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Discussion in '1999 Dodge Charger R/T Concept' started by ivanhoe, Aug 9, 2002.

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    U ameriacans need to get your heads out of our asses!!! It's running on CNG because it is supossed to be safe for the enviroment, not just f...... fast! U need to think about the enviroment and less about cheap gasoline...
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    cool but will it make the production line?
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    All the whiners complaining about the CNG engine in this beast and saying it ought to be changed are all missing the point - this car is meant to represent performance WITHOUT filthy emissions. This car is treading new ground, and should be applauded.
    As for four doors, what is wrong with that? It just means that you can beat Camaros and Mustangs with the kids in the back - that just makes it all the more embarrassing for the losing driver. As someone pointed out earlier, no one holds the sedan configuration of the M5 against it - why hold it against this? And Comunista, you make a good point for four doors (thats right, I read all of the posts).
    And all of you people claiming to be Mopar fans that turned on this car, I have news for you - you aren't Mopar fans.
    Personally, I think that there is only one major flaw with this car - it hasn't made it to production. Yet. (Heres hoping...)
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    i like this but if they build it it wont have as much content as the concept
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    Ill tell you why they made it a four door. Its because a 2 door of the same size is ridiculous.

    They wanted to keep a similar size charger as the old one. But you could not get away with a 2 door charger the same size as the old one, so instead of makin it smaller, they made it slighlty larger inside and added 2 more doors. I personnaly think it's a good Idea. Now this car can compete with a Maxima and bring it down to size.
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    Hmmm I also do not like the four doors. But hey this is only a concept.... Hopefully it has two doors in the end. But if it does, the least I want is Suicide doors. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Do you know for sure or not if they're going to but four doors on this beast? Pretty intresting topic!
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    whats wrong with 4 doors? the fact that you can fit people in more easily makes it better
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    About damn time finally an american company has gotten the balls to rival inmports without trying to become an import.(*cough* Neon, Focus, Cavalier; *cough* they are crap *cough* *cough*) This could be a revival of the past without going back to bellbottom pants, spandex and all the other things wed like to forget. My only question is if it will be alternative fuel ready so we eventually run ourselves back to the gas crisis thanks to best bang for the buck cars like this, the mustangs, the camaros, the firebirds, and etc.


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    as cool as this car is, many companies have been puting this into practice in their concept cars jsut in case they have to use it.

    for example ford can use their current diesel engine in trucks to power cars (as in police interceptor concept). when they used the powerstroke in the concept, they ran it on propane and it made 450 hp or so and 675 torque, this is good on a truck and awsome on a car(especialy the police interceptor which is a crown vic, that would make it a spercar in terms of performance). the technology has been there for years people just dont buy it so htey dont make it.

    fact, alcohol makes far more power than gasoline when used in combustion engines, and it burns clean enough to be ulev like the toyota and honda hybrids. fro me personaly i dont even care about mpg it is the emmissions that realy matter.

    in the states people ***** about gas prices, but theyve been in the 1.10 - 1.30 price range for like 20 years, even if gas goes up to 2.00/gallon that only costs you 5$ at the pump so who cares. i spend $20 every time i fill up, what is an extra $20 a month matter.for all those who ***** about gas prices i want to see you drive a hybrid or a geo metro or some vw diesel. if 5$ is that important to you then you shouldnt drive anything that gets less than 50mpg in the city or you should ride a bike, itd be good for you.
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    alternative fuel sorces let you be environmentaly friendly and and they make your car faster too.
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    For those of you applauding the CNG effort, recognize that more pwer can be achieved by burning methanol rather than gasoline, let alone natural gas. Were this car powered by methanol, I'd have no complaints. If it's good enough for the Indy, it's good enough for street use. It burns clean, and its byproduct is water. Much more appropriate choice than CNG.
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    Methanol for public use? Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't methanol highly volatile. I know there are a lot of safety measures taken with other fuel sources like CNG, but I have seen CART races where the methanol has caught fire. Burning methanol has invisible flames. I don't know too much about the environmental friendliness of the fuel, but it seems like it poses a great human threat. Don't forget, CART and NHRA and whatever other racing sanctions have highly trained and equiped teams ready to go in the even of an accident.
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    This is a muscle car at heart, and muscle cars typically have 2 doors, but we shouldn't be burdened by heritage. The old chargers were really nothing like this, except they were also powerful and awesome. So we should allow Dodge to change things if it works better. And this might. It's too bad they chose this car to showcase some CNG deal, I guess trying to get some hippies and gearheads to agree. But both might be alienated. I still love this car though, cause I'm a little of both. Personally, I just think they should throw the new hemi in a rwd stratus. Bam!
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    one of my all time favorites is an '69 charger rt/10 and i dreamt of buying this car ever since i took my driving license but until now i founf none for sale, what made the charger the leading muscle car was the magnum V8 7.2 liter engine with a blowout hp of 700 Hp if u don't believe me check the car out increase the torque on the car and u get a fast and furiuse peice of machinery the new car is nice but needs gasoline engines , the superchargers make amazing increase to power and torque. the four door quite the contrary helps decrease the hassle four rear seaters i just hope they reintroduce those engines they had on '69 the rt/10 id buy this as son as it arrives
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    nice post

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    With reguards to that methanol idea:
    Methanol, although it enhances performance, would drive up development costs of engines and powertrains. methanol burns at much higher temperatures than gasoline and other hydrocarbons. Not to mension, it puts much more stress on the engines. If we all drove around in cars powered by methanol, our engines would all have to be retrofitted and even after that, they would still blow their headers every once in awhile. The reason that they use methanol in race cars is because those engines are rebuilt several times throughout the racing season so that highly stressed parts can be replaced and/or fixed.
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    eh its nice but ill stick with my vette thank you
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    I didn't read all the pages on this topic, but I've seen a lot about the CNG engine and stuff, and people asking if this car is going into production. I love the old Chargers, so when I heard about this one I went looking for answers. I believe it was hidded deep in the Dodge home page, but this car IS making production; however, the natural gas engine is out. Instead they are going back to the roots and putting the new 345hp, 5.7L Hemi in the car. I believe it is slated to be released as either a 2004 or 2005 model.
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    God this thing is as ugly as every other dodge or dodge concept.
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    Yeah, musclecars are the way to go if you want to drive fast!

    Look, if they wanted to build this like the old charger, they'd have displayed a concept with the Viper engine, rusting bodywork by Fiat, and brakes pinched from a neon. But they didn't. Instead, KNOWING that some emission standards really do need to be adhered to for the benefit of people n congested cities, they decide: Hmm, what about making a ULEV charger?

    SO off they go, working damn hard to try and make a ULEV 4 seater musclecar. It has advantages in so many areas over current ponycar coupes. It combines everything needed in a car that'll survive emission laws and yet still let people get a kick when driving. CNG is not stupidly unsafe like methanol. It's globally available.

    Bloody hell, if I had a choice of this and a stang or camaro, this thing would win hands down. CNG is at least a third of the price of petrol here. 4 door cars have lower insurance premiums. And you're knocking it? Can you not retract your head from your own anus for just a second, and see that while it may not be exactly what you want, the car beats the living crap out of nearly every other base model sedan in the world?

    God damn.
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    nicely put!
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    nicely put!
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    Very Much an Outrage that Dodge would remake the Charger With out a ^ pack Hemi Under the Hood, Shit they made a damn Heavy Duty Truck with a Hemi why not a Muscle Car Conecpt!
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    this car runs on cng because california passed a law that bans any kind of emissions after 2009 (from new cars) so new ways of powering cars are being looked at. good hting i dont live in california<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Ok lets try to get some facts straight

    Some say the Charger is dead, but Motor Trend has it at a 2004 release. I find this unlikely as many parts seem undecided adn we do not have many stats. Does anyone have up to date info?

    Apparently they were considering t-top, but no longer are. Do you think Dodge will off the charger with a sunroof?

    4 wheel drive vs rear weel drive, I have heard 4 wheel might be an option, anyone else hear anyhting about this?

    What differences do u see happening between the concept car and the prodoction model? Obviously the handles are going to have to be more visible and accessible

    Love the car, yes even the 4 doors. I even like the cost saving natural gas engine htat I guess is scratched if the Charger is released. Those huge radio and HVAC controls look rediculous. Also the window buttons shouldn't be in the middle in an american car. Where is the e-break?

    Overall an great car though and if it is a 04 model there is a good chance I could get one. I would love to know any updates you all have. Thanks

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