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    Ok, so why don't you show me just 1 source that shows the 99 as being faster than all those sources that I provided, you can't huh, oh well, guess it isn't faster than what I "mr. moron password" want people to believe. Those sites are all in agreement with each other, so I would doubt they're all wrong.

    Again, if the problem was solved then shouldn't there be a source that shows the 99 as being faster?

    I'm going to believe the owner long before I'm going to believe you so give it up, and it wouldn't need 80 more hp, as the AWD makes up for less hp in getting it off the line faster than a RWD, and since it's still covered under the factory warranty (and it is) along with all other reasons I pointed out earlier it is not the same as saying an 8 sec. stang is stock.

    Hate to break it to you, but I don't have any form of syndrome whatsoever, unless of course there's a syndrome for being obsessed with giving too much cunnilingus<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.

    And Rustangs, it's actually a near perfect comparison, the AWD makes up for the lower hp and torque, the cars are both a Saloon style body design, they're both flagships for their respective companies, they both have near equivalent acceleration, where are the characteristics that make it a horrible comparison? Oh yeah, I forgot, Since the Impreza has less than half the displacement that makes it unfair to compare the two<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.

    BTW - with just a few months out on the market the Neon SRT-4 has already been outdone by a car that's a few thousand more $3000usd to be precise, but it outdoes the SRT-4 in every other way, and with the exact same engine setup, if you've seen the January 2003 issue of Car & Driver then you'll know the car I'm talking about. I already knew about the car, just didn't know it was going to be released here as a 2004 model.
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    Oh yes lets believe some random guy on the internet who claims he has a 12 second stock wrx. Please find me a source (and it can't be some random person on some random message board moron) were it says the stock wrx can run the quarter mile in 12.3 seconds like you calim...Thats right you can't find one, why because the car can not do it thats why.
    And yes you do have a syndrome, it's called stupidity..
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    What about the sub-13 second Nissan station wagon? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    AH way to much to ****ing read yo let the stupid import kids do what they wanna do. My bro said it the best I don't wanna have a suped up Fire bird and pull up to some #%$ in a visor driving the same suped up fire bird instead of a civic" then the race would be no fun. Basicly saying what's the point of raceing 2 very even cars when you can crush some stupid kid driving a civic, eclipse, rsx etc. Also I don't give a **** about cheavy or dodge for the most part (few cars that I like) but if anyone ever says anything bad about them like rycers and ignorent rich basterds with a beamer or what ever i'll defend them all the way. And who the hell brought the wrx into the conversation? Those cars can blow me. One of my friends is like that car is so fast it has a turbo in it. BFD a stock gt stang can steal beat that pos car with out a turbo. Japs weren't ment for raceing just like people weren't ment to be gay but some people just wanna be like that and do there own thing. Just let them do it cause you will never convince them other wise, there are many stupid kids that have rich parents where I live, that put some 20K into their eclipses, praylude(sp? dont care either) civics, accords, 240sx 300zx crap and still could not beat a 01 cobra or a z28, i don't think the stickers are giving them as much horsepower as they think they are.
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    Yikes...these are the people you have in your corner? LOL.

    ....and a stock Nissan Station wagon can outrun a stock SVT Cobra without using any more than 2.6L of displacement...what`s your point?

    I`ve got news...your GTs, SS`s, and Z28`s are no more for racing than Silvia`s, 180`s, or WRX`s.

    If the Japanese didn`t build cars meant for racing....what`s JGTC or Bathurst?
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    A stock Nissan station wagon eh? Which version is that...I would like to see a station wagon that's faster than their Skyline. Are you a moron? The new SVT Cobra can spank a skyline, and go toe to toe with the ZO6 and Viper. So, what's the name of this so called "station wagon". I'm pretty sure it's not going to have more power than a Skyline. If your talking about the Stagea, with the RB26DETT engine, that's the same as the Skyline and since the new R34 can't beat the SVT, how can that log of a car. Well, my point's clear. I'll go watch the "juggy girls" on the Man Show now.
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    I'll put it to you nice and easy, there is no sub 13 second nissan station wagon, nor is there a sub 13 second subaru, sorry, but you lose. I'm sure that somebody has a sub 13 second one, but its far from stock.
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    Let's recap...nisson does not have a car that can outrun the svt cobra, so whats your point?
    The mustang cobra r, 2003 svt cobra and many others are built for racing.
    I feel sorry for the import people having to have you in there corner making them look like idiots.
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    Re: American Car Fans- READ$Nissan@$Stagea%20Autech%20RS260g.html

    Damn...looks like 12.9 to me.....

    I`m not even going to get into the 450HP N1....

    The new SVT Cobra can go toe to toe with the Z06 and Viper? So are you saying it`s as good as a Cobra R?

    ...and it`s not`s a tenth second and a half slower than the R34. That`s the point. Here`s some video of a heavy ass R34 Mspec running 12.9 quarters.....
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    Show me some video, or an unbiased site that states this....(and we`re talking about a Cobra on normal rubber mind you) and I`ll buy it. I don`t have a beef with you either. Someone asked to see sub 13 second Nissan`s and I showed them. These videos are the "low powered" GTR`s....The R34 N1`s are a 450 hp kick in the balls compared to the R34 GTR, and the ironic thing is they only cost about 5k more.
    A couple guys down in Australia are running low 11`s on stock R32`s (a car that`s 14 years old now) by increasing the boost. This is one of the great things about all FI cars...

    I see a GTR in the states all the do my neighbors

    These are all great cars.....if you keep an open mind.

    By the`s 32 dammit...34 is for businessman, and mid-life crisis.....<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Re: American Car Fans- READ Yet again, the same link with "Turbo only" at the top, since the turbo is the same it can be considered stock.

    And you saw with your own eyes that "random guy on the internet who claims he has a 12 second stock wrx..." run a 12.91 in an official drag race in the stock class, the only part in which you need to believe him (and have no physical proof of) is the fact that his car was stock.

    Just because you can't make a valid argument does not give you the right to call people names to make yourself feel less retarded.
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    Don`t worry, I already "put it to him nice and easy". He was wrong...

    I think he`s still mad and a bit worried about his `stang getting smoked by a grocery getter...Nissan style..LOL<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    That car is not sold in America so how is it going to beat anything I have? It won't.
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    God you have be the dumbest person on the planet!!! No where on that site did it say anything about the cars being stock jackass!! It only said they were turbo, or turbo and nitrous, that means the turboed cars could have anything done to them, anything, except nitrous. He could have had the entire engine rebuilt for all that we know.
    Please understand that you are a moron, it may or may not be your own fault, but that doesn't mean its not true.
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    Yeah, I<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I'm beginning to think the same thing.

    btw, thanx, I have so much homework to do, I have to avoid coming here just so that I don't get behind in the Post-Secondary education.
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    Wow you are a tool like no other. Let's get a few things straight, First of all this car isn't in the U.S second of all, it's a competition version. Incase you don't understand let me explain. A car does not come out with a body kit and a spoiler stock from the company, this car was redone from it's original version as far as I can tell, the name isn't that normal either. It's like me saying well you know what, a mustang boss running 1.9 0-60 seconds and 10 seconds 1/4 time out of the factory so there for it's good. Doesn't work like that, nor does your example. Also do we ever compare a jap civic type R to anything in the states? No the American version of a type R civic is an SI and your worthless example doesn't fit again cause it's not here in the states. Next in case you don't realise your shit is turboed. 2 infact. Where is a 500hp N/A jap car I've yet to see one. Actually I've yet to see a road legal jap car pull 8s, i've yet to see a jap car do a wheele, (kind of like in Fast and the Furious you know your bible yo, where the chargeres front jumped in the air) Yeah i've yet to see a jap car do that, something about no tourque in those damn things. You talk about how high tech your engines are, but complain with bullshit of how you v-tech didn't kick in when you lose a race and a vette useing more displacement get better miles per gallon then half of the jap crap that's used for raceing. The vette also can take out 90% of anything that's stock from japan, actually the truth is I can't think of a jap car that does better then a stock corvette. Think about the fact that we too can take a turbo or a super charger and add it to our cars and blow the doors of your shit. Talking about how a mustang or a camaro are as bad as your wagon please, do you have any idea how many skylines, supras i see get eaten alive by those 2 cars? The Cobra and SS/WS6 lowest sports car models (cause we have vettes, vipers, saleen s7s, new GTs coming out few vectors etc) can take on your super cars such as your skylines and supras with out to much difficulty. And yeah I'm gonna defend the domestic corner one way or another, so you can kiss my ass if you don't like it
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    Well, I'm not going to read your frustrating script as there is no "white space" making it easier to read. But from what I did read I'll correct you on a few things, the Mustang Boss is a concept and was never sold, that Nissan was made available to the consumer just like any other car.

    Second, the SI is a very scaled down version ot the Type-R, our version of the Type-R is non-existent, however comparing cars of the same class is a legit argument, while claiming cars sold on a different continent cannot be compared, is a sorry excuse by someone who is afraid his favourite domestic is going to get worked by a car in the same class.
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    if you look around a little you'll find the registered times for the cars, on the very page that link takes you to, says "Turbo Only" above the chart, implying that no mods have been made, elsewhere on the site it tells you that the Turbo is the same Mitsubishi Turbo as in the Factory WRX, and nothing else, you can assume what you like, but all they did was increase the boost.

    The only Moron around here is the one I'm responding to that is incredibly illiterate and interprets everything he sees in his own delusional light. Again, it says "TURBO ONLY" learn how to read nimrod.
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    Here, I'll make it even simpler for you, this is a direct copy and paste from the page that link takes you to, note how it says "Turbo Only"

    Impreza WRX
    *Turbo Only*

    Time/Mph 60' 1/8th&Speed Power Source Model Owner Date Track
    1.810 7.900@89.47 Turbo 2002 WRX Wagon Eddie Zipperstein 7/21/02 Great Lakes Dragaway
    12.24@112.5 1.712 7.77@96 Turbo 2002 WRX Clark Turner ? Lebanon Valley Dragway
    12.374@111.65 1.818 7.950@87.87 Turbo 2002 WRX Wagon Hector Llompart 5/12/02 Carolina Raceway Park
    movie 1.726 7.909@88.357 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Nathan Kofahl 11/3/01 Roswell Dragway
    12.647@109.56 1.878 8.203@88.24 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Chad Smith 3/8/02 Rockingham Dragway
    12.715@104.13 1.747 8.084@87.31mph Turbo 2002 WRX Brett Gordon 4/14/02 Rockingham Dragway
    12.738@105.88 1.828 8.128@85.87 Turbo 2002 WRX Douglas Stanley 11/15/02 Cecil County Dragway
    12.739@106.14 1.764 8.266@86.53 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Orwin Lau 4/19/02 Mission Raceway
    12.835@106.28mph 1.884 ? Turbo 2002 WRX Jonathan Gentry ? Capitol Raceway
    12.868@108.28 1.981 8.309@87.01 Turbo 2002 WRX Michael Kotishion 7/6/02 Cecil County Dragway
    12.869@106.60 1.809 8.249@84.80 Turbo 2002 WRX Douglas Stanley 9/14/02 Beaver Springs Dragway
    12.872@105.54 1.844 8.237@85.59 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Bryan Fox 11/15/2002 Texas Motorplex
    12.882@103.97 1.808 8.192@84.87 Turbo 2002 WRX Todd Marcellini 8/10/2002 Rockingham Dragway
    12.969@103.84 1.812 8.260@84.15 Turbo 2002 WRX Jonathan Gentry 10/01/02 Capitol Raceway
    12.981@107.00 1.843 8.297@86.29 Turbo 2002 WRX Carlo Ayars 5/30/02 Atco Raceway
    12.9@105.33 1.828 8.322@83.35 Turbo 2002 WRX Bill Green 9/14/02 Beaver Springs Dragway
    13.083@104.48 2.00 8.445@86.64 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan K. Gentile 1/10/02 Bradenton Motorsports Park
    13.097@103.11 1.836 8.340@83.08 Turbo 2002 WRX Douglas Stanley 5/3/02 Cecil County Dragway
    13.116@103.86 1.882 8.382@83.47 Turbo 2002 WRX Wagon Jamie Ciriello 10/25/02 New England Dragway
    13.150@102.60 1.772 8.347@81.42 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Peter Asadoorian 9/23/01 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park
    13.20@105.12 2.065 8.523@84.10 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Michael Kotishion 12/15/01 Cecil County Dragway
    13.317@102.517 1.869 ? Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Alex Shikhmuradov 5/17/01 Sears Point Raceway
    website 1.865 8.854@80.69 Turbo 2002 WRX James "Kenshiro" King 5/22/2002 New York International Raceway Park
    13.494@100.24 1.816 8.552@82.43 Turbo 2002 WRX Wagon Jamie Ciriello 8/10/02 New England Dragway
    13.528@100.58 1.822 8.696@82.98 Turbo
    13.572@97.72 1.871 8.577@80.15 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Anonymous 10-17-01 *Corrected* New England Dragway
    13.614@98.66 1.862 ? Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Fenn Bourland 10/6/01 Portland International Raceway
    13.619@99.68 1.924 8.708@79.86 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Peter Asadoorian 8/29/01 Lebanon Valley Dragway
    website 1.805 ?@? Turbo 2002 WRX Jorge Carillo ? Great Lakes Dragway
    13.65@99.51 1.901 8.71@79.73 Turbo 2002 WRX Adam ? ?
    13.658@98.68 2.016 8.694@80.95 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Christos Houliaras ? Atco Raceway
    13.663@98.16 1.981 8.702@79.66 Turbo 2002 WRX Wagon Curt McConnell 10/11/01 New England Dragway
    13.704@97.88 1.910 8.730@78.81 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Curt McConnell 8/1/01 New England Dragway
    13.89@97.3 1.86 8.869@76.9 Turbo 2002 WRX Wagon Max Romanik 11/3/01 Roswell Dragway
    13.893@95.486 1.931 8.811@77.694 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan J-F Côté 10/08/02 Luskville Dragway
    13.966@97.11 1.941 8.928@77.58 Turbo 2002 WRX Mike Ursic ?/?/2002 Atco Raceway
    13.974@94.709 1.946 8.893@77.798 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Jason Chatterley ? Los Angeles County Raceway
    13.989@96 2.012 8.968@? Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Frank Coyne 9/28/01 Atco Raceway
    14.055@95.60 1.951 8.959@76.66 Turbo 2002 WRX Bryan Warmuakerken 9/28/01 Carlsbad Raceway
    14.118@95.550 1.903 8.963@? Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Francois Dubreuil 10/21/01 Napierville Dragway
    14.137@96.10 1.995 9.051@76.98 Turbo 2002 WRX Wagon Scott Roberts 9/11/02 Cecil County Dragway
    14.142@94.62 2.085 9.091@77.08 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Hasan Rizvi 9/7/02 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park
    14.362@93.94 1.953 9.170 @76.09 Turbo 2002 WRX Joe Dean 8/4/02 Rockingham Dragway
    14.408@92.99 2.019 9.1@75 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Jermaine Riddick ? Old Bridge Township Raceway Park
    14.48@91.12 2.03 9.24@75.01 Turbo 2002 WRX Ryan Jernegan 3/29/2002 Firebird International Raceway
    14.492@93.60 2.016 9.258@73.76 Turbo 2002 WRX Sedan Jason Light 9-15-01 New York International Raceway Park

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    I believe the comment was, there are no sub-13 second Nissan Station Wagons...not "there are no sub-13 second Nissan Station wagons in this country, or on my block, or in my driveway".

    If you're only worried about what's offered in this country, why don't you say "Well no-one on my block a car faster than mine is The King! Live in your small world.

    And I'm sorry to break it to you...Nissan produced over 1700 Stagea 260's. It is 100% factory car. Autech and Nismo are the same as SVT for Ford...."The Cobra and Lightning must not be stock because it says SVT and has that little snake on it"....See the ignorance there?

    Who cares if it has turbo? The Mustang has what...almost twice the displacement and a Supercharger... That has to be the most ridiculous argument I have heard yet! Ford had the opportunity to use twin turbo...just like anybody else.

    ...and I've got news for you...the C5 is no competition for the R34
    ...and the Z06 Vette seems underpowered compared to a 450HP 417ft-lb R34 N1, that weighs almost 100 pounds less...MSRP 51k USD.

    ...and some more news, your Stang or Camaro would have a tough enough time dealing with a Silvia Spec R...what's that?...MSRP 21k USD. How much does a GT or Z28 cost again?

    The U.S. was making better cars in the '60's! I had as much power in my C2 than the C5 makes now....and it was almost a base model.

    Here's another kicker.....How long did it take the U.S. to even get near the performance Japan has been pumping out for the past 13 years? They didn't even have anything that could compete with the GTR until '01. Not unless you wanted to pay 80k. Open your mind. This will certainly be an interesting argument when Nissan introduces the GTR to the U.S. in a couple years. A 3.5L that will outhandle, and outrun the Viper...for 60k. Detroit better wake up and make some dedicated platforms...or they're going to get whooped.
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    The Nissan in my garage will, in all likely-hood, stomp your little GT...even if I hadn't made any modifications to it (of course, for about 14k more, it should)

    Go take a look at one Domestic owners view of the GT in the 2003 Mustang Mach I forum. He basically called it a sled...LOL.
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    I was at the page moron, and no where did it say no mods were done, all it said was that there was a turbo class, a nitrous class, and a turbo nitrous class. Are you really that stupid (well yes you are)? For the last f^cking time moron, the wrx stock, yes thats S-T-O-C-K, NOT MODDED, no increase in anything, runs a 14.1, thats all. Not 12's, not 13's, not anything else but 14's, got that, is it really that hard to understand? Is your I.Q. that low you can not grab such a simple thing?
    Do you really think stock that a wrx can run a 12.2 second quarter mile, cause if you do you've just destroyed any credibility you had (whcih was next to none anyways).
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    K then in your case argument first the svt cobra with a blower would kill any jap, a saleen would kill anything again but with more emberesment on your part, a c5R would kill all your jap pos again with out haveing any problem. As far as a mustang haveing 2se the displacement is a dumb argument cause your engines are so high tech that it shouldn't even matter right. I mean V-tech is the god all might engine with the best technology in the world right? Why does it matter if our american engines are bigger? Next you can't compare different cars from different countries!! The reason is some cars have to be degraded producing less power then in other countries. The civic is a prime example. They have different admision laws in Japan it could allow for more exast fumes to come out so there for giving a car more power, and in that case we can beef up a camaro/mustang send it to japan with more power and compare the two, the ss camaro little bit beefed up and that station wagon. Do you understand that? It does matter where a car comes from because the laws change how the car is made why is it that a diablo gt is illigal in the states? The way the car is made that's all there is to it. Next Lets make something really simple domestics have been hitting lower numbers then jap cars have since forever. Or did you forget your history of cars and not remember the muscle car era, where the hell were the jap cars in lemans? I don't remember any jap car win any major race. As far as a jap wooping the crap out of my fav domestic i could care less if it ever happend, I'm still waiting for the day actually, but besides that we have more then enough high quality domestic cars that would rape anything out of japan. Last the c5 would take out a r34, the vette runs in the 12s while the skyline is in the 13s The zo6 has more torque, the 100 pounds is almost insagnificant runs about 12.2 what's your r34 n1 run? mid 13s? High 12s at best, and that's what your top of the line super car. How bout comparing it to a new viper? Or a GT40. Let me end it by saying this your super cars only rack up to the low production sport cars to mid production sport cars at best, our super cars can and will rape anything you have or will make. Peace
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    K lets put it this way you know more about expensive escort servises then i'll ever know, you know the % of being laid by an escort hooker the price you would pay for them what you do with an escort and I'm not gonna argue with your shit there but since you know nothing about cars please don't talk. You think that a WRX is a 12 second car all motor. Your knowledge on cars matches that of a 12 year old so please shut the hell up. There is a reason why you can't compare different cars from different countries, read the previous post, learn something and then talk, till then leave those escorts alone and concetrate on getting a woman with out haveing to pay 10K a night just to get laid
  25. Re: American Car Fans- READ

    Actually I just threw that % up there it was an estimation, judging by what I've read, heard, and what I've seen. Anyway, if I'm off having the romp of my life while you're busy getting a $5 hand job from a street urchin, who would you say is living in better style? Who cares, it's all common sense with the Escort services, anybody with a respectable amount of intellect should be able to figure it out.

    Who said anything about a 12 sec. (12.9 sec btw) WRX All motor? There's no such thing, the closest thing is the 2.5 liter NA RS. Who's knowledge of cars matches that of a 12 year old? (I'll give you a hint: you thought there's such thing as an NA WRX).

    That reason is a moot point, just look at the RSX - it's almost as fast as the Type-R with the same engine, same drivetrain, but a slower gear ratio. The Type-R also meets North American ULEV status, which means if it doesn't actually meet emissions laws here then very few cars being sold right now do. No, the reason the good cars are not sold here are far less "common knowledge", than what everybody thinks. Do a little research and you'll find that the Type-R far surpasses the majority of domestic cars in emissions.

    Nobody will learn anything true from your BS, much like nobody will learn from American HP's BS. BTW - I have a girlfriend, we have a very healthy relationship, she's 2 years older than me, she goes to the same college as me (majoring in Biotechnology), and her roommate used to work in an Escort service (the money made is now funding her college tuition and living costs). I've never spent anything in order to get laid (unless you consider a romantic evening of 'whining and dining' paying to get laid, despite the fact that those nights are pleasurable).

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