An Outrage!

Discussion in '1999 Dodge Charger R/T Concept' started by ivanhoe, Aug 9, 2002.

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    How do you like it??
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    Why isnt there any 1967-1969 Chargers on this site????? The old chargers definetly belong on here!!
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    Well, nothing can replace the HEMI!
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    I'm with you, man! Keep the classic look!
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    Well i would just wish for them to bring this beast out. Or if they dont. Dodge needs to bring out a good muscle car. The SRT-4 is ok but thats sport compact. Something to compete with the camaros and mustangs.
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    YES, defenitly, need something to go kill mustangs and camaros once again, as they did in the 60's... well theres the Viper, but how many people do u know that can afford it? They need a mid priced muscle car and none of this sport compact stuff, like the srt-4. thats fun to play around with, but only to show civic drivers that there are other cars in this world than civics with euro lights.
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    Funk this car. another half-assed job brought to you by Dodge. First off, it won't ever get built, so don't get your hopes up. Second off, no car on CNG should be allowed to take a name from a car famous in part for its reckless abandon in its use of good ol' fashioned leaded fuel. No CNG muscle cars, No 4 door sedan muscle cars (remember the 4-door Bel Air? Neither do I. Because everyone wanted the 2 door, the 4 door was ugly) Haha dodge, you used to be cool, but now you are like a 90 year old white guy with a walker trying to make gangsta rap. Just stick to what you do, and be an american company for God's sake! The Viper is what you do. Take a look at that formula. Use less exotic materials, use an available platform, similar engine (maybe only 350-400bhp, but it would still fly!) there's your successful muscle car! Hell, want to save more money? Screw Gas mileage! our gas right now is almost as cheap as it was (relatively speaking, of course) in the late 1960's. Build cars that run on alternate fuel, but not a goddamn muscle car! I know that we may run out of fuel soon, but we're not out yet! People from other countries can't complain about it, either, because you guys get cheaper alcohol!
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    The LS1 Ram Air F-bodies come with a purposely underestimated 325 hp and 350 lbs. of torque (GM Rating is 320 hp and 345 tq for the Ram Air). This car looks heavy, so i would say NO, NOT EVEN THIS CAR COULD BEAT UP ON THE F-BODIES, and probably barely the Mustangs.
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    An R/T neon will not even come close to beating up on an ls1/lt1 V-8 F-body or sn-95+ mustang
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    i see Ram Air F-bods run 12s all day long, but stock??? i know air mods (LTs, catback, intake) will get them in the 12s easy, but bone stock??? that's a little questionable...
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    i thought it was established decades ago that V8s make power cheaper than 4 bangers... by the time you made a neon as fast as a same year v8 f-bod, you'd be equal in price if not more. then to make it faster you'd be way in over your head
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    Whoooo ok, no faith??? and it WILL be built.. says so. and most likely, (im thinking) they're gonna have the 5.7 hemi option, chryslers gonna use it in the 300C, and a few other cars by chrysler and dodge plan on using it, so why wouldnt they use it for this one?? ITS A CHARGER!! they better remake it the way it should be done, and im sure they'd drop the 2 doors in the back, at least id really, really hope so.
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    THIS SUXX!! They didn't put a hemi V8 in it but some natural gas thingy!:-
  14. Will be in GT4

    This car is said to appear in Gran Turismo 4, coming out April 30th of 2004. SWEET! And yeah, wont be a concept for too long, comes out in 06... yeah, im definetly gettin one, like right off the show room asap. And yeah, its gonna be an RT with the Hemi. RESSURECTION OF THE CHARGER... ill go kill some 01 camaros... just like the good ol' days, except not! lol
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    i like it, but whens it comin out!!!!!
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    Rumor is it'll be an 06 model, so probably fall of 05. Id LOVE to see this come out. It'll be a great grad present from high school when I graduate, but I'd have a hard time choosing this or an 05 Mustang GT....
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    #$%#the doors
    the biggest problem is the 7.0L engine, where the #$%#is it
    we want more power, come on dodge do what the americans do best
    we want more power!
  18. I think you should stick to reviewing the car, my friend. It sounds like you got a little hate going on there. Hate does more danmage to vessel in which it is stored than to the object upon which it is poured. Passing judgement on people you don't know just because you hate the car!! It's easy to call out wimps on the internet when you're far away and faceless isn't it? Don't get me wrong, I agree with you about the car but the other stuff about people not being allowed to drive...that's crap! If people drive dangerously witout regard or are inept of the rules, then they don't deserve to drive but if they can drive they can drive whatever car they want!!!!!!!!!And they deserve it like everyone els!!!!! And in the process of pointing finger fools are born. All the bravado and machismo in the damn world amounts to nothing in the end.
  19. Shut up.

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