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    THERE IS NO POINT...that's the point.

    It's just senseless bickering, and it's a good way to vent the stresses of modern day life.

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    Hmmm...point noted.
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    The point of all this bickering is for smart people to vent on how dumb people are about American cars. Americans make the worst cars in the world but citizens of the USA are much too proud and arrogant to admit that there Ford sucks ass even after it has been to the shop 6 times within 20,000 miles. And as for technology, look at what americans do, put huge displacement engines in Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes etc. and a puny 1.3 liter Mazda Rx-7 will give any of them a run for there money.
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    guess who designed the RX-7's motor. it wasent mazda. and the dependability thing used to be an issue but not anymore.
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    It was the same guy who started Datsun, he sold the rights to Mazda in the late 60's. (I'm referring to the rotary engine, not the specific one used in the RX-7's.
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    Holy sh!t you just get dumber by the post don't you? Please, again stop posting until you have a clue as to what you are saying, it hurts me to even read your post let alone respond to them anymore. You know I hate making fun of the mentally challenged...
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    that would be Dr. Felix Wankel, but i was talking about the RX-7 specifically.
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    Password Please: The Rotary Engine was invented by a German named Dr. Felix Heinrich Wankel in the 1950s (not by a Japanese person).

    Logical Heretic: You are really no better than the Americans that blindly support their cars to the grave. Some Americans love American cars just to be patriotic; however, others love American cars because they offer some of the best performance available for an affordable price. Can you name a car available in North America that can compete with a Corvette Z06 for the same price or less? Ford sucks ass even after it has been to the shop 6 times with 20,000 miles? That is just as stupid of a comment as the ones muscle heads make about Hondas. The Cobra is a blindingly fast car and Ford's reliability has gotten considerably better in recent years. Technology? Hahahaha... That's funny. If you're so obsessed with rotary engines, you'd be aware that GM had rotary powered Corvettes (yes, Corvettes!) back in the early 1970s. More news for you, DOHC has been around since the 1920s and Ford even put DOHC engines in their 1920s Model T cars. Ford can also brag about creating one of the most successful mid-engined supercars in racing history (with help from the British) that still holds records at LeMans, the GT40. By your reasoning, it must be pretty sad for you that "low-tech" pushrods can still out-perform many of the "high-tech" cars you brag about.

    Anyway, here's the run-down:
    1. Horsepower per liter does nothing for performance (perhaps less engine weight if anything)
    2. It's easier to get high HP/Liter from a low displacement engine because it's easier to rev them to high RPM. If you reduce the stroke, you increase the revs while decreasing engine displacement
    3. It is easier to produce high torque levels in high displacement engines (I'm not saying that Japanese engines can't produce high torque levels)
    4. If you lose to a high displacement engine, you still lose

    Anyway, I have no intentions on insulting imports or any import fans; Japan makes great cars. I just don't like it when people make distasteful comments on cars they claim to know about yet sadly don't.
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    Logical Heretic just got SCHOOLED!!
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    I am not obsessed with Rotary engines, I could really care less I just chose to mention the 1.3 liter Mazda rx-7 instead of the likes of a 1.8 liter Toyota Celica GT-S. And I wasn't bragging the technology of the Rotary because I really don't know how advanced it is. My brothers 2001 F-350 V-10 went to the shop 6 times by the 20,000 mile mark so he traded it for a 2003 Dodge Ram Hemi V-8 and the engine blew up(i shit you not) at 5000 miles. Speaking of the Corvettes having Rotary engines, the new style corvettes look strikingly like the Rx-7... almost as if they copied the design. Well thats kind of like how Ford started making trucks that look like Kenworths well after Dodge had started doing that. I am just sick of biggot Americans thinking their vehicles are the best (possibly because they are the cheapest at making theirs faster?) when in fact they are far from the best.
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    Do you read your post before you actually post them, or do you just blindly type in hope of some day typing something intellignet?
    Your brother didn't take his truck to the shop 6 times, and he didn't buy a dodge and blow the engine within 5,000 miles. If though that is true somehow, YOUR brother is an idiot who needs to stop beating the SH!T ouf of his vehicles. I know countless people with new Ford and Dodge trucks and NONE of them have had any problems with them.
    The new corvettes don't really look like the RX-7's, not even close. And the Ford trucks...well they did copy the design idea some.
    On to your last comment, they aren't the best, but they are far from the worst also. They are almost on par now with the imports, and in some cased better. The only biggot I see here is you Logic...
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    there is some resembalance between the 1st gen RX-7 and a C4 corvette.
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    there is a likeness between the two
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    now lets not get too technical. This started as a juvenile disagreement, lets keep it that way.
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    I still don't see much of a likeness between the two other then they are both sprots cars with 4 wheels? Is that it?
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    "Password Please: The Rotary Engine was invented by a German named Dr. Felix Heinrich Wankel in the 1950s (not by a Japanese person)."

    That's his name, it was bothering me that I couldn't remember it, I never said he was a Japanese person, and I believe he's the guy that started Datsun, then later sold it to Nissan. If my memory serves me correctly.
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    Look again, they both have VERY similar basic body shapes.
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    notice my post right above his.
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    oops, didn't see that, guess I have to give you credit for bringing up the name, however I still must respond to him, as he seems to think I thought it was a Japanese person.
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    I have looked many times and they still don't look anything alike. That's like saying all trucks look the same because they have VERY similar basic body shapes (they all have a cab and a box). Sorry, but it doesn't work that way.
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    i noticed the wedged nose more than anything.
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    Password please: I know this is a trivial little debate but I just want to get the facts straight. Datsun (a.k.a. Nissan) was founded in December 1933 by a merger between two Japanese auto companies: Kwaishinsha Motorcar Works and Jitsuyo Jidosha (DAT Auto Manufacturing). The founder of Datsun/Nissan is a man named Yoshisuke Aikawa, the president of the combined companies. I highly doubt Wankel had any involvement in the founding of Datsun/Nissan because he only started developing engines in 1933.

    Logical Heretic: I totally understand where you are coming from about thickheaded fans bragging about how American cars are undisputedly the best. Just because a group of people think with a closed mind does not mean you should lower yourself to their level; it only makes you look as ignorant as them. If you hadn't noticed, there are also many import fans on that take the same approach as the muscle heads. With that out of the way, your argument that the Corvette looks like the RX-7 is quite bland. You should try using facts that you can support rather then your own opinions.

    Lay z kid: I'm sorry about posting the same thing as you. After I finished typing up that response, I noticed that there were several new posts before it.
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    Ok, perhaps he was just affiliated with Datsun (which I thought wasn't a subsidiary of Nissan until the late 70's), before he made the deal with Mazda for the Rotary design. What I do know however, is that before he had anything to do with Mazda, he was in some way affiliated with Datsun, I believe he was contracting engines out to them. I'm not disagreeing with you, my memory of the subject is vague, I'm just trying to straighten out what I used to know.
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    The specific lines, from the nose to the rear however, are not the same with trucks.

    Either you have a very strange opinion, or you're just in denial, either way, the 80's RX-7's and early 90's Corvettes have a remarkably similar body design.

    Logical Heretic is definitely not the first to notice that either. I recall on a number of occasions when I've been with people who had only a marginal knowledge of cars, and they saw an RX-7 parked, or one drove by, and they thought it was a Corvette (despite my insistence that it wasn't) until they saw the little "Mazda" logo on the back (in one case the person I was with started laughing because they thought the owner had put a "Mazda" emblem on their Corvette). Of course, on the other hand, it is a naturally good design in regards to handling and aerodynamics, perhaps it just worked out that way by coincidence. Either way, there is definitely a resemblance there.
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    I still don't see it, at all. I'm not in denial, I just really don't see it. Other then being low sleek cars I don't see anything else that could confuse somebody into thinking one is the other and vise versa.
    I've seen older RX-7s around and even before I knew what they were I never once thought it was a vette. They just don't look the same. It's just like i said, all trucks must look alike because they all have a cab and a box.

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