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Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by SeansVette, Sep 10, 2002.

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    My '69 color is Indian Fire Red. It kinda Bronzish, rust color more then red. how bout u?
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    This is Her right here: I love My Car.
    She is being garaged right now, seeng I live in Canada and I dont want her to get damaged from the cold.
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    she is a beaut. what is the hp and tq.
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    Hey Rustangs!!! What did you get banned for? Just curious. i hadn't been on in a while so I'm not up to date. Also, nice '69 Mach. I've just recently been thinking about getting one of those! Great car!!!
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    Hiya all bring up some great points. As a teen I started out with a 5.0 stang with a 5 speed. Great car.....low compression so I could burn cheap pump gas with no knock and it was carburated (holley 600) and could get 20 mpg highway. Could also catch 3rd gear rubber. I built the engine from the pan to the carb with a hopped up cam and then one day I got T-boned going to work. I miss that ride. Then I had a Ford F-100 step side pickup 2wd. That was a nice rig till I got hit head on 4 months after the stang. After that I had a full size bronco with a 351 windsor small block (one of my fav engines from Ford) again carburated. Now I have an 87 monte carlo 4.3 liter v6 fuel injected (throttle body) and that car wont quit! Without a doubt I give props to american muscle. The only import I respect is Honda. They make absolutely EVERYTHING! And they too are very reliable. Also forigners have developed some great technology including the V-tec (variable valve timing) which is an amazing mechanical developement when you think about it. 2 valves working at low RPM but 4 valves working at high RPM by mechanically throwing a pin engaging the other 2 valves almost instantly when you wack the throttle.....AMAZING, and they nailed it down so it is consistant and efficient. There are excellent things to be noted about both but the bottom line is I am a proud American and thats where my heart lies.
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    Mine looks just like yours except mine has the shaker hood. beautiful car by the way.they are so much fun to drive.i live in chicago so i but mine away too. damn cold weather!!!ruins all the do u like ur saleen?
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    That is one sexy ride man! Good taste.....I envy you!
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    no it doesnt have a shaker, its just a fake hood scoop. i have the same one on my '70 mach 1.a shaker is a little smaller then that.
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    i finall got my avatar to work.thats my baby as well. not the best pic but it will do.
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    'tis true it isnt a shaker, too bad, o well she still hauls ass. Every time I walk into my garage I start to drool (just joking, but you know what I mean) as I look at my two babies (sorry 91 5.0!)
    Here's a pic I took of the Saleen after I bought it, I've only driven it twice before I locked it up too. It's like putting your dog down, having to lock up your cars...
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    Also, can I borrow $200 000 from somone?
    They are selling THE 1967 Shelby GT-500 Super Snake on Ebay (lol) and I want it soooooooo bad.
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    I work with Royal Bank here, but I'm not a nerdy bow-tie dweeb, I'd much rather go around in a mechanic's suit than a three piece suit, I'm always under the hood of a car whenever I get a chance and I'll always race (when it isnt snowing) if given the opportunity, even my dad or my brother.
    The Saleen is my first real car buy, My dad had bought the Mach 1 about 30 years ago and in 1998 we finished a ground-up restoration that took 4 years. I got the Saleen at a BMW dealer believe it or not (I wasn't lookign for a BMW by the way, I just saw the Saleen and turned aroung) for $61 428CND Which I think is a modest price, because I looked at the new S-281E which are going for $80 000+ CND so I decided to settle for this one. I tell you there isn't a much better feeling than driving down the highway, going 160 KM/H (I'm a careful driver seeing I've driven it twice and the first time I got a speeding fine of 430$) with the top down!
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    They halted production of this...
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    awsome cars dude!
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    You too.
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    Unbielivable. I have been writing post after post just about this and he wraps it up in one post. I am full forward with your speech and envy it. I think we need to get everyopne together and stop ripping on each other and start repeling against these damned r1ce burners. Dude Ferraris might be have more horse power, Lamborghinis might have scissor doors, and McLarens might have a higher top speed, yet with all of those cars they never, ever have that monstorous, deep roar of that American made V8 flyin down that quarter mile. From the Mustang to the Corvette to the Viper even to something as simple as the SVT focus thats American and no matter what happens, I know what my dream car is and I would choose it over any import. Seriously, those import cars sounds like they have a kazoo in there tailpipe and American muscle started everything, and will be here long after it all is over.
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    If I had the choice of either a Enzo or a Corvette, I would take the Enzo. Then I would take the Enzo and buy the Cobra R (If I was lucky enough to get one if they come out with a new year), Corvette Z06, Dodge Viper GTS (I love the look of them), Taurus SHO, Mustang Saleen S351, and probally more yet I would have to have some money to buy a nice big heated garage!
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    Wow, you could not have possibly gotten things much more wrong, I'll explain later, have to go hand in a Term Project right now. For the time being stew on this:

    the Focus is actually the very "Jap crap" you seem to dislike so much, the REAL Honda Civic actually produces 230bhp out of a 2000cc engine (that's 115bhp/liter) much better than any North American engine design, and the Honda Civic completely out-handles the Focus anyway (look at the dimensions, weight distribution, the fact that the Civic has the added benifit of torque steering, etc.). Drop a DOHC V-Tec engine into a Sunfire, Cavalier, or Neon and sure they'll accelerate respectably, but they'll never handle as well as the Civic.

    I will elaborate later....
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    Your sir are a complete idiot. The civic si the we have makes 160hp...thats nowhere close to the 230hp your talking about. Also the svt focus will run circles around the civic anyday of the week. The svt focus is alot faster and better handling around a track than the civic si is, sorry but thats the truth. The new neon (with 205hp) will also out perform the civic si, as will the new turboed focus making something like 215hp. Moron...
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    Well you might as well stick your foot in your mouth now, as I was not referring to the si in North America, the "REAL" Civic is the Type-R J-spec which does put out 230bhp, and the best Focus is actually the Cosworth, which is faster than the Civic (but that model is highly modified and therefore does not count). Sorry, but a car that has a steering system that wobbles at speeds above 100km/h (110 to be exact) hardly qualifies as one that handles well, not to mention the poor weight distribution, horrible center of gravity....shall I go on?

    The new Neon R/T is pretty good, however when a car needs a 2.5 liter engine, turbocharger, and complete lack of a true muffler, just to have 205hp and 255lb/ft of torque (yes it does have that much torque), then you know something is wrong with the design.

    You know the Peugeot 206? and how it's dominating the Focus in the WRC? Well the production Peugeot 206 has very similar weight distribution, and dimensions to the Civic Type-R. Now the production 206 isn't very fast (has the same hp as the Civic si here, a bit more torque), and it's only front wheel drive. But with a racing designed engine/turbo combo, and all-wheel drive it has its way with the Focus.

    Therefore given the similar dimensions and weight distribution, and the fact that the Type-R is faster, and the fact that Honda has perfected FWD design (ever hear of torque steering? introduced in the Prelude in 1997) I find it very likely that the Civic Type-R (j-spec) could easily show better times on the track (though maybe not the strip due to the Focus's higher torque)

    One other comparison: the Civic is designed to have just enough oversteer for the rear end to come out a bit (but not too far, you'll see what I mean if you research any road tests on it) during high speed, tight cornering, thus making it very agile.

    The Focus on the other hand has too much weight in the front end, thus it has more than enough oversteer that causes it to spin out too often.

    (yes, oversteer does occur in Front wheel drives, almost as much as understeer can

    And might I remind you: the Focus is almost strictly Mazda design with a Ford label on it
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    Dude, you do realize you have a picture of a HONDA NSX (well ok, that one's likely an Acura, but it's all the same) in the bottom of your post right?
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    Mainly in the eastern part,theres a lot of asians who owns this imports cars.Everyday i see about 6 eclipses.Tire of seeing civics, see them every minute.But when you see a vette,you have this feeling to chase after the car.You harely see a viper in the streets.Mustangs are common now and days.Theres posses who runs the streets with these import cars.Hardly have american owners here,but soon theres going to be compition.Wait till ill get my C3.
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    I read your post and feel dumber for it. I don't care if the whole car vibrates at speeds over 20mph, if the track times are faster for the focus is a better handling car, period. They have already tested the civic si against the svt focus and guess what...the focus kicked its ass around the track, their goes your theroy.
    Next what is wrong with the Neon? Again you show how moronic you can be. The 2.5 liter engine is put in their for one reason...TORQUE. Not many (if any at all) 4 cylinders produce 255lb/ft of torque. You don't get that from tiny engines, you get that larger ones. So again how is the design bad again...? Show me a car for under $20,000 that has a 4 cylinder and has 255lb ft of torque...waiting...?
    And last how does the WRC prove anything. You do realize that those cars are HEAVILY MODDIFIED and are nothing like their real world conterparts, do know this? I guess my mustang is one of the fastest cars in the world then because some mustang is running 4s in the quarter mile in Pro Dragracing...idiot.
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    The Civic Si is a poor version of a great car (for its class) - much like the mustang gt - the focus got better track times due to more power, not handling. There have been numerous European Road tests between the two, and guess what: The Civic Type-R has won the majority of them, if you like I can post a few links that show some of these tests. My "theory" is derived from more than just one test.

    As I said "The Neon R/T is a good car" however the fact that the car required a large engine AND turbocharger just to put out that kind of performance just goes to show how weak the engine is, particularly when you consider the the fact that the Peugeot 206 has almost the same torque level from a 1.6 liter normally aspirated engine.

    The cars in the WRC are actually very close to the Production cars, the only real differences are Turbo chargers, safety modifications, weight reduction, suspension systems, the addition of AWD to some cars (others already have AWD systems) and skid plates, the weight distribution remains the same, and the ratio of performance between manufacturers is similar to the production models.

    Actually if that were true then that would make the Toyota Celica the fastest cars in the world as it has a Drag Celica in testing running high 3's ( +P). Cars for drag racing are phenomenally modified and therefore do not qualify as representative of different manufacturers.
    Would you please stop calling me names just because you don't like what I say.

    Now run along little one, I have School work to do.
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    nothing about the wrc cars similar to the road going cars that are in market. just the body shell looks like the road version. even the engines are not really similar, how could you produce over 500 torque for a street 4 banger without huge changes, and also the underpinnings are diffirent or the body of the car will flex so bad during the jumps that it would be unctroloble.
    and as the focus svt going against the honda type R well lets compare the focus RS. 220HP Now that might be more fair wouldn't you say.

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