furious" as much as a lot of the domestic car fans did.

    I'm a CAR fan, plain and simple. I do not bash other cars simply because they came from another country. Or because they don't excel in some particular areas that my car does. It's much easier to accept others' taste in cars rather than stick to one and flame like a child. Not one brand is better than others in ALL aspects. I could only wish a lot of people could be the same. In fact almost all the guys on the 3000GT/Stealth forums, where I hang out, feel the same.
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    there are other CAR fans but we dont just don't like ignorant basterds who bash cars with statments like "dodge rocks" etc.
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    A vette would smoke any foriegn Japanies car Supra Skyline Rx-8. Also this Mustang man you guys are all morons.

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