Another Angry Chinese Driver.

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    Between this and the Gallardo... maybe the way they treat cars is part of the problem?

    A man in Shenyang, China was reportedly so frustrated with his 2010 Land Rover Range Rover breaking down that he towed it back to the dealer and asked for a full refund. To add a little insult to his heady request, the spurned owner towed the stricken SUV with a pair of donkeys.

    Apparently the guy paid ¥2 million (about $304,000) for the English SUV in 2010. Since the purchase, the car reportedly broke down six times and eventually needed a new engine. When it died a seventh time, the owner was apparently at wit's end. The stunt managed to hammer the point home in a much less destructive manner than a certain Lamborghini owner recently chose. According to Asian auto news outlet TheTycho, the doubtlessly dumbfounded dealer refused to give the customer a refund.
  2. i wonder how many of these problems are caused by the cars being serviced at non-dealer mechanics that are not trained properly and use un-approved products/fluids/etc.
  3. I bet he said SUCK MY FAT TITS.
  4. the fuel
  5. Or not serviced at all
  6. no
    the car is english
  7. it's a rangerover, ofcourse it will break down.
  9. There are many cases like this. Over the years I had seen many posts on Chinese car forums regarding expensive cars gotten towed or smashed in China. That Gallardo case was nothing new either. Back in 2004 there was a Mercedes S-Class that ended up like that for the same reasons as the Gallardo.
  10. It really makes me wonder what kind of service/maintenance network is actually set up over there. As well as what the fuel quality is, as someone else mentioned.
  11. China is what north Korea would be like if they had money.
  12. S300.000 for a Range Rover?? HE'S THE ASS!!!
  13. thats what i was gonna say what kinda R spends that much on a shit car #$%#

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