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Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by SeansVette, Sep 10, 2002.

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    Youre joking right?
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    Speak ENGLISH you f^cking retard...
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    forien AND japanies? plus your stupid, the vette is great but its not what some people think it is.
    btw the Skyline owns all fool.
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    Hey American Hp why don't you come race me and I'll speek real clear english can you understand YOU LOOSE. DUMB REDNECK. Lazy Kid shut the hell up no one knows what your talking about. My car ca beat yours RETARDS.
  5. Re: American Car Fans- READ's to funny kid, really that's classic "I don't have a car but I'll talk sh!t to people I don't know on the net".
    Really, by the way you type you must be around 12, stop trying to act all tough, it's not working little boy, why don't you come back when you have some pubs ok?
    And again, try to speak English f^cker. I can't stop laughing at your dumba$s...
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    I bet I'll beat you in my SS...

    And by the way...if you're such a Corvette enthusiasts why do you have a damn Mercedes symbol in your avatar?
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    let me simplify if you dont understand. you said "A vette would smoke any foriegn Japanies car..." foriegn AND japanies huh, if you dont get that dont come back. You also included spisificaly the supra, skyline, and RX8 thats why I said skyline owns all, because it does. you seem to like the vette, i was talking about you when i said "...the vette is great but its not what some people think it is....". you should have know that, if not your a moron.
    btw to american, F-body, and bordup: did you know what i said?
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    Guys Guys Guys,
    have we forgotten what this thread is about in the first place? instead we are all sitting here bickering about how a word is spelled. this is the exact thing we shoulnt be doing. yes i own 2 mustangs but that does not mean i have specific loyalties to only ford. i would drive an f-body any day over a honduh. i didnt care about fitting in with the croud or any of that BS, i could care less. what i do care about is driving/owning the car I want. so it happens to be a Mustang, so what?? true that about 1 in 20 cars on the road is a Mustang, but look at how long it has been around, going on 40 glorious years. and to the camaro/firebird i salute your attribution to the American Muscle Car and you will always be a highly respected icon and its sad to see now that the Mustangs new competition is the Nissan 350z, dont get me wrong im not dissing the z but you cant just take an overnight car per se and make it put an icon out of business.
    My bro has an Eclipse and he would stand up to people who shittalk my car anyday which BTW he has done on several occasions in the wake of the f&f movies. And of course Americans will always outdo Imports if they feel that its territory is being threatened which is why they havent done much in the past few years b/c thats just it, their territory isnt being threatened, not by imports. and it also happens that most all of my friends happened to love old school muscle and own a variety of make/cars and year models too. I am very proud to be able to say that i drive an american car and would be embarrassed at the fact of saying i want to buy an import. SVT, Viper, Vette, Camaro SS - these brands are all supercars in my book i dont care what anyone says they all have my utmost respect
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    The Z has been around for quite a while.

    "Americans will always outdo imports"....I don't think so. I haven't seen that to be true at all.

    The reason for the large gain in power over the last ten years in American "muscle" is specifically a result of the Supra, 3000GT, MR2 etc.

    To say you would be embarrased to imply you would buy an import is absolutely ridiculous. I purchased an Accord for my wife simply because we TRIED all the American alternatives and couldn't find anything as nice (most magazines concur).

    I also happen to own a Ford truck, and until March of 2000 was the owner of a '67 vette. I have no prejudice in regards to where a car comes from....I rate a car by it's performace (whether that be performance in driving, handling, appearance etc).....
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    "i didnt care about fitting in with the croud or any of that BS, i could care less."

    What, you think that anyone who buys an import wants to "fit in with the crowd"??? You putz, the majority of people who buy imports buy them because they're better OVERALL.

    And if you want to get a small, nimble, quick car that will handle windy roads well, NO DOMESTIC can compare to some of the Imports available.

    Yes, there are R!CERS out there, and for the most part they don't have a clue, and the majority of them are trying to fit in. However there are also Import owners who want a good car for a good price that offer quality that Domestic manufacturers cannot provide. There are also Import owners who want a good, high performance ride, and opted for the best available that they could afford.
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    What are you talking there is no domestic that can handel a windy road. If like r!cers thast compare to SVT FOCUS or NEON SRT. For seireous hp try a Vette or a Stang.All of these expet the vette cost under 30 grand they all have great "bang for the buck". There all good cars that would last just as long as any foreign car.
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    Sentence 1 - The majority of fast domestic vehicles will get so much weight transfer and oversteer that they couldn't handle a series of tight turns at 80km/h without spinning out, there are a few exceptions, but these few exceptions have much more nimble imports in the same class.

    Sentence 2 - Not all that sure what you're talking about, but I know I'd prefer a Civic Type-R or Pugeot 306 over an SVT as both are better vehicles. Neon SRT-4 is impressive for its speed sure, but, being so close in acceleration, I'd prefer even a lowly WRX with its superior handling, or a Mini Cooper S which may be slower than the SRT-4, but easily makes for a much better race car, and is assuredly more reliable.

    Sentence 3 - For serious performance I'd prefer an NSX-R to a Z06 or SVT Cobra, for its superior handling/track performance, superior reliability, and equivalent acceleration, and overall superior balance of all characteristics.

    Sentence 4 - Yes, and for 30 Grand you could buy a used 340R (with $10,000 to spare), or just about any Caterham, which both offer superior performance in every way, with much better "bang for the buck".

    Sentence 5 - Hmm...lets not even get into all the recalls made on Neon's and Foci in comparison to those made on Civic's and Corolla's within the last 10 years, or the deplorable build quality that has resulted in people returning repeatedly to the dealership for part replacements. Or how about all the late 80's to mid 90's Dodge's I see on the side of the road overheated or with vapour lock, or with broken transmissions (Dodge's are especially bad for this), or just plain broken down....hmmmm and then there are all the afore mentioned cars that I see running down the road with a huge cloud of blue smoke billowing out the exhaust (burning oil of course, in a lot of cases there's so much that they must have blown the engine seals).

    I admit, I may have gotten a little carried away earlier, but I was pissed off due to his little reminder that too many people have this incessant belief that import owners are trying to "fit in", I was just pointing out some of the other reasons people prefer imports, and - as I said - I did get a little carried away.

    Perfect example of an import over a domestic - can you name ONE SINGLE domestic vehicle that would cost under $6,000 cdn, that would be as quick, nimble, practical (due to the cargo volume), reliable, as good a race car off-road, as good on windy paved wet and dry roads, fuel efficient, and has as good a safety rating as a 1990 Honda Civic Si 3-door? (purchased 3 years ago, so lower that cost now to $5,000 cdn) didn't think so, and even if you know something I don't, there definitely aren't any domestics that fit that description and have nearly as durable an engine.
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    In my opinion... the SVT Focus and Neon SRT are aimed at the teenage American Buffs trying to fit in on the streets with the Rycers. And you have that Communist Corvette enthusiast bragging the neon and focus around in comparison to foreign cars that have been around awhile. I'm sure the Neon and Focus are very fun cars and quick spunky bitches with good handling on top of it... but they are ryce rip offs. I don't know about anyone else but I would way rather save my money a little bit longer and buy a Celica GT-S, Honda S2000 or WRX. Even the new Mazda6 looks very promising.
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    Most people buying civics and such are trying to fit in, trying to be part of the crowd, sad but true.
    No domestic can compare to some of the is the funniest and most ignorant thing I have heard you say
    SVT Focus dominates all other cars in it's catagory, sure it won't out handle a NSX, but it wasn't meant to, remember cars have classes and when comparing them you need to stick to that.
    SRT-4 will out run anything in it's price range, and probably out handle them also (it's know for it's balls to the wall speed, but it's also a great handling car).
    Vette (z06 it's in the NSX's price range) will out handle and outrun it on most tracks.
    Now of course the reverse holds true and there are Imports that are better then their Domestic conterparts, but to say they ALL are better is just...well...moronic.
    You just show you ignorance over and over and over don't you?
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    Your opinions don't matter, you proved to many times that you have NO knowledge of vehicles at all, NONE, ZERO, NADA. Please stop posting ignorant BS now.
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    OMFG, you ARE a fool, Perhaps 10% (and that's pushing it) of Civic onwers are trying to fit in, the other 90% (or more) are buying them because THEY'RE A GOOD CAR.

    SVT Focus....hmmm....doesn't even compare with the Civic Type-R, for handling, acceleration, reliability, or tell me, how does the SVT dominate all in its class?

    Now, the SRT-4 can just barely outrun the WRX in a straight line (beyond 100km/h), and can barely keep up on a road course, and the WRX is in the SRT-4's price range.

    The Z06 will outrun (though definitely NOT outhandle) the NSX-T, and most other base model NSX's, but the Z06 doesn't compare in handling to the NSX-R, and is barely faster to 100km/h, and the NSX-R will easily outrun the Z06 on any track containing less than 1/3 straight stretches.

    Older NSX-R's have proven to be better performers on good, twisty tracks than the Z06, the Newest NSX-R is considerably superior to previous ones.

    Ok, in what way is there any domestic as fast as the Dauer 962 LeMans or the Buggatti Veyron, in what way is there any domestic that handles as well as the Lotus 340R, in what way is there any domestic that has as good crash safety as a Volvo, in what way is there any domestic that's as reliable as a Honda, in what way is there any domestic that has as much mileage as your mom, in what way is there a domestic that's as good a value as a Pugeot.

    So you see, there's no domestic that's at the very top of the game in its class, there's always an Import better in all areas of performance or quality.

    btw - I never said that ALL imports are better than ALL domestics, so the only one being moronic is you for misunderstanding what I said and thinking I would say so.

    No, I don't portray any ignorance, as (much unlike yourself) I'm NOT ignorant. Ok, so stop being so ignorant, fool.
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    Where to's like I'm talking to brick wall here.

    I'm not going to argue most points here because you don't have a clue and never will have a clue about car classes, prices, etc. The SVT will out run and out handle every car in it's class, the Type R civic...we don't get them, the best we have is the SI, which the SVT dominates.
    The WRX and the SRT-4 are not in the same class. 4-wheel drive, $26,000, all that equels a different class then the Neon. And yet the Neon SRT-4 will out run it in a straight line run...and I never said it would out handle one, I just said it can hold it's own better then most people think.
    The much is it...? Why don't you compare it to the Corvette Le-mans cars? Or the Corvette that is twin turboed...? I'm not sure of the name but its closer to the price of the NSX-R I'm sure then the Z06 is.
    You see you don't take price into consideration, which is a big part of compareing cars. Let's see... the Ford GT out does all those cars you are talking about, guess the American vehicles are on top agian huh...or what about the S7...?

    Now for one of your statements lets see...oh here it is...
    "btw - I never said that ALL imports are better than ALL domestics, so the only one being moronic is you for misunderstanding what I said and thinking I would say so."

    Oh you didn't say that huh...well then what did you mean by this...
    "So you see, there's no domestic that's at the very top of the game in its class, there's always an Import better in all areas of performance or quality."

    That somehow makes me think that you DO think all imports are better then Domestics. Which is wrong moron. What happened, you where actually getting better, learning, not being such a moron when it came to Domestic cars...and now you just seem to have flushed all of that down the drain. Sad. Oh and the mom joke...that was so early 90's...get with the times.

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    The Focus SVT was designed to compete with the Civic Type-R, remember, it was originally introduced to Europe as the ST-170, for direct competition with the Type-R.

    Gee, that's funny, a lot of people who know considerably more about cars than you seem to agree fairly commonly that the SRT-4 and WRX is a very good comparison, perhaps because both are 4cylinder Turbocharged cars that have very similar hp outputs and while one has AWD, the other has 1/3 more displacement, looks like quite a fair comparison to me, especially since they're fairly evenly priced.

    You know damn well that the NSX-R is in the same class as the Corvette Z06, the mere $30,000 price difference is due to better materials (largely Titanium/carbonfibre body), better quality control, superior drivetrain, and a much higher percentage of hand built construction. You also know that the NSX is not targeted to be an extremely high end supercar, it just outperforms them around a track. All in all the NSX-R is capable of beating the Corvette Z06 around a track. You also know damn well that the ARTA NSX's are in the same class as the C5-R's, so don't be a retard.

    Hmmm...How many performance tests have you seen of the new Ford GT? oh, that's right, NONE, you have no idea what the performance figures are going to be, so, again, don't be so dumb, anyway there are countless cars that outperform the Ford GT and Saleen S7, for production models...hmmm...Lamborghini Diablo TT, Ferrari Enzo, Bugatti Veyron....etc. even if some of those are considerably higher priced, when it comes to high end supercars, it's quality, not price that foolish miser.

    Did you mean the Lingenfelter C5 corvette?? the one that's 150,000??? You retard, the NSX is closer in price to the Z06 than ANY Lingenfelter Corvette.

    "So you see, there's no domestic that's at the very top of the game in its class, there's always an Import better in all areas of performance or quality."
    Ok, I'll add in the words you should have inferred when you were reading that, as you seem too dense to realize that I wasn't saying that (for example) a Civic is better than ANY domestic.
    "So you see, there's no domestic that's at the very top of the game in its class, there's always an Import in the same class that's better in all areas of performance and/or quality."

    No, I don't think that, however I do think that for every Domestic, there's an Import in its class that's built for the same purpose, but is much better.

    You happened, your ignorance finally got to me, and I stopped humouring you whenever I see you say something ignorant.

    I still know the benefits of domestics, with the high displacement and good torque to the ground, they're still decent, however all that doesn't make up for the poor quality control, weight distribution, and flawed designs, even if they are improving.

    Some Domestic vehicles may be an exception to these flaws, however when they are (and this irks me most) domestic fans tout them as superior in every way to all other cars, when really they just broke the mould and can compete fairly well with Imports in the same class.

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    Your a sad, sad person Password. Get your head out of your import loving a$s and think about what you are saying for a moment plaese. You're not even making sense anymore really...oh and should I start trying to read your mind from now on to see what you really mean...moron.
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    No, you should read between the lines when it's apparent what the person actually means.

    I have no great love of imports, I'm just looking at what's better, deal with it.

    I'm making complete sense, perhaps you're too feeble minded to comprehend what's written, or perhaps you're just making excuses for an inability to come up with a REASONABLE argument rather than just sitting there calling someone a retard, or moron.....LOL you're so predictable.
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    "LOL you're so predictable."

    As are you...
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    If I'm so predictable, then why were you surprised at my change in attitude towards you?

    Face it, I stopped humouring you because your an idiot, and I got sick of your idiocy. Whether you expected that or not, you still deserved it.
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    as constructive critisisim, you are gitting predictable. you sould have new insults talored to meet the person insulted.
    EG: talk about somone's sister's glass eye.
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    LOL<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A><A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Who's sister has a glass eye?

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