American recession rebate

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  1. yeah, that didnt get the US economy rolling back during the depression either.
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  3. What would you say did?

    Don't you think it was a contributing factor?
  4. WWII was probably the main factor.
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  6. the sound quality is absolutely stunning. like, mind blowing for any speaker, let alone a bookshelf. And theyre gorgeous.
  7. ^ this one.

    sure, many of the programs got people back into doing work and making important progress especially in things like the AAA (basically reversing what caused the great Dust Bowl w/ our farms) and the TVA (plugging much of the South and rural areas to the electric grid), but for one thing the unemployment was still pretty bad throughout AND there was an additional recession in '37 that stymied growth... and really the Depression is considered to have continued right into WWII, and we all know how the US's industry mobilized after that.
  8. I blame the US recession on Stewacide.
  9. he's a black hole, just sucks the stimulus outta everything!
  10. He is like a minature Obama.

    Obamas gas crisis plan- tax that shit out of oil companies that make a profit and keep the current taxes on gas (unlike McCain).

    This sounds like a Stewacide. Matter of fact, I will now refer to all bad ideas as a Stewacide.
  11. This is a Stewacide. Maybe you should spend the money on something other than yourself.
  12. I'm totally spending it on leaving the country for a few weeks, just to spite them.
  13. I'm going to put $600 towards paying off student loans.
  14. Rebate for driving the country into a recession?
    That's like giving a dog a cookie for taking a shit on your carpet
  15. i gave it to al qaeda lol
  16. i like that idea. that way they'll pass the savings onto the consumers. but since the savings was a negative value... you see the awesomeness im getting at!

    they pretty much got everyone by the balls until there's a large competing energy source for transportation, which they'll probably have some hand in when the time finally comes, so all this musing about ending their tax discounts seems silly to me, when they're already at record profits despite the raised cost of production (crude).
  17. dont give a shit/ Im buying me GTA4 and xbox live with it.
  18. good plan

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