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    Actually, the whole post was directed towards KKK.

    The U.S. economy is a world economy whether we like it or not. We cannot withdraw from the world economy with protectionist ideas, it will sink our exports.

    Japan's economy is the second other words, our own economy depends on the strength of Japan's economy....much like theirs depends on ours. Japan is our third largest trading partner.

    This article serves as a pretty good outline....and its from Bloomberg, THE source for economy issues...
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    Re: American Car Fans- READ

    Yes but the issues kkk was referring to was based on an earlier post I made. I did not read the article you gave a link for but I take your word for it so you have me there. Anyways, it's a damn shame that their economy is so closley intertwined with our own (IMO), or that we have become so dependant on other countries at all. Ahh the hatred, I fear for a U.S. future where everyone listens to techno, eats tofu and sushi, does ecstacy, and drives imports.....

    Further foreign influence is going to be the death of this country ;D Buy a Mustang, listen to Def Leopard, and eat some steak before it's too late! Hahaha

    And this is completely off topic but a funny video nonetheless.
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    No i really do remember reading the fact that you were talking about how your car was superior to your friends and it cost you less. I'll try to find it, again maybe your right maybe i misread something or forgot what you wrote word for word and it came out wrong here, if that's the case then i trully do apologize. A skyline is diffucult to obtain in the U.S no question about it, and the fact that you own one is awesome props to you. But it has no exotic look to it, there is just no way someone would look at it and be like wow is that an exotic car or what?
    Last, what extra weight addtion are you talking about? The only extra weight that there is, is what the awd system provides by it self and even if there is extra weight added if the awd makes cars handle so much better which is what a road corse is all about that extra weight shouldn't matter, even if you lose them a bit on the straights you'll catch up on the corners cause your car will handle better bottom line. I'll try to find it in the cheavy forum that you said you coverd it but if i don't you might have to copy and paste something or give me a link.
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    I found what you wrote on the cheavy forum but it won't let me reply there it pisses me off, there is some sort of a server error there i guess it won't load up my reply... so i'll post it here cause i know you'll read it.

    This is what you wrote

    Porsche's 911 Turbo's have been AWD for quite some was the 959, Lambo Diablo, Bugatti, etc.

    The Corvette is a victim of precedence.

    As for LeMans, it isn't outlawed, but there is a hefty weight penalty....that is why teams avoid it. Also, because the AWD itself has weight, the required ballast usually added at key points in the car to improve the center of gravity is less....meaning the weight of AWD is in a more unfavorable spot. This has little bearing on a road car....and in fact, the Corvette is as heavy as some of those with the AWD systems....

    The very idea that AWD vehicles are PENALIZED by almost all forms of racing (including every major event I can think of) by adding additional weight tells you of the advantage gained in an AWD vehicle...

    AWD (or more specifically, variable AWD) allows a vehicle to undergo full acceleration earlier out of a turn...vital in road racing.

    The Diablo SV vs VT is pretty close.....although the VT has a tiny bit more power, it has a couple hundred pounds extra. It's 10% faster to 60, a little faster to 100, and about a tenth of a second faster in the quarter. The VT outruns the SV in the 600ft slalom by 2 mph....despite being 200lbs heavier.....

    Don't tell me what you think you know about the military, math, physics, or finances...and you had better add the GTR.

    I own a Honda...It changes to a passing gear like old people...well, you know.
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    Not as many as you come to believe. Alot of the Japanese companies refuse to give jobs in their own countries. They're quickly replacing people with machines and creating 1 job in America for every 10 or so lost worldwide. And these are jobs where you have to have experience and some sort of degree to work there (mostly engineering). The people on the assembly line are being cut down slowly, but surely.
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    People building cars employs a great deal less people than selling and servicing cars.

    As a matter of fact, cars are sold under the idea that the real profit will be made selling parts and service....the initial profit is only half the money they intend to make on a car......

    Give jobs in their own countries? I don't understand what you mean. If you mean they are building automated plants....all the major car companies do so, including Daimler-Chrystler, Ford, and GM....with the unions reducing profit margins on cars, they cut people.
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    Believing I have the better car and believing he is "dumb" for purchasing a Cobra are two VERY different things.

    To most people, any car they've never seen before is an exotic. Those of us avid car fans who know the difference, understand it is just different. The Mondial is an "exotic"...I don't think it has the "look" of an exotic either....nor did the Lotus Espirit nor most of the Maseratis......

    No... the major forms of organized racing elicit weight penalties on AWD cars. It takes the form of ballast....and it is enough weight to effect acceleration and cornering stability to cancel any advantage AWD provides. That's exactly how the weight is chosen. Almost every form of racing sets a required weight that each car must meet. Installing AWD wouldn't put a car over the limit as most of these cars have to take ballast to weigh them down anyway.....
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    Well I bet the first time you saw a 5.0 Mustang you did not think it was an exotic....

    I think that if weight was a problem with AWD systems, the companies would find SOME way to make it work with out exceeding the limitations set forth by whoever, but maybe not.

    Also, what is a ballast? For learnings sake, I've just never seen that before.
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    Actually...the very first time I saw a 5.0 Mustang, I was about seven years old (my father had bought one).....and at first I thought it was the fastest car in the world.
    Keep in mind....all main market cars in the U.S. are advertised relentlessly.....
    I don't think many people have actually seen a GTR in don't do them justice, the car is a LOT smaller than it looks..... The car is as small as a corvette, has noticeably flared fenders, a long nose, and heavy windshield slope. Mustangs, until recently, didn't come with BBS five spoke rims, lightweight racing wheels, baring big, cross-drilled brakes with 4-pot calipers. Most of the people around here seem to think it looks like a sedan. I've had quite a few people come up and ask me what it was, how expensive it was (and why I was driving on the right side).

    Ballast is weight added to a car to make it fair.

    In most forms of racing, the idea is to keep it somewhat fair. They want just as much driver skill coming into play as functionality of the car. \

    For example, in JGTC, weight penalties are assigned for power output (not every car is 500HP on the dot) and winning the race. The more you win, the more weight you carry. It's all in the interest of keeping the races close enough to be at least interesting.

    They often set a minimum weight, which most entries can strip down under anyway....they then put extra weight in the car to meet the required minimum. Its called ballasting. This is better than trying to exactly meet the requirement as it allows you to put weight in a better place on the car (low, center) to improve the cars handling characteristics due to center of gravity and yaw moment.
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    Well I don't think the opinion of a 7 year old's counts, I guess a modern example now that you're older would be more suited like the 2004 Dodge Intrepid or something... You get the idea. I for one have never seen a GTR, and I talked about this in another post in another thread, about how everyone compares cars to the Nissan Skyline yet almost no one has ever seen one, further more even owns one, but still. If it's small as you say then that is a different impression that what I originally had of the car, like as in your avatar or on banner. Being as you own one, could you take a picture of it next to a Corvette (C5) and post it or email it to me. I would like to see that, I haven't seen too many pictures of this car to begin with. Is it hard adjusting to a left handed shifter?
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    Hell yeah! American Muscle!
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    Yes, but no matter what, you'll need mechanics and maitenance people to service those cars. Cars arent invincible, so they choose to cut down in the production aspect rather than the maitenance aspect because it that cant be done.

    And your saying that the real money comes from parts and services only proves my point. Mechanics cant be eliminated or else people wouldnt buy thatcompany's cars.

    By not giving jobs in their own countries I mean they wont give new jobs in new plants. Yes, automated plants, thats it. And yes, I realize that the American companies are doing it as well. However, the Asian companies have been doing it for alot longer. Here's what they do. They come to the US with new plants using as little human work as possible. That way they avoid export/import taxes, costs, etc. and they can call it an "American car", which i think is bullshit, especially since the engineering was done in Asia, by Asians (making it no way American). Sadly, thats how Toyota got the Tundra into the NASCAR Craftsman Series (an OUTRAGE! ITS SUPPOSED TO BE AN AMERICAN MOTORSPORT DAMNIT!) Part of it has to do with unions too, as you said. If the union gets too demanding, the company cuts people. Damn unions.
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    It shouldn't be too difficult....there's a few in the neighborhood....and there's a Z06 that comes to the weekend gatherings on occassion.

    I just have to find the time......but I will post it as soon as I get it.
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    Cool I would like to see that.
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    That's just the thing though, you were like (as far as i remember this, I still can't find that thread) my car cost less, and it's better, so who made the better choise? Which would imply that your friend made a poor choise becuase he bought a worse car then yours for less. Screw it you know what i'm talking about just tell me what thread this is in so i can go back & reread it and not have to recall it from memory. & if i misread it i'll just shut up.

    "To most ppl any car they've never seen before is an exotic" How do you justify that? I sure as hell wouldn't have the odasity to say some crap like that. How can you speak for other ppl? Or the majority of ppl (since you say most). IMHO the esprit looks exotic the new ones more then the old ones. I don't think that maseratis are exotic, i don't even think they are classified that way & I'd have to take another look at a mondial. I'll get back to you on that one.

    I think you proved your awd penalties on awd being useless in the cheavy forum. We know that awd is heavier. If you say that the only difference between an sv and a vt lambo is rwd & awd. Well if that's so, then the awd added an extra 217 lbs. That's insane! Even if you can find a more advanced awd system that weighs less it may weigh like 150 lbs lets say, that's still a lot. In what ever race where they allow awd & the penelty is an additional 75K or 165 lbs. It's because otherwise it wouldn't be fair to have an awd meet the same min weight as a rwd. I would asume they average out the awd weight and add that on top of the min weight so that the race is kept fair. After all an awd has it's ups but it's extra weight and transmission loss over rwd is it's down fall. It wouldn't be fair to other cars if you take away the extra weight that the awd would normally add to the car, have it weigh the same as a rwd and then it's only down fall would be the transmission loss. That's my reasoning for the penelty, it's to keep things fair.
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    I still think that would be cheap none-the-less, additional weight due to a different drive train. Because like you said, if they manage to make a lightweight AWD system it's sorta like cheating the system. But then again, if they could dramatically reduce the weight of the AWD system, imagine what they could do for the RWD system of the same vehicle.... In which case the AWD alternative may no longer be of an advantage.
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    Wow this thread took off.

    Anyways...Japan managed to make a fuel efficient car with gobs of power due to turbo chargers. I have a modded 300zx and I can get almost 30MPG but normally I only get 15. Same can be said for an american's all how you drive it.

    The SR-71 was a 300zx which was modified by Texas Motorsport and sold at flagship dealers. It's similar to what saleen does for mustangs. It made along the lines of 600HP

    C&D represntes what a typical driver can do realistically.

    As for "american cars fans" and the loud=fast theory. My friend is a perfect example of this. He owns a 1998 Mustang GT and it's LOUD, he has no cats, gutted mufflers with a non resonated X-pipe (BTW the bottom passenger side bolt is a ***** to get to). His car is really loud but makes very lack luster power. He beats a few civics here and there but he got his ass handed to him bt an Audi TT, which was sad.

    As for Americans who buy Japanese cars being traitors to our country? Whoever says that is a moron. If that is the way things worked everybody who owns a pair of nike's or a television is a Nazi. Is the keyboard you wrote your message "made in america"? I support my country by buying Bud Light beer and paying taxes on my foreign car.
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    I would say that the Corvette is a great all around performer in today's standards. Just that the thing is versatile, a Z06 can hang with the low end much more expensive Ferraris and other exotic sports cars, BUT it can also act as a daily driver and achieve some great gas milage (as well as the F-bodies, they all use the same basic 5.7L V8). Not to mention, it's the American Dream Car

    I don't call Americans with Japanese cars traitors, that's a stretch...but I still think Americans should buy American. Especially beause the car business is such a large and profitable field, imagine if for every dollar sent to a Japanese car company, it went to an American one.... With everyone buying American, that alone would take care of tax problems, like Las Vegas residents pay low taxes because of tourism, the country in general would pay less taxes due to high commerce. I think. Plus with all that extra money U.S. car companies could make a 'better' car so all the import fanatics wouldn't have a reason to bash on American cars.
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    America is just starting to notice the trend that has been going on since the mid 90's. The SRT4 is a good start,it's cheap and fast. But one thing I notice on all american cars is the fit and finish and the interior material choices. The interior of corvettes plain suck, it's all cheap looking plastic that does not fit up well. Same can be said for the body panels on a lot of america cars. My friends mustang has a 1/2" gap between the tail lights and the bumper which in my eyes in not acceptable. His interior is also ALL plastic. There is few variations between the textures and it makes for a very cheap feel, but than again it's a cheap car. You look at the 350Z and you will notice the same "cheapness" of the interior.
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    If I am correct the Z06 is supposed to have a much more desirable interior than the standard Corvette coupe. Or you can always order the deluxe interior package for the couple. Of the C5 40th Anniversary package or some nonsense. Anyways my point is that the option to get a 1st class interior is a little more costly, but still available, and the price does not come any where close to the cost of the V8 Ferraris, etc. But do not lose hope! haha Rememeber that in 2005 we have the Corvette C6 being released, and just like Ford took it's complaints into consideration when designing the 2005 Mustang, GM has no doubt done the same with the Corvette. I greatly anticipate the release of these new - American muscle car legends. Prepare to be impressed!
  21. I'm American and I for once have never been prouder to be American after reading your ridiculous shit.

    WTF is that V8 comment supposed to mean??????My Mercedes has a Kleemann supercharged 4.3 liter V8 (and that's just the beginning of all the mods I have). She's putting out over 550 HP at the crank. At idle, she sounds like a 70's muscle car, all gluggy and deep-throated. Then when I hit the petal, the supercharger wines and the exhaust pounds the ground like a wild gorilla. Sure it's a German car, but it has all the excitement of a true muscle car, while still having good refinement, comfort, and handling. I know what muscle is like. After owning this car, I will never go back to a high-revving, torqueless engine again.

    My wife is a muscle fan. She has a 2002 Camaro SS with nothing more than an exhaust mod, it also sounds very cool. I love that car and I'd much rather have that than some #%[email protected], overpriced Euro screamer with no torque.

    Plus, Mr. rs4man..... Audi RS4's suck (to begin with). Watch top gear once in a while. Tons of under steer, loses to an M3 in a drag race, no paddle shift option, ect. So before you bash some of the greatest cars ever made, take a look at what you drive. Being European, you probably own a Ford Mondeo or Toyota Vitz.... am I right???

    I love my Benz and many other German cars, but I just can't stand all of your stereotypical, racist comments toward us. All of you stupid Euro brats are guilty of it. Lets have a drag race some time. Your 2 liter #%[email protected] engine against my V8. We'll see.....
  22. It's simple. Some people just aren't into domestics!!! Why do some people not like chocolate? Why do some guys find Britney Spears attractive? It's just preference. For example, I love chocolate and I think Britney is ugly and untalented. And I'll never understand why anyone likes rap music...... I'm into imports because I just like them more. They're cooler cars to me. I used to have a 2002 Ford SVT Lightning, very modified. That big V8 was great, but the car its self was a bit of a POS. Sorry, but it was. I bought my Civic because I needed a reliable car with good fuel economy. After swapping the Prelude engine, it was quit a car....
  23. Hey, what country are you from: Finland, Germany, Sweeden, Poland, the U.K, France or Spain, or wherever your from, I don't care. It doesn't matter to me, because I'm not an A**HOLE like you are to say, "oh, I feel sorry for you where you live, man!" So if it is Germany I love Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porshe, Volkswegen, Ruf and Novitec-Rosso, as well as the Autobhan, Ehra Lessen VAG, Nordshlife and Sordshlife, as well. But just because we use V-8 engines in our cars doesn't mean they're slow, MFC!!! OH...OM...BTW..., didn't Audi and Mercedes-Benz BOTH put in there cars a F**KING...V...8 engine in them AS WELL, A**MONKEY!!!...OH...YOU...ARE cheering the Afgan. B**TURDS who did that to WTCs?!?! F**K YOU, DUDE!!!

    Since we're on this AGAIN read one of my earlier posts and you'll read that I said "Europeans will have there high revving V-12s, America will OUR OHV V-8s and V-10s!!"....O...H..., if you are from Germany, My condolences TO YOU FOR BEING GERMAN, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!....Yes, George H. W. Bush was single handedly the BIGGEST RET**D EVER to walk the streets of AMERICA!!!

    ...I'm trying to cut you some slack, so DO the same for US. DONKEY F**KER, EEEHHHUUHHH!!!!
  24. Yup..., my point exactly, bro.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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