And they said domestics suck.

Discussion in '1998 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe' started by sk8erjo21, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Some queer said his eclipse was faster than any domestic. what a #%$. a stock jap is so much slower than a stock domestic. this gap gets biger the more modifyed the cars get. japs just suck, im sorry.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah I agree with you those imports suck a lot of wang.
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    Imports are the new revolution in car manufacturing, thats why their not building camaros anymore
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    Imports (japanese ones atleast) will forever get killed by american muscle. And the reason they are ending this is because A. the mustangs are selling a hell of a lot morre than this, B. the insurance on this stuff is too high for the camaros main market, young males and C. too many people buy into the F&F image and think that their civic can win races with body kits and stickers, dropping the sales of true performance cars.
    and P.S- japanese cars will ofrever be economy cars!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    I respect your opinion, but GTR, Supra, NSX, Evo, WRX, 300ZX, 3000GT, arent economy cars, their sports and/or supercars.
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    i can name some muscle cars that will rape the hell out of those cars. the corvette and the viper. and the camaros and trans am werent stopped because imports are taking over the car world(which they arent) you piece of shit
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    Couldn't agree more. and the only jap crap fans can do is complain about pushrods vs. technology. Honestly..... I dont see the downside to a pushrod? I love american cars, but since these dumb jap crap dumbasses are so fu*cked in the head, that its causing us to turn against each other cuz we have no competition, (mustang owner here). But i love all american cars, and all these people can talk about is a HKS supra, or some 1000 hp skyline. Gee i wonder if u can walk into a toyota or nissan dealership and pick up a car like that. Didn't think so, but u certainly can with the SS.
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    ok whatever have ever heard of taking the time to make improvments an it doesn't happen over night just wait they will be back and the imports won't be able to keep up. because the v8 is getting the same amount or better gas mileage than imports are. look it up!
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    Dude! American Muscle will always rape an import. End of story.
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    They're not building Camaros because they were being outsold by their rival and American Mustangs, you dumbass.
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    first of all, it depends a lot on the driver. i know a lot of shitty ass drivers out there with dope cars. secondly, i dont know what you guys are saying....this car sucks...redlining at 5200...straightaway, it could probably have a chance next to an import, but on the track, an import of the same caliper would RAPE this car. i bet this cant handle at all
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    People like you are what brings the IQA of these forums down, for every American car in its class, there's a Japanese car that can either equal it, or outperform it. N1 Skyline (yes it's a production car, just like the SVT Cobra-R Mustang) is faster than the viper and Corvette, NSX-R dominates both your listed cars on the track (Nurburgring is the only track it's been on, and neither has come within 3 seconds of the NSX-R's time) - and that with just a mere 290hp, WRX dominates all Mustangs in its class (except for the SVT Cobra-R, at least in speed, but wait till the 300hp, 300lbft STI comes here this summer). Civic Type-R dominates the only American car in its class, the Focus ST-170 (SVT Focus in North America).

    To say that they are no faster than American cars is true, to say that "American cars will rape the hell out of all Japanese imports" is a complete load of crap perpetuated by those insecure in the idea that perhaps their patriotic faith in their cars is mislead.

    Don't worry though, American cars are for the most part faster (at least than the North American versions), and maybe the "good ol' American Muscle" will live through the barrage of performance hybrids we'll see from Japan over the next 10 years ( guys do know about the AWD Hybrid NSX that's on its way here right? 400hp, 450lbft torque, over 40mpg, 0-100km/h in just over 3.0) I mean if the US Gov. keeps up with its additional tax on hybrids, and tax breaks for Gas guzzling SUV's, it will be worth it (at least on purchase) for people to continue buying domestic.

    So often, people who claim Japanese imports are slow, have no idea whatsoever what's available outside North America, learn a little about cars outside your country for crying out loud.

    BTW - there's one form of racing Domestic manufacturers will NEVER be able to touch, that's rally racing, and don't even come back with any arguments about the Focus doing well in the WRC, because you will be shot down so fast you won't have any idea what hit you, it hasn't done nearly as well as so many die-hard Domestic fans seem to believe.
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    WRX...290 hp? hahaha thats a good one... maybe the STi
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    There are many reasons why American Muscle is inferior to imports. Let's take for example a 98 SS Camaro, a V8 American Muscle car. Also the topic of this forum. And let us pit it up against a reasonable Japanse import, a 98 MR2 turbo, an I-4 Turbo. Camaro comes with 320hp and weighs in at 3360lbs. The 98 MR2 turbo comes with 245hp and weighs in at 2600lbs. The Camaro runs the 1/4 mile at 13.9 seconds stock. The MR2 runs the 1/4 mile at 13.8 seconds stock. Not that much quicker but it still beats it. However, the MR2 is not set up for 1/4 mile, but it could be, it is a track car with an MR setup, hence MR2, meaning mid-engine rear wheel drive. The top speed of a Camaro is 160 mph, the Top speed of a MR2 is 160 mph. The pricing is where both cars differ. Camaro base price $20,000 and up, the base price for MR2 $18,000 and up. Both sports cars, but the medal goes to the MR2. In just about every catergory the MR2 wins. Another thing is that Japanese imports are just so much more efficient that Domestics. MR2's have a 2 liter engine and get 120hp per liter. The SS Camaro gets 56hp per liter. MR2's get better gas mileage also, 23/27 while the camaro gets 18/27. The Toyota also is a more reliable car, as it is a Toyota those things never die. For every domestic car there will be an import car that can perform as well and most of the time better. Imports have the advantage over Domestics as they are lighter and produces a lot of power. Don't get me wrong, Domestics can produce power to but it is inefficient. What's the point of producing 400hp when you have to drag a 3500-4000lbs car. When a real import sports car can produce 400hp but they'll be dragging a 2000-3000 lbs car. A camaro with 400hp would be running about low 13's high 12's. An MR2 with 400hp would be running about low 10's high 9's. I don't understand the people who are staunchly defending their "American Muscle".
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    well said.
    i was thinking of this v a 1993 supra tt.
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    the 13.9 is wrong. my teachers brother has a camaro z28 stick that ran a 13.6 stock. the stats are wrong because gm didnt want people buying the camaros and firedbirds over the "legendary" corvette. i dont know if this is true but if you read on a forum at it says a stock ss ran a 12.7. i dont believe it but who knows.
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    i hate to break this to you, but your skyline is slower than this car, the viper and the corvette. there is no way in HELL your car can keep with the handling of these 3. the fastest "production" skyline on this site runs a 13.7, which in that case, is slower than all of these. ill throw in a few more for the kill.

    1) Chevy Corvette - 13.0, and the Z06 Corvette - 12.2
    2) Dodge Viper - 12.4, and the SRT-10 - 11.7
    3) Chevy Camaro z-28 - 13.6, and the Camaro SS - 13.2
    4) Pontiac Trans Am - 13.6 and the Trans Am WS6 - 13.1
    5) Ford Mustang GT - 14.0 and the Mustang Cobra - 12.9
    6) GMC typhoon - 13.6 and the GMC Syclone - 13.4 (a truck, heh)
    7) Ford Lightning - 13.8 (also a truck)

    and for the hell of it...
    8) Shelby Cobra 427 - 11.2 and the Daytona Coupe - 11.4
    they're still reporduced so it still counts.

    all stats are stock

    now, some of these are only 1/4 mile cars. like the GMC, the lightning, and the mustangs. but the new Cobra had some decent specs for it. the track cars could be the rest of those not listed in the 1/4 mile car list.

    as you see, all of these cars are faster, and are cheaper, excluding the viper. now, if you want this skyline in america, you are looking at around $90,000 to get one i read. it doesnt seem worth it with these cars in being such performers. and the NSX is $100,000 basically, not many can afford that and i did read that the Z06 did better that than it Nurburgring, and has better gas mileage, heh. the Civic Type-R runs a 16.1, whis is absolutely horrible. the SVT focus runs a 15.6 and the Dodge SRT-4 runs a 14.1, still, are better domestic cars available in the "import" category. i dont know what else to say but, i am "educated" in cars, and i give it to domestic on this round.
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    No they arent and the reason why Camaros are stoped being built is because they will be brought back with a full new design and engine.
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    You are highly uninformed. You are engaging in magazine racing at it's best. I imagine you have no real world experience. Bring me any stock 2000 MR2 and I will spank it in my 2000 Z28. Okay to be fair, my Z28 does have an aftermarket exhaust, so find a Mr2 that is stock except the exhaust and I will beat it. I will beat it in the quarter and I will beat it on the top end.

    Hp/liter is the absolute worst argument I have ever seen. It really makes you look uneducated.

    Oh yeah and on the highway I routinely pull 30 MPG in my Z28.
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    BMW is KING,

    You have shown your lack of knowledge. Line up your little Beemer against a 1LE Camaro and it'll run you around the track.
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    Before I say anything I would like to say that when I own a nice car (I'm only 15, but rest assured, I will own a nice car) it WILL be a domestic, but I like the import industry too. Too many people are putting a big spoiler, and a noisy muffler on their little honda and thinking they have a nice car. The fast and the furious image is nice, but there are too many very poor attempts.
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    thank you for that comment, windhamjk, referring back to my last comment--I was only talking about image, when it comes to performance...domestics are king of the road.
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    japanese cars arent the only imports by the way.
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    Who really cares if your car can go fast in a straight line? Take them out onto a track and see who wins, instead of saying one of them is 0.1 of a sec faster over 1/4 mile.

    1/4 mile times are just another retarded american thing I guess.
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    Quote from JAp Is CraP
    i can name some muscle cars that will rape the hell out of those cars. the corvette and the viper. and the camaros and trans am werent stopped because imports are taking over the car world(which they arent) you piece of shit

    find one corvette or viper that will rape a BLitz R-348 skyline u moron
    grow a brain b4 u flame japanese cars.......redneck

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