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  1. I'm willing to do labor, roughneck etc.
  2. And you think these companies are picking up that type of worker at a conference in Houston?
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  4. Have you tried digging ditches?
    You should
  5. the funny thing is you guys dont even realize how much hard labor type of work i did between the ages of like 10-15.

    i have better work ethic and ability to handle shit like that better than most here.
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    holy shit, too perfect. MER MANNNN
  7. A lot of conventions have 'attached' hiring expos. But this doesn't appear to be true here.
  8. Right now, I'm just warning you that the conference you posted does not look like a good place to find an entry-level job or a labour job, before you pay the registration fee.
  9. Sorry, did not mean to ignore you.

    You may be right, but I have been speaking with someone who does work on a rig, and he said it's good for entry-level job work as well. The one you posted looks interesting as well, where did you find that?
  10. The jobs themselves are usually not that bad. Typically it's living in an isolated location with terrible climate, no women or entertainment, and high drug availability that's the problem.
  11. Yeah, no one gives a shit what you did in middle school.
  12. you beat me to it. nicely done.
  13. So how does working on an oil rig help you become a lawyer, or are you done with that already?
  14. It doesnt, but as you are well aware while in law school you can't work.

    I'd like to do two, 6 month tours on a rig, and use that cash to support me while in law school.

    taking the lsat next month actually <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  15. it doesnt but it will help him achieve his goal of becoming a millionaire before 30
  16. So basically like everywhere in Finland except more drugs...
  17. Do you know this from photos taken?
  18. He's an english professor first though!
  19. well he is a colossal failure at life so he might actually do well at that.
  20. You can work while in law school.
  21. ummm no , my sister worked all the way through law school and her masters ...

  22. are you talking about masturbating ? hard labor ...

    how would you know that you can handle shit like that better than most here ... cause there are some pretty heavy masturbaters on this site ...
  23. hey don't involve me in this
  24. Nothing can beat a 12-year-old me.
  25. Why would you not be able to work while in law school?

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