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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by srsocx, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. The corvette because most of us on this board will realistically be able to actually afford one in their lives. Being able to drive something real everyday is better than dreaming about a car you'll probably never have.
  2. AHHAHHAHHAHHAH. Oh God, I can't breath...that's priceless coming from you...
  3. it's not the best car there though
  4. thats was sarcasm, I hope you were able to pick it up
  5. many people apparently disagree according to the poll
  6. Define "best."
    Many are factoring in real world things here like price do decide best...
  7. Only as gay as the person complaining... Anywho I picked XLR.
  8. Mosler MT900
    Saleen S7
    Ford GT
  9. That's why I was laughing. That was very funny.
  10. you are such a stupid retard
  11. Vette deff has the most passion, but for pure tear ur balls off performance, S7TT.
  12. fair enough if they are factoring in real world things like price, but technically a lower price doesn't make it a better car, the S7TT is probably the best
  13. Best Bang for the buck? vette
    Rawest? Viper
    Most exotic S7 TT
    Best all around car? Ford GT
  14. Each of these cars is so different its hard to compare them. The Saleen offers up absolutely brutal performance, the corvette is an iconic bargain-bruiser, and the STS is the Cadillac cadillac should have always made. Each is excellent in its respective category.
  15. Insane Performance? S7TT
  16. Saleen S7TT
  17. I think the Z06 is better all around than the GT. But I agree with the rest. I'd give the GT tops in the looks department.
  18. do you have any idea what you're talking about? the cobra WAS the fastest and the s7 DOES have an OHV engine, its a ford so why did u say the best car "with an OHV engine" would be the viper?
  19. I can't believe that you seriously just said that the Ford GT is the best all-around American performance car. That level of stupidity has never been reached before just now.
  21. Saleen S7 = Good, but I hate the styling and Steve Saleen.
    Mosler MT900S = Coolest american car today
    Panoz Esperante = Cool
    Chevrolet Corvette = Bang for the buck, HATE the crowd of fanboys surrounding it
    SSC Aero = Looks like shit, looks like a kit-car, doubtful about performance claims.
    Cadillac STS-V = bland
    Cadillac XLR = bland, SL>XLR.
    Other: FFR GTM
  22. I agree with most of that. I enjoy the styling of the S7 more than the MT900, and I hate that rear wing. I like steve saleen, the man lives my dream, launch a successful world class supercar. Corvette fanboys=Piranha. Aero does look like a kit car, but not bad, just not good either. Mosler is the most raw though.

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