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  2. if you involve frivolous things like money, it would have to be Mosler because for the price, its an AMAZING car

    but if you had money to burn, and where involving EVERY aspect it would have to be Saleen S7TT. that car is perfection. the ideal supercar
  3. So you have a S7, compared to a Cadillac.
  4. That's invalid, it's still in production right now. All cars are going to end eventually. This thread fails.
  5. same here, vette by far. its the nicest ameran car ever biult. gotta love the new Z06 to.
  6. haha ... didn't include Viper ..haha?
  7. Mosler for me
  8. Yeah cause its way outclassed here. It is far from being in contention for best american sports car. Good car, but not the best.
  9. Maybe there's a reason the poll has people picking 16% OTHER. Rarely do polls that include all favorites have people picking OTHER. It's like haveing a write in on an election taking 16% of the vote. I've owned a Vette and a Viper and I still own the Viper. The big challenge with the S7 is that there are simply not enough of them on the market yet to make a descision if they are actually going to hold up. A good example is the cooling system on the McLaren was so bad you could not actually drive them off track because they over heated almost instantly. The performance numbers were great but as a sports car it lacked drivability. The jury is stil out on the S7. But price tag wise it's not really that good. The same drivability issue can be said about the Molsler. But on the other hand the Vette has been a tried and true American icon for years.

    Proto-type and cars that are not really in production should not really be considered, because then you can get into some absurd 1-off cars done for auto-shows. As it's been said you should have defined the poll a bit more, like production cars, etc. Cars with over 10,000 units sold or something like that.

    As it stands now, the poll asks for Performance cars, at which point things like the Vette, should not be included while the Viper should, mainly because from a NUMBERS point of view the Viper is above the Vette. Braking, Acceleration, Lateral G, Slalom, etc.

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