AMG exhausts suck power

Discussion in '2001 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG' started by benzv8, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. In the past week one of my colleagues received his new C32 AMG.
    It came with 260kw at the flywheel.
    This is not bad, especially since that equates to 111bhp/litre.
    He was speaking with some people at BEA, the local dealership and they told him the warrantee still applies even if he changes the exhaust.
    He put a completely new system on; cats, headers the works!
    He was expecting only a 5% increase, as that is what most exhaust companies tell you, for street legal cars that meet emission laws.
    However, he got an additional 35kw taking him to 295kw!!!
    That is a 13.5% increase in power.
    Now I’m pretty sure his C32AMG will beat a M3 around a track just with that minor change.
    I don’t think a M3 could get much more power from a new exhaust system because it's already fairly free flowing.
    It hits 100km/h in 4.4 seconds he was telling me.
    The C32AMG now has 124bhp/litre, I’m pretty sure this car could also give an M5 a run for its money, it is lighter and nearly as powerful.
    The M5 would corner faster though, but the C32AMG would make up some of that disadvantage, if not more, on straits.
    AMG vehicles would be a lot more competitive against BMWs if only they didn’t use exhausts that were so environmentally friendly.
    With minor adjustments an AMG vehicle can get similar or greater power to its M-counterpart and outperform it in strait lines with an automatic transmission.
    In the case of the C32AMG it can blow the M3 away just with this one modification.
    My colleagues C32AMG ran a sub 13-second quarter mile, more than a stock M5 can do or a M3, change the exhaust on either the M5 or M3 and I don’t think it will run sub 13-second 1/4 miles either.
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    Excellent... The reason that AMG exhausts are like that is that they're eco-friendly, and more of that , quiet!
    I'm sure that your friend's new exhausts are a little bit noisy... VrOUM VROUM! u know what i mean...

    and more of that, AMG models, especially new ones, with they're standart exhausts , beats every other M counterparts, and also the AMG fleet is wide , not like M division...
    From M you can only get now the M5, and the M3 coupe and cabrio,,

    While in the AMG division every mercedes produced has been tuned...

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    Benzv8, can you let us know which exhaust system your friend changed to (or which company he dealt with)? The reason why I ask is because I am considering buying a C32 as well and is considering making the same modifications he did.

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    neato... any pix ?
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    C32 - close to perfection. only 2 things: i would change to a manual transmission and modify the exhaust system.

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