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  1. who brought the "#000000 people" there?

    oh wait...
  2. we had to leave because europe wasnt free enough
  3. and quakerdom was much more "free"?

    the amerikans just couldn't put up with the freaky european seks
  4. dude I'm joking. America is awesome.
  5. I'm no traitor. I just dislike some things about being American. Other than that, I'm glad I'm here, and love my nationality. And yea, it does get annoying that people argue about whose car is the best. I just stay neutral like cars from both sides.
  7. Yet the Ford GT is FASTER than a much-more-expensive FERRARI F430, and FASTER than an equally priced ($150,000) PORSCHE 911 Turbo! Go check the Top Gear laptimes, and you'll see!

    w00t loves to w00t, because that's a sign of bliss... which stems from sheer IGNORANCE! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  8. I feel threatened by Northax. I don't wanna lose my title of Worst New Member.
  9. too late since this post

    "Oh bull@#$&! If they start winning, then you figure ways how to counter it... not ban it like little b!tches.

    "Waaaah! Daddy, daddy, brother is stronger than me! No fair!"

    "Now, child, if you work out as much as he does, you'll be just as strong!"

    "But daddy, I don't want to work as hard as he does! Stop him from working out more than I do! Waaaahh!!! Waaahh!"

    "Son... too bad! Stop your whining! Grow a pair!" *smack*


    Whiney little b!tchass Eurobabies. Not only is socialism in their politics, it's rampant also in their @#%$ing racing! Absolutely PATHETIC! Hahaha! "
  10. what a disaster
  11. Just like Chrysloler
  12. But not as fvcked up as GM.
  13. Chrysler is way worse.

    Anyways Ford all the way.
  14. YES, YES that is exactly what I'm trying to say.
  15. that thread is full of surprises
  16. what would you say surprised you most
  17. CobraMan, give me your avatar in High-Res. Thanks.
  18. lol
  19. do it.
  21. whatevs
  22. My posts have too much truth in them. Sorry if it hurts.
  23. that's not high res
  24. srry but my pc won't let me.

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