Another bike design.

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  1. Spent the last month on this. Just inked it over the last 2 days and haven't gotten around to erasing the pencil marks. There might still be some stylistic things I want to throw in and the pencil marks help me visualize them.

    Threw in two of my older designs as well, these are gradually getting more involving for me and as a result more fun. I'm getting the hang of the framework and engine components locations, as well as suspension pieces, but the fairings still come out alittle unrealistically. Oh well, next time.

    MF 1098 (2006) - - - - - - - - - - - - - MF 916 (2005) - - - - - - - - - - - - - MF 600 (2002)
  2. I Love your drawing style, kudos to you!
  3. The last one looks like a bug. For my taste its too curvy, but you are very good at drawing.
  4. Yeah, I didn't even own a motorcycle back then (wasn't old enough for my drivers license) so I had no real concept of how one should be shaped. I've got an SV650S now and actually being a rider helps immensely when designing the bikes to be as uncomfortable as possible but also as cool looking as possible.

    E: Now that I look again the line quality is horrible too. :/
  5. The first one is so hot, close to perfect. But let me suggest that you design the brake rotors like the Kawasaki ones. And the part behind the seat if you can put like a small sidescoop kind of like the new 1098 or the Desmo. And I'm a sucker for single sided swingarms but then that's just me.

    Edit- By the way it's my new wallpaper, if you don't mind.
  6. looks amazing! +1
  7. Wait, how old are you?
  8. those look pretty amazing
  9. wow...simply, wow
  10. OMG your skills just blow my mind! especially the detail!
    The only thing i finally noticed on the new one is that the rear wheel looks a little off, like the rear spokes look bent or miss mounted(not aligned right). But it took me 5 minutes of looking at it in awe to see that so its very minor.
    O and i love the design of the new one!

    edit: My god you even drew in the welds on the frame!
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    Damnit, I knew someone would spot the spoke issue. I inked that and was like, "Well, #$%#."

    I'm 19 by the way, majoring in fine arts. More stuff here:
  12. WOW, you are very talented. You should really make a career out of this..

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