And you think yours is big?!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by unrelated, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. I saw this at Chincoteague island. This thing is massive. I was there with my friend's Ram 2500 and it's nothing as compared to this monster.

  2. And my friend's Ram 2500
  3. one more

    and my friend's 2500
  4. Why won't the pics show?!
  5. Sweet. Those kick ass, those 6500-series Chevy/GMC or F-650 Ford medium-duty commercial trucks made into massive pickups.

    I'd like to take a new Chevy C6500 and put an altered Express LWB 3500 van body on it, to make the ultimate conversion van.
  6. Those new International pickups are freaking massive, whats epecially cool about them is if you get them with a regular truck bed, they are classified as a pickup.
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  8. Yeah, that the model. Not the greatest looking, but sweet nonetheless. I prefer the Kodiak for overall looks.
  9. I've seen bigger on the road...shall I share? I took pics. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  10. Wow, its big enough without the dualies.
  11. i drive super duty trucks at least once a week during the summer. i was supposed to drive a 650, but the deal changed and i drove a 550 instead. it was awesome, because it had a 5 speed, and i could launch it in 3 gear without struggle.
  12. I saw a Ram over here in England, the thing was so big it couldnt Fit in one lane, the one i saw had 4 wheels at the back though.
  13. that's called a dually, for more traction in towing and stuff.
  14. Not more traction most F-250s and Chevy 2500's tow more than the F-350 and 3500 counterparts, the reason why F-350's and 3500's have duallies is weight distrobution, they have much higher payload than F-250's and 2500's. Anyways my fav of medium/heavy duty trucks are the Kodiaks=monsters.
  15. was that a 650 super crewser??? those are badass trucks... more room than first class seats in a 777
  16. The kodiacs/Topkicks are ugly when compared to that 6500. Plus can you buy the Kodiacs for personal use like the 6500. The 6500 = better than Kodiac

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