Anliker SLR 999 Red Gold Dream

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Lennard, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Uhm, wut?
  2. dream? more like a frikin nightmare
  3. hahah hurts my eyes so much
  4. oil rich = idiot
  5. Please tell me its a full Chinese copy and not an actual SLR.
  6. What a waste of my favorite GT
  7. This is so wrong, in so many ways that we don't even know where to begin from. The monstrous eyesore you're looking at is called Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream and it's the work of Swiss designer (???) Ueli Anliker who claims to have spent more than 30,000 man hours and about 5 million SF, which comes to around $4,35 million US or €3,3 million, to complete the 24k gold festooned SLR. Both numbers sound absurd, but hey, we didn't expect to hear something rational from someone who obliterates a McLaren SLR in such an 'uber' kitschy kind of way.

    The 'Fast and Furious' SLR comes with more gold than a wing at Fort Knox as even the exterior paint job is speckled with the precious metal. Talking about wings, take Ueli Anliker dressed Merc's supercar in a full bodykit that makes ASMA's tuning proposals look like a work of art. And let's not talk about the interior...

    The SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream made its debut at this week's the Swiss tuning show, Auto Emotionen (April 24 to 26) in the city of Berne.

  8. #$%#ing ricers
  9. That's absolutely perfect, I'd only change the wheels and the bumpers, maybe switch to a tobacco leather/alcantara interior, remove all the gold and replace it with silver, replace the wing for the factory standard, put the exhaust back on the front and ditch the side skirts, paint it black, shoot to death that transvestite looking girl standing besides the car and set fire to the house of the dude that conducted the mods, with him trapped inside.
  10. Would actually be fun to drive just to see the look on people's faces.
  11. AHHHHHHHHH my freaking eyes
  12. unbelievable
  13. look, even a slutty model who knows nothing about cars is embarrassed to be seen near it.
    Therefore, this car is worse than lying on a soggy mattress in an old warehouse while a greasy taxi driver has his way with you.
  14. lol @ the front. looks like a train

    lol @ thai she-male in the first pic

    lol @ at whoever actually spent money on this
  15. +1
  16. So he "spent 5mln CHF" or is that how much he wanted for the job?

    Serious now, with that money the man could just buy food for a poor african country for 100 years from now
  18. It does not even look real.
  19. I hate humans.
  20. that's maybe the worst thing i've ever seen
  21. LOL and UGH

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