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  1. this car isn't fast cause it ain't sposed to be. Hello! were talkin bout MAzda here...<!-- Signature -->
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    announcement: your a dumbass
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    No crap, at least speak correctly when you are trying to dis this fine automobile. Any one that actually owns a MCLaren F1, or wants to own one, should probably act like it.
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    What do you mean that its a mazda, by saying its a mazda your refering to it as being fast am i correct? I mean look at the RX-7 it is fast, realible, and its a legend. But if your saying that its not fast compared to the Mclaren, what domestic car is?<!-- Signature -->
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    So now you think that all mazdas are slow. Ill put the 787b up against the mclaren anyday.<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah, this car cant be as fast as the Mclaren, since this is a 25,000-30000 dollar car, compared to the Mclaren, which is a million-dollar car.

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