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  1. Im selling my trans am in the next couple of weeks and want a newer car except My little brother said he would sell his 96 jeep cherokee for $2000 that runs perfectly but has 175,000 miles on it. Two cars I've been looking at are a 99-00 mustang gt and a 98-00 Z28. The thing is I dont really like 4th gen f-bodies because of the horrible experiences with the trans am. I really want a reliable car that could last be for the next 4-5 years of my life.
  2. How much do you have to spend?
  3. Go drive whatever tickles your fancy, and make sure to drive them hard. Look at EVERYTHING on the car so you dont get another crapper like that T/A.
  4. I personally would go with an LS1 Z28... Well Trans Am actually, cuz they're tons better than Camaros... But whatever.

    Just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean they're all bad. You just got a bad one is all. However I have more personal experience with Mustangs thanks to my dad, and I have no problem saying that the Mustang GTs are sweet too. So if you're panties are REALLY in that much of a twist over the Camaro, a GT would be fine for something different.
  5. it's unfortunate that you had a bad experience with that TA.
  6. I have probably about 9 grand at most, thats if i get 5 for the trans am.

    Im not totally ruling out an LS1, because I've been told the quality is way up on them, and LS1s so far have had such a great track record. I dont know.
  7. exactly what quality are you talking about that is way up on the 98+ cars? They're the same damn thing other than the engine. Your problems with your LT1 are just weird.
  8. Miata.

    or a decent mileage 95 slobra i guess
  9. Save your money and get a good new car. $9k is a good down payment.
  10. im only making $10 an hour and am still in high school, hopfullly if i get hired onto the fire department i will in the next two years. Right now i just want a decent car that looks good and wont break down on me like my T/A has. The 9 grand would be a loan. The trans am is far from payed off. If i had a 9 grand down payment an 03 cobra would be in my drivway tomarrow.

    A miata would actually be pretty cool. If i put some nice wheels on it and a roll bar it would look pretty nice. How are they for a daily driver? Does anybody know?
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  12. I've seen a couple WRXs close to my price range, im sure that would kill me on insurance though.
  13. instead of settleing on something sporty that you aren't really that interested in just buy some cheap commuter car and save for something you really want a little bit down the line.
  14. yeah, thats what ill probably end up doing. My brothers cherokee would be a good car. Its not had any problems over the last year hes had it, either that or a miata.
  15. does the cherokee have the 4.0/4.2L straight six? if you I've been told they have overheating problems.
  16. Actually I would bet that insurance on an LS1/GT would be a lot higher for a kid your age. The WRX has awd which is safer in different weather conditions, along with a smaller motor. The insurance rates shoot up with a few things for high schoolers:

    1) manual trans
    2) rwd
    3) bigger motor like a v8
    4) class of vehicle such as sports car.

    The WRX is a 4 door sedan, although its fast, its not looked upon as heavily as an american v8. Hope that helps. Good luck with your purchase <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  17. Yeah its got the 4.0, but we've never had any problems with it, and he drives like an idiot.

    Actually you'd be suprised about the insurance. We have a 2002 mustang gt and when we were thinking about a wrx wagon, they told us it would "go up substantially because of the two young drivers."

    Two many wannabe rally racers wraping them around trees.
  18. Dang, i have never heard of insurance going up from a mustang to a wrx. Simply cause you could basically insure a corvette for less then a mustang. I have AAA, and there theory is that most teenagers drive and crash mustangs. While corvette drivers are usally older and slower drivers. Just saying wow cause u would think the rate would go down from a mustang to a wrx.
  19. lolwut

    just read F1LMmycars' and fordrapings' posts
  20. If the Jeep is an auto be wary.

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