Americas only supercar?

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  1. Is this Americas only supercar? where does McLaren come from? Oh yeah I forgot the Ford GT40 is about to be released and that will make 2 supercars under Americas belt.
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    The Ford GT-40 is nice and all but most U.S. cars with power are more of muscle cars, supercars are usually fairly expensive, limited production etc. Cars like the Viper and Corvette are more brutish and in the case of the viper.... take a look at its stock equipment especially ccs'(creature comforts),but the U.S. has the Saleen S7s and one of the most unheard of car companys-Vector which has been relatively silent for a bit now ever since thier M-12 was released at I think in 1996 and the W-8 is one of the rarest collectors cars only 22 made and Mclaren's lowest production was thier F1 GT longtail only 3 made, and Mclaren is made in the UK. im out of things to say except ...umm ........ er.. naw im out.
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    S7, WX3, Weigert Twin Turbo, M12, Viper, Corvette Z06(could be considered a supercar), GT, and more, but can't think of them.
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    Get the facts straight. The McLaren is European. A completely different continent than the U.S. in NORTH AMERICA. And it isn't the GT-40, for some reason ford is aloud to call it that. It will be called the GT Concept, that is if you are refering to the yellow one with a black stripe. If you are refering to the white ford with the triangle in the back with a raising spoiler, thats the GT-90. Learn about cars before you TRY to talk about them intelligently. The gt-40 is the car below that is blue with the double white stripe.
  5. dude that's a cool signature
    Americas only supercar?

    wow that's a nice signature dude. It's true adding the same $$$ amount to an american as a jap is an automatic win over the P.O.S. jap. Finally someone else is saying it too. Oh and by the way Mcclaren's r Euro That dude needs to hit the books if he is going to talk with enthusiasts.......
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    Have you ever heard of mosler??? Hennessy, lingenfelter, Callaway??? Funny cars that run the quarter a little over 4 seconds? C5-R? Viper GTS-R? Roush even? Boss? Just because you're stupid doesn't mean America doesn't make supercars.
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    this car is nuts
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    funny cars, u must be desperate for examples if u include them. y not say the F2003-GA is the best euro car u fool. to be classified as a supercar the car needs a presence that the z06 lacks, and lingenfelter et al are tuned cars, not supercars. the mosler is a good example of an american supercar though, along with the S7, and it will be called the GT40 - the Gt concept was it's name when it existed as a concept. it will become a production car under the Gt40 name.
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    i was wrong about name, it will actually be called the GT, as ford sold the name, and it will cost 10,000,000 to get it back. my bad.
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    Who they sold it to?
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    Is anybody here going to tell me that the USA doesnt have any super cars maybe you will like to take a good look at these cars and then them me if they aint super!!

    Saleen S7R, Ford Focus RS WRC, 2003 ford GT, 2000 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, 2001 Chevrolet Corvette C5R, Dodge Viper GTS-R, Mustang Cobra R.

    ONLY THING I WANT IN THIS LIFE IS A 2002 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1!!!
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    Why can't a tuner also be a supercar? What's wrong with Funny cars?
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    Im not a particurlarly big fan of american cars but its stupid to pressume that amercans dont make supercars... and the focus WRC was engineered in Britain by the Ford World rally team (i think).

    and please stop going on about tuned vettes and vipers, they arent stock so dont count.
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    Gotta love Aprilias.
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    Ok its "GT" not "GT Concept"
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    If you consider the viper a supercar then you have to consider the vette one also. They are both in the same class performance wise
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    most of the american cars are bullshit
    yea, american cars got the power with big engines... dont think its amazing
    u said Honda S200 sucks? its only a 2.0 engine. if u made it a 5.0 engine, sure it WILL beat your dream car, chevrolet camero something(forgot the name)

    anyone think i am not rite, REPLY please~~~

    ###Viper is not american car
    its designed by an european designer
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    the nissan or toyota 5.7L u were talkin about, i never heard of that
    but corvette is the best car of chevrolet, isnt it?
    however, i dont think the sedan u talked about is the best of nissan or toyota
    if they really tried to make it the best, i really dont it would have 330-350hp only
    thats wat i think, if i am not rite
    u r welcome to correct my mistake(s)
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    Actually you can buy a road going version of the C5R from General Motors for about $400 000. It's not a production car, but then again neither are a lot of the European so-called production cars. They are known as special order cars. This means you have to pay for it before they build it. Do people actually think they can just go to London with $1 million and just buy a Maclaren F1 off the showroom floor? Ya right! I bet it would take months even over a year before you could have gotten a brand new one when the '97 model came out. This also goes for other so-called production cars like the Dauer 962 LM or Ferrari Enzo. The definition of a production car means that a manufacturer has to have planned a certain number of cars to be produced and sold on the open market. Special order cars such as the really high priced exotics and other supercars do not fit this description.
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    If you knew the difference between DOHC and OHV, and horsepower and torque you would realize that your ideology is completely flawed. I'm not sure if I should even bother with this, but here it goes in a nut shell: DOHC engines usually have much less displacement because of the overhead configuration of the heads over the cylinders allows them to have similar horsepower. However, this means that the engine needs to have much higher rpms in order to achieve the same horsepower while having a narrower powerband. For instance, the S2000 with the 2.0 L DOHC I4 has to rev at 7500 rpm before it really gets at lot of power, but never gets that much torque. Torque is a measurement of how much work the engine can accomplish at one time. Another effect is that the engine heats up to higher temperatures. Therefore, they need make the blocks out of heavier metals than OHV. So while the displacement of the engine is smaller, the actual weight and physical dimensions can be comparable. For instance a 3.5 L DOHC could weigh the same as a 5.7 L OHV. A 5.0L DOHC engine would not fit in the S2000 unless maybe they modified the hood, took out the A/C, took out the heater, and put the battery in the trunk. Even if it did, the car would be completely unbalanced and have to much weight on the front end. It wouldn't perform well at all.
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    are panoz truely american? i dont know for sure because they were started by an irishman, danny panoz. and the sledgehammer vette, well i guess that depends on your definition of a supercar, as it is not a production veichle. and the S7 is more of an all round sports car, the sledgehammer vette is more of a straight line beast.
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    The name was never sold to anyone, Ford never put a copyright on the name, so someone got smart and put a copyright on the name. I think Ford offered the person a large sum of cash including the first Ford GT to hit production. Apparently the guy didnt go for it, which is why the car is called the Ford GT, and not the Ford GT40
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    Most of those cars mentioned are not production cars. As defined supercars are massed produced. So cars like the sledgehammer, ZL1 etc are not supercars by definition. The street version of the exotic cars must pass NHTSA crash testing, OBD-II emissions, and must be sold to the public as street legal machines, in order for the racing version to qualify as legal to race. Im sure there is more to it than that, but thats the general aspect of it. As far as American exotics: The Vector, currently owned by Lamborghini sporting the italian V12 engine producing around 600HP, but it used to produce close to 1200HP using a Corvette V8 engine with Garrett twin turbos before lamborghini purchased the company. The Panoz, is considered American, because it is backed up by Ford, and uses the Mustang Cobra engine. Saleen S7 is another American exotic. Ford GT. Mosler MT900s, which uses a corvette engine.
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    hey thanks for clearing both of those points up for me!

    where i live, here in the UK tuned cars like that arent exactly commonplace, or at least not ones tuned primarily for straight line speed anyway, lightwieght cars which are more focused on handling are more popular like lotuses, nobles and caterhams.

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