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  1. Yes. Choose to lose
  3. I dunno, God says Satan lies and Satan says God lies. I need a neutral judge from the UN or something to solve this matter with surveys and shit.
  4. But dude, this God guy seemed like he changed his mind so much throughout history.

    Like for instance, in the old old days he used to be all vengeful and wrathful and sending plagues and turning rivers to blood n shit. But when his lil boy Jesus came along he all of a sudden became such a softie! Talking about love n peace n forgiveness n stuff.

    Basically, the big guy's opinions on things seem to swing like a pendulum! Who knows, maybe he's really warmed to the idea of two girls getting it on! I know I used to think girl-on-girl was totally yuk, but then something happened and I really like it now!

    So yeah next time you call him could you plz just ask him to fill you in on his latest thoughts? Kthxbye
  5. I don't trust the UN.
  6. yeah but does god know why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch!?
  7. I post a lot about God, but that doesn't mean will see it
  8. THink about it this way. When you're single and in college you might experiment with drugs, many girls, lot of alcohol. Then your kid is born and you move to the suburbs, live a boring life and eat "chee-tohs" like vishes says
  9. haha
  10. Its true man.
  11. if watching 2 hot girls make out is a sin then lock me up with Satan, that's where the parties at.
  13. That's like something that's written on a t-shirt that some douchebag is probably wearing right now.
  15. Have some topless Greek #%!@ weigh their arguments on a balance. Whichever side feels her up first is more fun anyway.
  16. mattco or antipimpage
  17. Probably skipping art design class and playing his guitar outside by the university fountain with his dreadlocked hair hippy girlfriend.
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    Youtube is blocked in my office but I hope this is the right one:

  19. It's a shame your concept of god has to come from the bible.
  20. if that shirt isn't already made, wanna make it!?
  21. I can embroider that shit on a t-shirt. 15$
  22. I'll make it with u, bb. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  23. embroider. i like that word
  24. embroider!?

    maybe you should crochet me the shirt too, nancy.
  25. no that guy has some gay shirt on that says like "Free the whales" or something.

    This douchebag is probably sitting on a couch playing XBOX™ with Spyder757 with his clever trucking meshed cap on, and the trucking meshed cap says something stupid like "GETTING LUCKY IN KENTUCKY".

    Spyder757's girlfriend is at WalMart spending Spyder757's paycheque on things like scented candles and throw pillows and towels that have FORD MUSTANG logos on them.

    Afterwards they might watch "GOOD LUCK CHUCK" on Spyder757's new blue ray machine.

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