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  2. thats not the Stig.
  3. Oh yeah right...
  4. Pure marketing and nothing else. The real stig actor/driver must be pissed.
  5. See this is just a stunt, the stig simply skinned Schumacher and wore his face like a mask. Here is the real face of the stig.
  6. schumi probably was going to let ben collins drive his FXX around the track so he did it himself

    anyways the ending of the show was epic.
  7. Pretty awesome if true
  8. Everyone knows Ben Collins is the Stig.
  9. Yes, and this is the way they are skirting the subject.

    It's a stunt (a pretty good one too), but if anybody is taking it seriously, they really need to re-evaluate their life.
  10. would be so awesome if schumi really was the stig
  11. MS was only the Stig for one single episode but respect to BBC for managing to get MS to their show!
  12. It's Jame May that is the Stig.
    Think about it, You never see him and the Stig in picture at the same time and it would be the perfect cover.
    You know Superman and Clark Kent, The Stig and Captain Slow. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  13. FXX lap time?!?!?
  14. Yepp.
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    MSC's FXX is "standard" (!!!!) or the FXX Evo 860Hp?
  16. the fxx belongs to schumacher, so that's why he was the stig this episode. someone else is the stig, not michael. also the fxx should be removed from the board as it is not road legal.
  17. ... Ferrari MUST BE NOT the 1st...
  18. The DBR9 did it in 1.08. The Renault F1 lapped the track in less than a minute. FERRARI IS NOT THE 1ST INDEED
  19. lol he is the question and the asnswer
  20. they do have a separate board for racing cars. it isn't road legal so i don't see why it should go to the top of road car list.
  21. I'm the Stig!
  22. For the FXX yes.
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    "almost as much power as an F1 car!"

    must be the evo eh
  24. F1 cars have less than 860hp. More like 750 tops.
  25. also no lap time in reasonably priced car = fail

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