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  1. o
  2. L
  3. Turn this thread into a song by Jerk From Wisconsin & produce on CD.
  4. arf arf arf
  5. do the doggy bounce
  6. Godfatha, my skills is too tight don't even botha
    I rape yo moms, I'm yo biological fatha
    Hurd yo weak ass toonz on 102.1 the edge,
    I heard ure pubes are longer than a hedge,
    mutha #$%# I spit on yo car, ya I go that far,
    you aint got no skillz on guitar, I'm like a hole in one 2 unda PAR!
    I win this thread, mainly cuz it's dead but #$%# it yall still dread,
    when I begin to rhyme, it's frightenin like commitin a crime,
    I beat up skool children for crack, punk that yo mom? lemme see 'er rack
    givin dem titties a smack, gimme ya lunch I don't care if it's in yo favourite Dora back pack.

    When I bust cream it's so extreme, I give ya asshole a real rheme.
    Then I take a piss, strong stream, just waitin fo yo loud scream.
    There's a theme to this rap, insase you didn't notice, I be dissin you BRAP BRAP!

    Just kidding, your band is actually good, and I'd definitely meet you if I could. I sit on jus tryin to forget, that I'm a huge loser, #$%# it Ima hit the booze'r

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