American Dream

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SuperSonic, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Once you have the underground luxury bomb proof house
    100 cars
    Private Jet
    10000 friends
    $100 Billion
    100 Businesses 1 in every sector of industry you have an interest in.
    Your own Charitable Foundation

    Now what?
  2. Lol
  3. The American dream is 2 chicks at the same time
  4. Unless you're a gay like @Veyronman Chicks aren't his thing.
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  5. 2 guys at the same time is interesting, to say the least
  6. Also, 10000 friends? **** that.

    10 friends. That's all you need.
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  7. What I’m thinking about is survival, at what point do you realize no matter how much u do or have you can’t prevent your own death or that of your 10000 friends
  8. I'd spend my money killing all 10,000 of your friends so you would be alone.
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  9. less. 3 or 4 is fine.
  10. Also America is a third world country. American dream my ass.
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  11. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.. sorry I was half awake when I wrote that
  12. when are you coming back to california
  13. Is this question aimed at me? I’ve only ever been to the east coast I’m guessing it’s not aimed at me
  14. Come to England.
  15. All of you fucks come to British Columbia. But time it so I'm not at work. I will buy you each exactly 1 Canadian Beer which is the equivalent of two American beers.
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  16. I was in BC a few years ago and you didn't come to meet me.
  17. Just found out you aren't in britain at all you phony
  18. Wow flights to the UK only 500 round trip
    I paid more to go to cancun

    Do I have to dress like a british army guy ;)
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  19. I could drop by...
  20. Where were you in BC? Did I know you were here? Was I at work?
  21. We went to Vancouver and Whistler. Not sure where you said you were, but I understand that BC is pretty big.
  22. Suure, "at work".
  23. I'm about 4 hours from Vancouver. I think I remember this now.
  24. excuse me he invited me

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