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  1. zzzUltimateFAAAAGGGGGGzzzzz
  2. he could finance it and make payments.
  3. he should ask his wife first.
  4. it was a suggestion...

    don't blow a head gasket
  5. olol a car related pun!
  6. dont start leaking oil!!

  7. I thought his greatest lie was concinving the world he didn't exist?
  8. The UN is run by JEWS, and we all know what THEY thought of JESUS!
  9. don't overtighten your oil filter!!
  10. this made me chuckle
  11. haha! even better
  12. Don't stop changing the fluid in your automatic transmission, and then years go by and all the gunk and debris that's built up in there is the only thing providing the friction that between your clutch packs and keeping your transmission working. Then all of a sudden you change it and with the new clean fluid it doesn't work at all then you need a transmission rebuild.

  13. it was a suggestion...

    don't blow a head gasket
  14. Sorry.
  15. Don't change it. I don't recommend you do.

    The only time they ever do get changed is under warranty by some apprentice pothead idiot and then a year later your transmission is fUcked.

    Leave it sealed up, an automatic transmission should be the most trouble-free part of your car.

    /sirious post

    edit: You're talking about some F1 gimmickery with your clutch packs and your whozzits and whatnots.
  16. careful, you might hit the REV LIMITEr.

    /that was bad sorry
  17. Haha, mine was serious too other than the LOLOLLOLOLS, if you're changing it at regular intervals from new it's fine, but if you get a used car and have no idea when it was changed yeah, definitely don't drain it.
  18. I'll never get tired of these.
  19. I wish you guys wouldn't lust after those videos
  20. I have a service receipt for mine dated almost 1 yr ago for transmission flush, and now I notice that it slips from 2nd to 3rd, so like ugh... now I have to #$%# aruond with that to fix it because some idiot #$%#ed it up.

    edit: I just bought the car.
  21. holiness>sanity

    alright buddy?
  22. Yeah, it had almost certainly gone a long while without any regular changes before that "flush", which probably flushed out enough friction generating materal to cause that, making both the owner and whoever serviced it assholes.
  23. It's warranty service, I think they have to follow manufacturer's recommendations.

    Oh well. whatever.
  24. Out here in the summer it's flip flops and a wife beater on the CBR600RR
  25. Wow, what was I thinking?! You're right.

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