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  1. Spyder or Wheelman or something is going to come in here and laugh at you hardcore. Those cars are like the epitome of shit American Cars. Not so much the other 2 but the 2 Mopar ones, definately.
  2. Spyder defends everything American against non-American people.
  3. The Beretta is a half decent car and I still see plenty of them around (there's also an Oldsmobile version but not sure if you got that in Sweden, it might have some better amenities), the rest are a definite no. I've never seen any of the others in any kind of respectable shape.
  6. Are you like super poor? Why would you even consider any of these?
  7. They're collectible in Sveeeeden?
  8. Gross.
  9. Really?
  10. OMFG @ the first one! hahahahahha check out that benz-style chevy badge LOL

    not to mention their looks. *barf
  11. AHAHA, I just noticed that.

    They don't come like that.
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    A feller 2 doors down from me has a beautiful red and black one, with a red interior. Spectacular.
  13. Nah, not really, I was just woundering.

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