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    Unfortunately, a lot of the kids bought into the F&F crap about racing on city streets. We take our runs out into the country on roads with long stretches and no crossroads, one race at a time. Sadly, we still have the occassional moron T-bone somebody or cuts his car in half on a telephone pole while racing in town. It's over 60 miles to a track in any direction from where I live or I'd be there more often.
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    About once a week you'll hear about some rycer boy dying cuz he rammed hit Acura Integra into a lightpole while street racing at like 2:00 AM in Compton or somethin.
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    yeah,leave racing to the track. Its already dangerous at the track but in public roads?!?! I know a guy who died with his corvette on a racetrack. It was a black vette and it stalled on a corner. Other racers couldnt see him and eventually ended his life. But i see almost every day someone dying from racing. When im sleeping i can hear those weed wacker sounding mufflers revving up on my street.
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    Yeah. Two weeks ago, on a saturday mornin, I was snoozin and a rycer racing down my street rudely wakes me up. I was pissed off ALL day. Damn hiddeously sounding.
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    yea my dad got 1 of these and even though i am not old enough to drive i snuck the car out and my friend took sum pix.............
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    What a crock of shit. People choose japanese cars because they are faster and easy to modify. Meaning that cars from the japanese supercar era. The RX7,supra.300zxTT,MR2 were revolutionary in america because they brought power. In 1996 the mustang and camaro lacked some serious power compared to these cars. The corvette matched their power but were still slower. Chevy made the ZR-1, nissan matched it with the GTZ which blew it away. Callaway came back with the sledgehammer and Motorsport international countered with the SR-71 300zx, which again blew it away, not to mention it carried the price similar to that of the ZR-1. A quote from car and driver sums it up...

    " This is the quickest street legal car we've ever tested. Of all the cars that have carried our test gear, only three race cars - the McLaren M1A, Shelby 427 Cobra, and Shelby GT 350 - could out-accelerate it. And the SR-71 could probably take the Shelby, given slicks and shorter gearing.


    American car fans think loud equals fat where as japanese car fans believe that a good timeslip equals fast. Don't get me wrong I hate people who modify civics as much as the next guy but you have to realize that the japanese have been doing things better since the early 90's as far as a performace standpoint goes.

    Rant mode off.
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    "The RX7,supra.300zxTT,MR2 were revolutionary in america because they brought power. In 1996 the mustang and camaro lacked some serious power compared to these cars."

    You gotta remember that the Big Three were concentrating on making cars more fuel efficient. Japan had one advantage in the times following the fuel crisis, a lineup based on smaller, more fuel efficient engines. Thats why Japanese engineers were ahead. However, some rebuttles:

    The corvette was never a cheap car and has always, since the 50s, had longer gears due to its above-standard power.

    I find it hard to believe that a car that I've never heard of happens to be faster than all other American cars and happens to have the name of the world's fastest jet. Call me skeptical, but I'm not completely believeing you there.

    Third, Car and Driver isnt my favorite magazine to begin with, but any car can outperform the next with "slicks and shorter gearing." A Pinto could outrun a Mustang GT if the Pinto had "slicks and shorter gearing" because those "what ifs" are a.) not defined well and b.) could be applied to any car vs. car scenario.

    Fourth, American car fans dont associate loud with fast, they associate loud with power. However, power usually means fast, and American V8s can make a HELL of alot of power. When it comes to torque, there is NO replacement for displacement. And when it comes to RPM, many people say that smaller engines can rev much higher. Well, thats true...if you tune it to perform better. However many old school V8s can rev just as high as the neighbor's Civic Si or Integra R with an engine that has half the size and half the power. "Just cuz it can, doesnt mean it will."

    And now a quote you made that I like:
    "Rant mode off."
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    American HP and 8secondstang! Lemme give u some advice, Boredupr32 is SO damn Ignorant! Only maybe 1 or 2 people agree with him and hundreds dont! and he always tries to be right! whoever doesnt agree with him, is always An "Idiot"! He's is one of those people that loves to put others down if they "appear" less experienced or less knowledgable about things than him. and gets a kick out of making people look wrong, even if they arent!
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    First off, this was one of the most well written quotes I have seen on this site. This is a great point that has been brought up, why are the domestic auto-maker groups so hostile towards one another, with all this Dodge versus Chevy versus Ford dispute? Not liking another car/auto-maker is one thing, but critizing it is another. Respect the fact that without the three companies to constantly kick each others ass, we wouldn't have the drive, competition, and rivalry to get to where we are today.
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    Please, attempt to spell correctly, use punctuation, and complete your sentences.
    A country's president does not represent the cars that it produces (I happen to like bush anyways, so big whoop).
    But the main thing is, do not use the events on 9/11 lightly, especially as a joke. It is just rude to mock the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

    *In Addition* People like you deserve to be shot. If you are an American or a even foreigner you might want to watch what you say. If a person like you ever said b.s. like that to me while I was in a foriegn country, I swear to god I would chase you down and give you a good kicking. Oh no, time to go to the U.S. Embassy and laugh at your police because they can't arrest me hahah! du nu nu nu - nu nu - nu nu - CAN'T TOUCH THIS!
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    "The new Neon R/T is pretty good, however when a car needs a 2.5 liter engine, turbocharger, and complete lack of a true muffler, just to have 205hp and 255lb/ft of torque (yes it does have that much torque), then you know something is wrong with the design."

    I am not saying that the Neon R/T needs or doesn't need a 2.5 liter engine with a turbocharger, etc.. to create a certain amount of horsepower, but something you have to take into consideration is the price of the vehicle, and also, the technology. The Mitsubishi 3000GT (GTO in Japan) is an excellent example of what I am trying to point out. This car (the VR-4 I belive) produced near 300 horsepower (I may be wrong) with a relativley small engine, and a turbocharger. Alongside with other advanced systems such as AWD and all-wheel-steering boosted this car to a some $50,000 USD. So my point is, while this Neon R/T may be underpowered for the engine it has, remember the price tag.

    I am not too familar with Dodge Neons, mind of course the are speaking of a regular Neon, not the SRT-4 am I correct? (Just incase I am referring to the wrong car in my responce)
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    Ha, he can still like the NSX while liking the Cobra, so worried ;D
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    HELL YA Bush Rules!!!

    I happen to hate skylines and Love Big Block v8s pumping out generous amounts of torque!!

    also Buick GNX Rules!
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    It figures you would attempt to speak to them.

    Those two have been repeatedly identified for their emotional, yet non-factual responses.

    I'm so glad you decided to noob up another thread. Just one more place for me to stamp "owned" on your forehead.

    "Only maybe 1 or 2 people agree with him and hundreds dont!"
    What, are you a statistician now? LOL
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    This may sound stupid and uninformed so forgive me if it is, but I simply do not like Japanese Imports (notice not European Imports) because of incidents like World War II. Yes it was a long time ago, I wasn't there, car manufacturers today, were not there, but to me it is a matter of priniple, I simply do not want to support their economy, and as pig-headed as it is would not mind seeing their country diminish, but that does not mean I don't think they make good cars, which they do, which is partially the reason behind disliking them, which I can elaborate on but won't. Unfortunatley now, due to international affairs and companies, it is hard to tell which car is 100% US, and which is Japanese, German, etc. For example Hondas being manufactured in the States, and opposite for some Fords.

    Ironicly enough I do not share the same feeling of German cars, although we went to war with them...twice. But funny thing, you can apply the following statement to Americans in most cases "If we've fought you in a major war, we will buy your cars".

    WW2: Japan & Germany : Mitsubishi & Mercedes
    WW2: Italy before they left Axis : Lamborghini
    American Revolutionary War: Britian : Jaguar
    American Civil War: America : GM, Ford, etc...

    My post for the day...
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    Thank you! The infamous no-cylinder (rotary) engine was designed by a German engineer (Wankle), and Mazda bought the rights. The current model is not far from the original in terms of design and effieciency. Just like the Colt 1911A1, unchanged for nearly a century, you cannot improve on the perfect. And finally someone states the truth, than dependabilty is no longer an issue with American cars. True they had their troubles in the late 70's and 80's which the tough competition provided by thr Japanese car manufacturers, but American auto makers have picked up their game and make cars that, believe it or not, are just as reliable as Toyotas or Hondas. The problem is that people are still ignorant and do not bother to evaluate newer domestics, hence Ford's newest slogan "If You Haven't Looked At Ford Lately. Look Again". This hopefully will stop the use of "Found On Road Dead" or "Fixed Or Repaired Daily". But if you are still a skeptic, look into newer Ford, read the reviews in magazines and online archives, ask owners of 95-00 Ford vehicles to see if they truely have passed the test of time, before you make an uneducated slur about how unreliable American cars are.

    GREAT POST WHOEVER I AM QUOTING! (I forgot your screenname)
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    I agree with you, One of the Main reasons why I hate Japper cars is because I dont want to support them!

    and Bored up r 32! U race traitor!

    U cant convine me to like skylnes, because if they were that great, everyone would get them and they would produce em in America, TOO BAD!! Corvette is a much better overral car! Agree or disagree,Its True! ask people and start a thread about it If u dont think so!
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    The way the world is today, buying any car is supporting America. The North American share in foreign stock is enormous. I wouldnt doubt if 70% of the combined Japanese car manufactures stock is in the hands of American investors.
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    investors but not workers... Sadly, many companies have outsorced plants to places where cheaper labor is available and this causes people to get laid off. For a couple hunderd dollars more, you can assure 10 people s teady job, but nooooo, people want CHEAP cars made with CHEAP labor which have to be repaired more often and have more problems.
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    Exactly! On top of funding other companies/economies, even our own car makers have resorted (and not just recently) to producing their cars in foreign countries. Good for the stooge at the head of the company who gets to take an extra vacation every year, but bad for the thousands of American blue-collar workers who could be hired...but aren't. It's such a shame.
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    Well not to be an asshole but i don't always agree with you so you can add that to his 1 or 2 ppl list. Mostly it's when ever you have something negative to say.

    I don't konw why you try to make yourself sound so smart and make others look as you so put it "noobish"

    I remember in one thread you were talking about how your friend bought an 03 cobra, (I laughed my ass off) you said that he was dumb for buying it cause your skyline was cheaper and yet faster.

    When you were told you compared apples to oranges cause your car was used and his was new. It made no difference to you. I find that funny, because in the same respect i could buy a 84 mustang for under 3k put 20,000 grand into that smoke your precios r32 and call you dumb for buying a more expensive car. I wish i could find that thread again.

    I also remember somewhere you writing that ppl think your car is an exotic. ROFLMAO that is way to good. I'm sorry i'm not skylines biggest fan i think they are over rated, so this may come out slighly biased but for anyone to think that a skyline is an exotic looking car, especially an r32 that's f-in funny. Those ppl must be on some major crack, or you just pulled that one straight out of your ass.

    Next you keep talking about how godly awd is, but you never back it up really. Your theory is based on the fact that 3 awd cars handle good being the skyline, evo, and sti. Yet if you look at all the major sport cars they are all rwd. Every car that has dominated le-mans is rwd, if awd is so much better why isn't everybody useing it to get that little extra advantage? (& it's not cause there are restrictions on it) Even the goldy audi r8 which pulls over 3.0 on the skid pad and is by far the best handeling car ever made to this point is rwd. Where the funny thing is audi is known for it's awd system yet in a race they don't bother with it. The c5r is rwd, the 550 ferraris in le-mans are also rwd, actually aside from rally raceing and the skyline which competes in the japanies challange races i really can't think of any other place where awd is used in a race car makes you wonder doesn't it?

    I'm sure that if i read all your post or even remember half the post's i've read by you i could keep going but for now you get the point. Before you pick on other ppl and tell others how intelectually superior you are to them about car knowledge do a little bit of research yourself and use some common sence with it.

    Don't anyone get me wrong including you boredup, i'm not calling you an idiot, there are certain things i do agree with you on, but there are other thing you write that make me laugh.
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    Have any idea how many jobs Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Subaru etc create in the United States?

    You don't like Japan because of WWII? They are one of our closest allies as of late. They foot more than half the bill for our forces deployed to the Seventh Fleet area of operation. They are hosting over 100,000 of our military men and women.

    Me...Race traitor? When you have served more than 1/3rd of your life in this nation's military (as I have...and continue to serve), then, and only then, can you question me on my loyalty to my country.

    Saleen's are great....does everyone have those? Not everyone can afford a car that is difficult to maintain in the United States. It is none-the-less a great most of the world has come to realise.
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    Disagreeing with me and thinking I'm ignorant are not the same thing (and contrary to what KKK is suggesting).

    "When you were told you compared apples to oranges cause your car was used and his was new. It made no difference to you. I find that funny, because in the same respect i could buy a 84 mustang for under 3k put 20,000 grand into that smoke your precios r32 and call you dumb for buying a more expensive car. I wish i could find that thread again."

    You can't find it because, in this context it didn't exist. I have never believed or felt my neighbor was "dumb" for purchasing an '03 Cobra. In fact, I believe the Cobra is a great car. You likely misunderstood banter between AmericanHP and myself where I parody what he says. I hope you find the thread you can revisit, reread and understand what I was saying.

    There are a number of people locally who treat the R32 as an exotic. It is difficult to obtain, maintain, and it is very, very rare in the U.S. I live in Monterey, CA which I would estimate has as many exotics per square mile as any other high value are in the country. I get as much respect from the Domestic owners at the Cherry's Jubilee gatherings as I do from import owners.

    As for the AWD judgement is based on the weight penalites assigned to AWD in every major racing gambit that it is not banned in (including 24hours of LeMans). The advantage of AWD is taken away by this weight why would a company spend more money on an AWD system and components? I covered the topic further yesterday in one of the Chevy forums.

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    The first two parts of your post are about a post I made a while back, so I will reply to this I guess. I am aware that the companies like Nissan and Honda provide many jobs in the United States, but I would much rather have those people working under an American name. To some people it doesn't make a difference but to me it makes all the difference. And I did not say I do not like Japan, I said I do not want to support their economy, in particular; by purchasing their vehicles. This is still considering that they are one of our strongest allies, but then again, we bailed out France twice and look how much they like us. So you do not nesecarily have to like your ally. I am stuck in my ways and there is no changing that, but I still respect your opinion just as I hope you would respect mine. As for the rest of your post, that was dircted towards kkkman...

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