An affordable BMW with tons of style...

Discussion in '2002 BMW CS1 Concept' started by germanguy666, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. ...and I'm sure BMW won't let it roll out of the factories if it doesn't give you "sheer driving pleasure."

    this is a nice cruiser. I hope they produce it, because I think it will bring in a lot of money for BMW, since the design is nice, and its a cabriolet. most cabriolets that cost 15000 bucks are ugly.

    maybe this car isn't up to your standards, but it's up to mine because it would be good for daily driving, with tons of style at an affordable price for REAL people. it would look nice next to my black 330Ci :).

  2. Re: An affordable BMW with tons of style...

    id agree, i think this car is kinda like bmw's reach into the lower price ranges. it still holds the benchmark of quality and it looks good too

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