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    You're crazy...
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    Perhaps you've never heard of the corvette z06. Why do people always trash ALL american cars for no reason. Im American, for the most part American cars are worse than Italian/Euro/Japanease in reliability (those Hondas go forever), but that doesn't mean we make no good cars. This is a good american car, the z06 is a good american car. Stop saying AMERICAN CARS ARE SH1T!!!!!!!!!! I need a signature. peace.
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    I think it's kind of funny when people hear "American cars suck," and they can only come up with two cars, the Dodge Viper, and the Chevy Corvette to get back at them.
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    I hope you don't use the Viper as something to get back at them, cause its precisely whats targeted in a statement like this, and it pretty much is crap unless you plan on going in a straight line and fixing your engine in a couple thousand miles. What should be used to argue that point in your favor, first of all don't even mention F bodies cause thats a step against yourself, but the z06 and the classic, most amazing gt40 would probably be your best bets to argue back. Also consider the new Mustang Cobra. Don't try and say a Viper is better than Italian and the best from japan, or that the F bodies are good, cause thats just sad.
  7. ahh domestic ricers gotta love em.
  8. Thats why the Viper won the 24hours of lemans back in 96 and won a few times at the N-ring.

    American cars arent shit people hate simply because they are the best of the best. There just mad because a Z06 could beat a Gallardo and F-430 strightup with no mods or how a Camaro would lay the smack down a stock Supra or Skyline.

    You can hate American cars all you want but the fact is GM is the numberone automaker in the world as well as ford and chrysler. They make cool cars that you wont have to go broke.

    People would argue and say "Toyota is catching up"

    Toyota hasnt made sh!t, there market is for those who dont care what they drive as long as it runs, its reliable and affordable.

    The Supercar industry folding to with sh!t like the Mosler and the Aero SS-8 coming out, wheres the passion? i will tell you where its at. Not in europe or japan but american cars.
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    your a F-ING dumbass you know that. the Viper has NEVER WON LeMans and I am American and i know American cars do suck ass:

    Here why don't you go to this website and see if any anerican cars won:

    They are definetly NOT THE BEST!! there are very few that are good... like the Saleen S7, its S7TT and S7R which is a engineering masterpiece and a few other american cars. what "cool" cars do they have HMMM?!?! and who gives a F*** about toyota, japanese cars suck too. but mostly AMERICAN!!! European cars have always been the best.
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    few american cars won, most are EUROPEAN!!!!!

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